Win a Horse to Ride around PlayStation Home

Looking for a new ride to get around PlayStation Home with?

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doctorstrange1592d ago

Does it walk faster? Moving around in Home is too slow.

ftwrthtx1592d ago

Haven't seen one yet. I think I'd rather have a segway.

FunAndGun1592d ago

I don't visit Home regularly but I did see on one of the Blog posts there were hover discs for sale. XD

Godmars2901592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

You can buy/wear wings. As well as hover bike and flying carpet.

All of which move at the same rate you "run" at ;p

joeorc1592d ago

:All of which move at the same rate you "run" at ;p"

Press and hold the Square button while moving its faster than normal basic Avatar movement.

BitbyDeath1592d ago

They also have a bunch of weird creature pet things you can buy that just follow you around, is strange when you see them

joeorc1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

" Does it walk faster? Moving around in Home is too slow. "

iNDEED IT DOES, These are counted as equipment , under companion's. by Holding down the Square button it can increase your movement by up to 150% throughout any space, when your Avatar are currently not in a active PSN Home Game- Example: it works just walking around, but as soon as you go into one of the Games your speed drops back to normal until you leave the game.

this counts as a "companion" or an inventory item if you will so it works even if your Avatar is in say for example the Secret Agent Stealth Suits from Konami will work with this Horse...

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dbjj120881592d ago

... Wat. Hahaha! PS Home already looks weird enough.

r211591d ago

Already? Its been weird for years man XD

OhReginald1592d ago

make horses ride-able everywhere and I might just check out PS Home for the lols.

But i hate ps home because of the movie gamer. Which is soooooo freaking disturbingly true what is depicted in the movie what actually happens in ps home.

Hicken1592d ago

As long as it tastes just like raisins.

MarcoGT1592d ago

Good point, I like raisins

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