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L.A. Noire

Premiere look at Rockstar's detective thriller! (PS3)

andy capps  +   2902d ago
Is this really going to be a Playstation 3 exclusive? I'm sorry, it just seems like Rockstar is going after the most money these days, and that is multiplatform... This trailer is nice though, I've always loved these types of movies so a game would be nice.
Anerythristic26  +   2902d ago
When was this game announced as a PS3 exclusive?
XGamer  +   2902d ago
No, it's not announced as anything yet other than a next gen. release.
So for now it should be under all 3 next gen. systems and possibly PC as well.

A sony fan boy just decided he'd be funny and do it this way. For all we know it could be a Wii exclusive..................... ............................... ............Ok, I'm kidding but it is a possibility, but I'm just saying we don't know until RockStar say's so.

Now, the game looks like it has great possibilitity. I know there will be an excellent story to follow. RockStar does it up right.
zypher  +   2902d ago
well, Team Bondi (the game's developers) orignially announced the game only/specifically for the PS3. since then Rockstar picked up the publishing rights, and while they would neither confirm nor deny that it was a PS3 exclusive, they've only announced it as a "next-generation systems" game. so yeah, with the way things are going, this game will more than likely end up on both the PS3 and 360...and possibly even Wii. doesn't matter much to me. after San Andreas, i personally have stomached about as much of the "sandbox" crime/action type games that i can take. the fact that this game seems set in the prohibition-era is just another thing going against it...at least as far as i'm concerned.
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andy capps  +   2902d ago
I hope it's not a sandbox style game. I was hoping for more of a detective story game, maybe like Indigo Prophecy. I'm tired of all the sandbox games..

But yeah I agree, if it's Rockstar and they're saying for next generation consoles, it means at least Xbox 360 and PS3, and possibly Wii. Probably too violent for Nintendo's consoles though. I know they're saying that they will have M rated games, but those will be few and far between on that console. Especially with them trying to appeal to a broader audience.
OutpostCommand  +   2902d ago
Well I think this game looks really good.
Ravenator529  +   2902d ago
Most likely
this game will be multi-platform.

But anyway, leave it up to Rockstar to come up with another inventive game.

I really give them credit for trying to break the stereotype of GTA that seems to follow the company everywhere.

This is shaping up to be a really unique gaming experience.
bilal  +   2902d ago
i think it is announced for both ps3
and 360...
i wont be a ps3 exclusive..
i read that somewhere it is coming for 360 too..

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