Pokemon X and Y Starters May Include Psychic, Ice, and Dark Types

There hasn’t been single type starter Pokemon since Gold and Silver. Which type combos will we see for Fennekin, Chespin, and Froakie?

Using some internet theories and the official announcement trailer, we may know already.

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AztecFalcon1960d ago

I can see the whole argument about Froakie and Chespin but I'm not sold on Fennekin having Psychic.

silkrevolver1960d ago

I'm the exact opposite.
It's clearly using a psychic attack in the trailer.

JohnnyV1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

I'm not sure how anyone can look at Chespin and see something other than Grass/Ground. It's a mole with grass on its head. It is my favorite design though, the other two just look like pretentious a-holes.

PrimeLantern1960d ago


"Chespin is a combination of chestnut and pin. It may also be from urchin (an old term for hedgehog), chinkapin (the name of some species of chestnuts), and spina (Latin for thorn)."

-Taken from Bulbapedia

JohnnyV1960d ago

Ok, so chestnuts and hedgehogs. Nothing that really screams "dark". Still has a brown lower body, mixed with a green top. Either way, his color motif makes you think of grass on top of ground.

Blastoise1960d ago

I'm not entirely sold on these starter's but I'm kinda starting to like them. Definitely an improvement over Generation V. I only really liked Snivy.

I'm even digging the Frog

ApolloTheBoss1960d ago

The Frog is the best one IMO.

-Gespenst-1960d ago

They should just introduce some new types already. They haven't done that since Gold and Silver.

Y_51501960d ago

Obviously those pokemon are grass, fire, and water Pokemon but perhaps one or two of them have two types, like Torchic and Cyndiquel (misspelled)evolutions.

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The story is too old to be commented.