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Submitted by JimmyJames70 1123d ago | opinion piece

Does The Walking Dead Deserve GOTY?

Recently, GoozerNation named The Walking Dead our Game of the Year. But then one of our contributors decided to prove us wrong... " When it comes to GOTY I expect an entire encompassing experience – graphics, sound, gameplay, and story. For me, the game only did half that. Now before you grab your pitchforks and torches, let me explain myself." (PC, PS3, The Walking Dead: Episode 1 "A New Day", Xbox 360)

ZBlacktt  +   1123d ago
No, next question.

I think if it did. Then why is everyone talking about Farcry 3? That was a blast to play!!!! So much adventure! Great open world! So real and life like.
Hicken  +   1123d ago
Quite a few people were, instead, talking about The Walking Dead, while others were talking about Journey.
OhReginald  +   1123d ago
yea far cry 3 was great, but not as good as walking dead game in my most humble opinion. I never even watched the TV series.

But overall game of the year is journey defiantly.
TryMe  +   1123d ago
Who is everyone?

So far the walking dead has won the most game of the year awards in 2012 by the media.

ZBlacktt  +   1122d ago
Hello, FC3 wasn't even on the many list for GOTY. Because it came out to late in the year. Please, go look that up while you are at it.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   1123d ago
Walking Dead wasn't my personal GotY. Big whoop. I almost never agree with most GotY choices because I play a lot of PC titles, which are rarely (if ever) considered.

But the thing to take away from 2012's GotY awards is this: indie games are on the rise. Walking Dead was made by Telltale Games, a small studio that only makes adventure games. Journey also took home a ton of awards. Journey was made by thatgamecompany, another small studio that has only made three games so far. These smaller games made by smaller studios winning GotY awards should be a terrifying wake-up call to AAA, $50-million-budget developers. I'm not saying GotY awards are everything, but it is the first time that two downloadable, indie titles have taken most of the GotY awards.
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ado908  +   1123d ago
It does deserve it but I believe there are games in 2012 that deserved it more. Far Cry 3 for example and Journey.
Saryk  +   1123d ago
Yes! I bought Far Cry 3 and The Walking Dead for myself during Christmas (among other things). I find myself playing Walking Dead because it is something different. I own and beat both Far Cry games, which were good. It is just Walking Dead is genre I haven't played in a long time since The Dig, Full Throttle and Gaberial Knight, the story is just very good.
Ezz2013  +   1123d ago
i loved TWD , journey and far cry 3
those 3 games are my best games in 2012
TryMe  +   1123d ago
TWD deserves GOTY because it taught gaming that you don't have to have shitty writing, or awful developed characters in a video game!!
TukkerIntensity  +   1123d ago
It also taught companies that you can have lame gameplay and a buggy ass game and still win GOTY. I see it's success as damaging as much as it is helpful for gaming in coming years.
dedicatedtogamers  +   1123d ago
Um, Skyrim? Walking Dead is hardly the first (nor the buggiest) buggy game to receive GotY awards.
HeavenlySnipes  +   1123d ago
Skyrim won GOTY in 2011 Tukker
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TukkerIntensity  +   1123d ago
Skyrim didn't have lame gameplay.
DarkBlood  +   1123d ago
clearly you dont like point in click *first game for me to truly dive into the gameplay fully*

and it does not suck
TukkerIntensity  +   1122d ago
I agree the story was awesome and I enjoyed it a lot more than most games. I don't even contend that it shouldn't have been game of the year - my devils advocate line of comments is really that I can see a solid case for some people not picking it as their game of the year. For me it wasn't. I think my GOTY was probably FTL lol another downloadable game. I had more fun and talked more about that game with my chums while we were playing it than any other game. And I totally get that people wouldn't even have FTL in their top 10 for last year let alone GOTY.
Kingdom Come  +   1123d ago
Personally, "The Walking Dead" was my GOTY for 2012. It expanded upon the comic book universe and provided an immensely engrossing experience.

Whilst "Far Cry 3" featured a tremendous Single-Player and Map-Editor, the multiplayer was lazily designed.
TukkerIntensity  +   1123d ago
but the MP in TWD was awesome....
Revolver_X_  +   1122d ago
Skyrim did have lame gameplay, with repetitive fetch quests, and identical dungeons. Farcry 3 I like, but 7 or 8 for me. The story just got repetitive. You get caught like 3 times by Vaas and he leaves you to your doom, while you narrowly escape. The towers, hunt quests, and everything else became repetitive 3-4 hours in. To the point where I stopped doing them after doing what was necessary for trophies. With all the amazing scenery, it lack things to do, just like Skyrim. The MP was tacked on and unoriginal. The map editor is tedious and confusing at times.

Anyone who has played TWD without prejudgement going in, cannot deny the story telling is magnificent. I personally say it was the best story of 2012. GOTY? Yes. Gameplay isnt everything. TT proved that.
Cursinguser  +   1123d ago
To be fair, "everyone" is referring to video game outlets. Most video game journalists have played so many iterations of FPS games (like Far Cry 3) and other common genres, that it's no surprise to be that many sites saw it as a breath of fresh air and gave it GOTY based on that. It doesn't have to be your GOTY and it shouldn't matter anyway. GOTY stuff is totally subjective and for the most part, lame.

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