Canadian Gaming Deals: Jan 11th to 17th – 2 Free Games with the 500GB PS3 PS+ Bundle

Other than the fact that Future Shop and Best Buy Canada are both offering 2 free games with the 500GB PlayStation 3 PlayStation Plus Bundle, there isn’t a whole lot to be excited about on the deals front.

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TrendyGamers1896d ago

Nice to see the $60 gift card trade ins back.

dbjj120881896d ago

When does Cananda not get the best deals?

Fishermenofwar1896d ago

I see what you did there...And I like it..Bubbles!!


TrendyGamers1896d ago

Just noticed that someone gave every single person a disagree.

insertcoin1896d ago

I'm not sure. My wallet is still hurting from Xmas and I need to save up for the next Xbox and PlayStation.

TrendyGamers1896d ago

And for all the games coming out in the first half of the year.

SAE1896d ago

if you didnt play the exclusives then buy it. it worth it even if the ps4 released..

ps4 will take time until it have a collection of games..

ftwrthtx1896d ago

I want some of their deals here in the US!