Why Not Try Some Of These Skyrim Pick-Up Lines This Weekend?

Are you at a loss for new pick-up lines, because the old ones don't seem to work? Do you have your eye on a lovely young lady who is into gaming, but are not sure what to say to her? Relax! We have some awesome Skyrim pick-up lines just for you!

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InsaneGam3r1985d ago

The last one is the best. LOL

Ashunderfire861985d ago

Here is a great one, that is based off of what the enemy NPC say to us in Skyrim.

Tell you what, you start running, and I will pound you from the back.

Original: Tell you what, you start running, and I will stab you in the back.

I use to have a woman like you once, then she bend down and I blew her away with my dragon shout from behind.

Original: I use to be adventurer like you once, then I got an arrow in the knee.

RmanX10001985d ago

These were the dumbest things ive ever read... and i love everyone of them.