WWF No Mercy (N64): The Sickest Wrestling Game of All-Time

GotGame: Building upon the engine and gameplay style of WrestleMania 2000, No Mercy not only added new features but improved on just about every aspect of what made WrestleMania 2000 a great game. For starters, it was easy to pick up and play, yet if you were a veteran of the game, you knew how to take advantage of the vast moveset of each particular wrestler. Match types included Singles, Tag, Triple Threat, Handicap, Cage, Ladder, Royal Rumble, Iron Man and King of the Ring, with Royal Rumble and Ladder matches being my absolute favorite. Getting down on a Royal Rumble match with a group of friends was always a blast, but the introduction of the Ladder match was just too awesome.

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NYC_Gamer1961d ago

N64 had the best WCW/WWF games

-Mika-1961d ago

Nope, the smackdown games on the ps2 was the best. I don't think any wrestling game will be as good as "Smackdown! here comes the pain".

karlowma1961d ago

The Smackdown series was great single player with the career mode, but much more vivid are the memories of crowding around an N64 after school with some 4-player WCW vs NWO.

59fifty1961d ago

I agree. I use to think the n64 wrestling games where the best, up until I bought it again recently along with the no mercy/revenge games, they didn't aged so good for me.. Then I remembered in smackdown vs raw I would put a table on top of another table, then stand the ladder on top of the second table and from the very top, i would do these high flying moves from inside the ring alll the way to the opponent knocked out on the announcer's table. Pretty epic hardcore matches... makes me miss smackdown more.

BlaqMagiq241961d ago

I have to agree (shudder). The N64 WWF games were good but never have I put so many hours into one series like the SmackDown series on PS1 and PS2. Good times.

TooTall191961d ago

I had WCWvsNWO Revenge for N64.

claud31961d ago

wwf had awsome games for the N64

Gr811961d ago

A Shame THQ abandoned these Arcadey/Grapple system games for cinematic button mashing ones.

During the N64 Era Wrestling games they were the best.

Ramon3MR1961d ago

I too wish they would've stuck with that control mechanism..I hate having to press a combination of buttons.

ambientFLIER1961d ago

My favorite was WWF Warzone. it looked real good and smooth in 640x460.

whoyouwit041961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

yea this really was the best wrestling game ever, I remember spending hours playing this game with the entire neighbor hood betting chips, sweets and sodas on matches . hell when we all got grown well most of us, we had one last no mercy party cause we knew that we would never sit together and play games like that again. but you notice how nearly every thing from the past seems like it was better then things are today from TV shows to games, I think games were better because they immersed you more then games do to day, which I don't understand games today have way better graphics and story but they just don't fill the same. I think of i felt playing RE2 and MGS on the first play station and compare it to MGS4 and RE5 on PS3 it's completely different. I don't know maybe the 90s really was the golden age of entertainment.

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The story is too old to be commented.