Survarium interview: the devs talk about Stalker’s spiritual MMO sequel

PCG:When GSC Game World went nuclear last year, it was feared that the Stalker series would be buried in the irradiated rubble. Instead, the ensuing months have seen no shortage of scavengers attempt to lay claim to the ownership of the gloomy open-world shooter. Meanwhile, the actual developers responsible for building its aborted sequel have dusted themselves off and set up on their own. Though their new project doesn’t have the Stalker name, it shares a lot of its DNA – albeit mutated into a new free-to-play MMO form. Alexei Sytyanov, lead designer at the newly minted Vostok Games, tells us all about survival in their online wilderness.

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ATi_Elite2014d ago

When you beat STALKER and your in free play mode your basically playing the predecessor to DayZ.

STALKER required Sleeping, eating, gun degradation repair, Armor repair, survival, Zombies, etc. way before DAYZ was even made.

I'm looking forward to Survarium and the MP sounds good but I want that old STALKER SP experience back........theres just nothing like it!