“Steam Box” – The Best of Both Worlds?

"Will the "Steam Box" capture the essence of a console, while playing regular PC games on the highest graphical settings like on a normal PC? Can it represent the best of both worlds? A union between consoles and PC? We can only hope" - Vlad Pintea

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darthv721956d ago

is very similar to the original xbox in that MS wanted to bridge the gap of the PC world of games with that of the console world.

Yet many hate MS for doing that because they felt they did it the wrong way. Everyone has to start out at some point. their 1st effort wasnt bad but it didnt go on to be a household name like their 2nd effort has become.

I think valve would much rather have other companies make units that are steam compatible. It would certainly save them the pain of being responsible for the hardware as it would put that back on the individual companies.

i could see a Dell or HP or even Samsung Steam box. 3DO tried the same thing several years ago. Sanyo, Panasonic, even Creative Labs all had 3DO compliant units on the market.

The failure was that the consumers werent ready for there to be a wide selection of devices to choose from like we have now with dvd/bluray players. The software (the core of the platform) wasnt at the mass appeal that dedicated platforms like sega and nintendo had.

Perhaps the industry and consumers are ready now for there to be a selection of devices that all support the same platform and service.

Ju1956d ago

And the online infrastructure wasn't there, and they did not have a online store or similar at all. It was too early and too pricey.

nirwanda1956d ago

I had a 3DO and it was unsucessful for several reasons, price, 3D and it had no copy protection what so ever, by the sounds of it valve are willing to subsidize piston so it will have a much better chance of success.

dedicatedtogamers1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

A quote from the article:

"For [consoles], it’s just plug-and-play, simple as that. No OS installs, no driver updates, patches to take care of, sudden errors, system requirements, and so on."

Um, no. No. No. This generation of consoles has been the patch-iest, buggiest, most error-filled console generation of all time. Red Ring of Death was unlike anything before in the console market. The endless patches and Firmware updates are unlike anything before in the console market. Heck, it's partly why I got back into PC gaming. I figured if I'm going to deal with these annoyances, it might as well be on PC.

As for Steambox itself, I don't know about "best" of the PC world. It will be a nice introduction to PC gaming for people who haven't yet jumped in, but for PC gamers it will be very limited compared to what they're accustomed to.

PC gamers have already been hooking their PC up to their big-screen TVs. We've already been using controllers (any controller, actually, not just "approved" proprietary controllers). We've already been paying bottom-dollar prices when Steam games go on sale.

Ju1956d ago

Nothing is unified on the PC! You still need some skills to make this "controller friendly" (that is boot it out of the box without a keyboard/mouse) and yet the haven't managed to agree on which controller to support as standard (360 controller - at least so that all of those are compatible). PC on a big screen for Joe Average is a joke. Steambox is just that answer.

Allsystemgamer1955d ago

How is PC on big screen for average joe a joke? It connects te EXACT same way as a console....and the controller is plug and play........

I have no idea where u came up with these fabrications.

Ju1955d ago

That's exactly what a Steambox is. Bigpicture out of the box. Or are you telling me, you can simply go in a store an buy a pre-configured "Bigpicture Box" right now??? Isn't that what I just said? I am agreeing with Valve on their initiative...Current PCs are simply not there. That's what I just said.

nirwanda1956d ago

With far more complex games than ever before i'm glad they surport the games they have made rather than just leave them flawed, as for the steam box it wont be as powerful as a full spec pc but it will be subsidized and have massively trimmed down OS to for gaming only.
If I was MS i would be very worryied about people the 50,000,000 steam users dumping windows for a trimmed down linux for gaming.

Chrono1956d ago

I think it's too expensive.

dirthurts1956d ago

The price hasn't even been announced yet...
Nor has the product been revealed.

3-4-51956d ago

How expensive is it supposed to be ?

nirwanda1956d ago

$99 for the basic model will be the cheepest launch console ever

FarCryLover1821956d ago

Good idea, but I can hook my pc up to the tv now (thanks Valve).

Kennytaur1956d ago

Yeah, I was playing around with Big Picture yesterday. In a way, they've made the Steambox unnecessary by themselves. With Windows in the background, you're getting more supported games too.

2pacalypsenow1956d ago

I wonder if people know you can hook up a PC to a tv with an Hdmi cable

Kos-Mos1956d ago

I wonder if you know that the resolution is crap when you do that.

nirwanda1956d ago

42 inch 1080p is good enough for most people i would rather have a large display personally

nirwanda1956d ago

The real question is how many of those pc users plugging their pc's into a tv will change to a console linux OS if valve prove it be much better for gaming

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