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Submitted by ftwrthtx 1127d ago | news

Win a Horse to Ride around PlayStation Home

Looking for a new ride to get around PlayStation Home with? (Lockwood Publishing, PlayStation Home, PS3, Sony Computer Entertainment)

ftwrthtx  +   1127d ago
Red Dead Home anyone?
doctorstrange  +   1127d ago
Does it walk faster? Moving around in Home is too slow.
ftwrthtx  +   1127d ago
Haven't seen one yet. I think I'd rather have a segway.
FunAndGun  +   1127d ago
I don't visit Home regularly but I did see on one of the Blog posts there were hover discs for sale. XD
Godmars290  +   1127d ago
You can buy/wear wings. As well as hover bike and flying carpet.

All of which move at the same rate you "run" at ;p
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joeorc  +   1127d ago
:All of which move at the same rate you "run" at ;p"

Press and hold the Square button while moving its faster than normal basic Avatar movement.
BitbyDeath  +   1127d ago
They also have a bunch of weird creature pet things you can buy that just follow you around, is strange when you see them
joeorc  +   1127d ago
" Does it walk faster? Moving around in Home is too slow. "

iNDEED IT DOES, These are counted as equipment , under companion's. by Holding down the Square button it can increase your movement by up to 150% throughout any space, when your Avatar are currently not in a active PSN Home Game- Example: it works just walking around, but as soon as you go into one of the Games your speed drops back to normal until you leave the game.

this counts as a "companion" or an inventory item if you will so it works even if your Avatar is in say for example the Secret Agent Stealth Suits from Konami will work with this Horse...
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dbjj12088  +   1127d ago
... Wat. Hahaha! PS Home already looks weird enough.
r21  +   1127d ago
Already? Its been weird for years man XD
OhReginald  +   1127d ago
make horses ride-able everywhere and I might just check out PS Home for the lols.

But i hate ps home because of the movie gamer. Which is soooooo freaking disturbingly true what is depicted in the movie what actually happens in ps home.
Hicken  +   1127d ago
As long as it tastes just like raisins.
MarcoGT  +   1127d ago
Good point, I like raisins
Kaneda  +   1127d ago
People are still using Home?
FunAndGun  +   1127d ago
Well, it is still being supported with new things every week; free and paid.
ftwrthtx  +   1127d ago
Lockwood Publishing is staying behind it 100% and adds stuff often
Godmars290  +   1127d ago
Loving the look of the new personal spaces, but I have been there in a while.
BillySpandex  +   1127d ago
Is it strange that I actually want a horse for my avatar in PS Home?

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