PS Vita’s Alarm Clock Release Highlights Sony’s Internal Woes

TPR: "Whilst the launch of PS Vita’s social alarm clock, aptly named “Wake-up Club” is good news for the West, one can’t help but read a little deeper into the scenario."

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CommonSenseGamer1506d ago

For goodness sake. Surface is looking set to fail because of a lack of apps, Sony should just release an update to open the Vita up to use the Play store and be done with it.

Mikey322301506d ago

agreed.. but didnt sony kinda just do this with their own store? they recently released their SDK unfortunately i think it costs $100+ to publish.

The vita needs to be an app device soo badly

joeorc1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

"but didnt sony kinda just do this with their own store? they recently released their SDK unfortunately i think it costs $100+ to publish. "

its $99.00 a year to publish any and all your game's not on a game by game basis, its $99.00 a year. You still have to submit it for review process. with all games and Applications, there is right now many games that are $2.00 or Less, Lemming's is free for instance.

the SDK is free, you can use a standard over the counter PSVita to test your code on, also you could just use only the PC "PSVita" SIMULATOR TO DO IT WITHOUT EVEN NEEDING THE the PSVita!

check it out for your self.

That same game or Application will work not only on the PSVita but any Playstation Mobile certified device, One code one time and it works across all PSM certified devices.

Godchild10201506d ago

The Vita needs to be a gaming device.

SandWitch1505d ago

App device? No thanks

Youtube and Skype is cool and all, but games is all it needs

tubers1506d ago

Play store? You meant THE Google Play store? That'd be sex!

I know it's uncool but I'd really want to test Modern Combat 4 with the VITA system :D

Knushwood Butt1506d ago

It's a freebie app that has been out in Japan for ages.

I think these writers must have too much time on their hands to be trying to read stuff into the western launch schedule.

Who knows what the hurdles were? Time zones maybe? Seen as the app is based around people setting the alarm for the same time, and then helping to wake each other up?

Veneno1505d ago

Exactly. This is the biggest stretch I've seen yet to bash and doom the Vita. it really is pathetic.

Y_51501506d ago

I really wanted a video gaming handheld device to be my alarm clock since my DS Lite broke. 3DS doesn't have a alarm clock as far as I know of so it's great that my PSVita can be my new alarm clock! :)

tubers1506d ago

Yeah... pretty much using my PSP 3000 with CFW as an alarm clock.

r211506d ago

You know what app I'd really want from Japan? That Toro app. Its a pretty fun app :D

imXify1506d ago

Is it on the US store ? I don't see it =(

Y_51501506d ago

What till Tuesday sir.