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Submitted by mrbojingles 1121d ago | news

Wii U doing better at launch than Xbox 360 and PS3 did

Despite all the negative press about the Wii U's launch sales in recent days it turns out that the system is doing better out of the gate than the 360 and PS3 in America. (Microsoft, Nintendo, PS3, Sony, Wii U, Xbox 360)

GalacticEmpire  +   1121d ago
Titles and descriptions involving sales figures should really start to specify regions. This being NPD numbers only, although I'm curious to see how it's doing comparatively WW. It'd be nice to see the WiiU doing well the world over.
PopRocks359  +   1121d ago
It's interesting how this platform was nearly the same price as a 360 at launch and yet it still sold as quickly as it did. A little under the Wii and little over the 360 (and therefor the PS3).

Though I'm largely unsurprised by the early success. This is a post-Wii Nintendo platform. Despite the apparent confusion about whether or not this is a new console, it's still selling. And at that price, it's pretty impressive.
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-Mika-  +   1121d ago
First off, the 360 had shortage problems and The PS3 was $500-$600. So of course, the wiiU would of sold more since it wasn't priced high and it didn't have any shortage problems at launch.

Overall, I don't think the WiiU is going to have any selling power in the long run. The Wii brand has been damaged over the years. When most people think of the Wii. They think of the console that collecting dust in their closett. The ps3 and 720 won't have those issues because alot of people are satisfy with those consoles and they still actively still play them.
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Kingofwiiu  +   1121d ago
@Mika Butthurt much ?

Stop acting like you can see the future. What are you gunna say when The wiiu has sold more than Ps4 ? See that's just me guessing at the future.

Before 3DS and Vita released , you're probably one of the people that was saying ''Vita has much better graphics , it will destroy the 3DS''

Just sayin...
BlackWolf  +   1121d ago
Oh!! Mika is back?!
Man, I almost missed her constant, biased and childish Wii U hating. Almost.
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corrus  +   1120d ago
Cos Nintendo washing brains with Mario that's why
SpoonyRedMage  +   1121d ago
I think it's doing better in Japan as well so far. We don't know about Europe but the UK figures were pretty bad.
PopRocks359  +   1121d ago
So I heard, yeah. I suppose it can pick up in that particular region after the software lineup has increased. The 3DS at first wasn't selling in ANY part of the world, and look at what happened after a couple of big name titles came out.
Dark_Overlord  +   1121d ago
I don't know if it was bad in the UK, but one thing I do know is whenever a new console or handheld was released (PS1, PS2, PS3, XBOX360, Wii, Gamecube, DS 3DS etc etc) they've always been sold out on release day in my local town, resulting in a wait of months to get one, however since launch day the shops have had WiiU's on the shelf (never sold out), maybe Nintendo supplied them with loads? But I've never known a new console to be this easily available.
Megaton  +   1121d ago
PS2 was still running strong when 360 launched. PS3 was $600.
Zhipp  +   1121d ago
Okay, but the 360 and PS3 are still selling strong now, and for a cheaper price, than the Wii U.
Megaton  +   1121d ago
Very true, but you've gotta remember that Nintendo is going for a different demographic, and gaming has been blown wide open into mainstream pop culture over the last few years. The 360 and PS3 were still only for "hardcore" gamers. Everything is more accessible for larger audiences these days.
venom786  +   1121d ago
Wii u will be winning the new next gen race.
doctorstrange  +   1121d ago
They've all had shortages when they launched. Launches are a terrible thing to compare.
Belking  +   1121d ago
Wii-u will probably put up great numbers just like the wii did be fore it's said and done. The other 2 are still trying to catch up after all these years. Plus it's profitbale on day 1.
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Benjaminkno  +   1121d ago
Yeah sure, the launch is always going to be good. Nintendo claims they have something up their sleeve when summer rolls around and sales begin to taper off. I'm not entirely convinced that a large portion of 1st party software is being held back to drum up more enthusiasm for the system. Although I have noticed that advertising has been dismal in support for WiiU, they may be waiting to come out in full force. Again, I can't emphasize 3rd party support enough. Launch games must show some signs of potential for future titles. Nintendo must break away from the curse of lousy third party sales that have plagued the company for over a decade. They're doing what they can, but will it be enough?

If Nintendo games are the only software that sells on their console, it is bad for Nintendo fans, it's that simple. How well is Nintendo doing? Ask me in a year.

They are stepping up their game, but I want to see Bethesda, SE, Dead Space, GTA, Crysis, all supporting WiiU. Can we make it happn?
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pedroyamato   1121d ago | Spam
WiigotU  +   1121d ago
There were units available because there were supplies there. I think they made one mistake to many basic units. It's going to be fun to see what people think after the next gen pricing. Budgeting is big now.
wiiulee  +   1121d ago
not only is the wiiu doing better the the competition did at launch but its also keeping pace with the wii and thats with bad press, haters, more competition, economy and game wiiu in reality is doing better the wii did and things will only get better...
Drainage  +   1121d ago
it doesnt matter. its a nintendo console, so half the 3rd party scammers who like quick cash grabs (aka make sequels of 1 popular series and make it as easy and short as possible so a 5 year old can beat it) will not make games on it. Ninty fans know better
1upgamer99  +   1121d ago
Yeah and Uh, I can't point out any uhhh trash games on any other console...Cough cough...Gosh Even Halo Wars was a Cash monger...
1upgamer99  +   1121d ago
You guys can say what you want..It is called Google...Go ahead check for yourselves....
specsmatter  +   1120d ago
Why do you keep on mentioning gearbox ? Werent thy involved in the highly hyped Dukenukem forever? lol which ended up being utter trash.

You keep mentioning colonial marines as if its going to be this graphical benchmark. Sorry dude its gonnna be hyped but unwarranted. Previewers already saying environments may look nice but thy give off this plasticy fake look. Also character animations are said to look garbage and stiff and the aliens are just sponges.

Say what you want to say its called google... go chk for yourself.

When its all said and done games tht are years old on ps3 like uc2 will still wipe the floor witg supposed nxt gen tech
1upgamer99  +   1120d ago
I mention Gearbox, because it is one developer that is making a FPS that has me excited to play on the Wii U because of what they have said about the gameplay with the gamepad, and they are one of the companies that tell me working on the Wii U is easy, can do more than current gen, Also Two Tribes and now Ubisoft are saying it as well. I was really pumped about Aliens, but now that you mention Duke Nuke, Uggg. Yeah that game sucked...why did you have to put that in my head..LOL. Fingers still crossed for Alien, but maybe your right. I hope not. I highly doubt you are right about PS3 being able to wipe the floor graphically compared to Wii U. That comment is not true. Tine 2 had to be downscaled for 360 and PS3, but not on Wii U. Also today Ubisoft was talking about the Wii U and Rayman, and how everything they want to do they can. I am sure you have seen this but here is your link anyway.
ylwzx3  +   1121d ago
I think the problem is going to be lack of games... There isn't too terribly much anytime soon coming..
PopRocks359  +   1121d ago
Right, because Aliens, Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 isn't much.
ylwzx3  +   1121d ago
It really isn't.
PopRocks359  +   1120d ago
The latest big multiplat shooter from Gearbox, a long awaited sequel to the Pikmin series and an exclusive superhero game made by Platinum.

What are you, a Madden fan?

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