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Analysis: Has Valve opened the floodgates?

Multiple manufacturing partners and an open system - is Valve's hardware dream taking it away from the consoles, asks Marcus Mac Dhonnagáin. (PC, Steam, Valve)

ATi_Elite  +   677d ago
1. Steambox is NOT a console and should NEVER EVER be referred to as a Console.

2. Steambox is a PC....a PC that will let you play Games minus Windows. Oh how Wonderful that sounds! :)

3. Steambox is upgradeable and will perform all other PC functions

4. Steambox is a way for the Non PC Savvy to get into PC Gaming in a ease of use way similar to Consoles.

5. Steambox also provides a way to play PC Games minus Microsoft........I so love that part!

6. Valve is awesome and should be worshiped for ridding us of evil.
Cusmar350  +   677d ago
I think you can refer to it as a console in the sense that it's deliberately attempting to invade the living room, yet it functions exactly like a PC does.

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