“The world will get answers soon” on Final Fantasy X HD

Gematsu: "Square Enix Europe has told a fan on Twitter that “the world will get answers soon” on Final Fantasy X HD. “We promise,” they added."

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Irishguy951836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Square Enix using the word "Soon" can mean anything between 6 months and 3 years. If Versus is anything to go by.

Also, S-E mofo's...where is Type 0?

Edit--- Oh I see "in November 2012 Tabata stated that there were currently no plans to release it in North America or Europe."

Well **** you SE.

demonsoul1836d ago

SOOn ") Hope their "Soon" is their february announcement ')

knifefight1835d ago

"It means TGS."

But of what year?

AsimLeonheart1835d ago

Squarenix sucked this whole gen and continues to suck! Always the same ambiguous answer to questions. The longest console gen is almost over and still no FFvsXIII. FFX HD was announced but no further news and the same ambiguous answer. I hate how low the company has fallen since the 90s and early 2000s.

BinaryMind1835d ago

I can't believe they need years just to work on an HD update.

XB1_PS41835d ago

@AsimLeonheart You mean you miss SquareSOFT from the 90's and early 2000's. Squaresoft was one of my favorite companies ever, and still is.

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Blastoise1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

How hard can it be to just upgrade a PS2 game into HD?

torchic1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Square Enix doesn't skimp out on quality, you can bet on that (let's ignore XIII-2 & Lightning Returns) so nothing they do is "straighfoward"

they're completely re-doing the lighting in Final Fantasy X with Luminous

and the way they're descibing it seems more than just a simple HD remaster.

although it does suck that we have to wait yet again for yet another good Final Fantasy :(

wishingW3L1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

the funny thing is that the HD re-release might not even live up to the standards of the PCSX2 up-scaling just like every other HD-release up until now.

-Gespenst-1835d ago

Torchic: Em, no I'm pretty sure they came out and said that it's just a HD remaster.

There were rumours initially that it would have newly designed character models and would be like a remake in the Luminous engine, but SE quashed those.

CidFTW1835d ago

Well when you working on alot of games it can be hard.

Just like how hard can it be to make a new kh or ff for the vita beaucse they are busy.

PS: They could take forever you going to buy it so they can be in no rush and everyone will buy it.

kalkano1835d ago

Cid, the longer they take, the higher the development costs.

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Godchild10201836d ago

Could this be the Famitsu scoop that was mention in their magazine earlier this week?

himdeel1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Square Enix,

The World doesn't care anymore. The World is tired of dealing with you and putting up with your crap.

Don't leave a message. Don't call back. Actually just go ahead and delete this number and NEVER call back ever again.

Thanks The World

Dread1835d ago

dont speak for me dude.

I am a fan of square enix even though, admitedly, they have dropped the ball as of late.

guitarded771835d ago

I used to be a fan of SE... I bought a PS3 at launch primarily for a FF game. I pre-ordered XIII and... well, we all played XIII so I don't have to elaborate. But being a fan, I just marked it up as a game to forget. I gave SE another chance with XIII-2, and I will admit, it was much more of a FF game than XIII, but still not what I expect from the series. I respect SE for not being afraid to take chances, but I don't think FF needs take so many chances. There is a boundary where you innovate, and where you damage a beloved franchise. If SE wants to take chances, the should do that with new IP's, or some of their past IP's which haven't been around for a long time. All that said, I will continue to play SE games. I'm am just not expecting much from their RPG's until they prove themselves again. FF X HD has an opportunity to redeem them, and if Vs ever comes out, I hope it puts FF back up as king of the JRPG's.

kupomogli1835d ago


As of late? Don't you mean the past decade?

There are good games out there, no doubt, but there's a lot of problems with their ports and remakes, half of their main series starting with FF10 either sucked or had major issues im some form or another. Most of their side games were completely average or below average quality which may or may not have received high marks because of some redeeming factors. Or games that were of high quality with some of the worst story telling I've ever seen(Dissidia.)

DragonKnight1835d ago

@kupomogli: Clearly another person who hasn't played FFX talking about it as though they know what kind of game it is. FFX is Squaresoft's last great game before the merger. It is a fantastic FF game only trolls put down.

RurouniKaze1835d ago Show
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N4GDgAPc1835d ago Show
DragonKnight1835d ago

@kupomogli: See, unlike you I'm not going to revert to base childishness and spew vulgarities around. What I will do is address your points. BTW, nice random photobucket picture that could be of anyone's collection. That's really solid proof there.

Paragraph 1: 90% of JRPGs on the market make you take a linear path in story progression for the first part of the game. The difference is in how it's done. Whereas FFXIII forced you to do it, even going so far as to limit your ability to level until you did go forward with the story, FFX allowed you to explore each area and each individual person in the game. You could grind, you could talk to NPC's, you could hunt for treasure, and as soon as you got passed Luca you could play the very first minigame in Blitzball which could have been its own standalone game. Crisis Core is a spinoff handheld title that has no bearing on the discussion.

Sub-Paragraph 1: Yep, Kimahri was useless. What a shocker, a game with a useless character. That's never happened before, especially in Final Fantasy. *gasp* And try using Lulu with a piercing weapon against a hard enemy and see how far you get. Go on, I'll wait. Auron is more than just piercing weapons. For most of the game he's the power hitter and is the only character that can inflict all Break statuses without needing an item or Overdrive. Just because you don't know how to use him effectively doesn't make him a bad character.

Paragraph 2: The game wasn't meant to be difficult. There hasn't been a "difficult" Final Fantasy since FFIV. The battle system was designed to give players a different way of approaching battles. You couldn't beat every enemy with the same 3 characters until late game. It made you have a reason to use all the characters, even Kimahri, as opposed to some games where there's no point in using a few of the characters when you can have the same 3 or even 1 character just OP everything. Clearly you didn't get the point.

Sub-Paragraph 2: You mean like right away? You can branch off easily if you farm Lock keys. You don't have to stick with the same path for the whole game. Hell Kimahri is the first character that can become anyone. He can be Rikku or Auron before you get either character. Yeah, choices in how you want you characters to develop is such a bad game mechanic. We should be restricted, that always makes things better. /s

Paragraph 3: This is where you show your complete lack of taste in games. I could spend the entire post telling you why you're so incredibly wrong about the story, but there's no use because someone who thinks FFX's story is garbage is a lost cause. FFX has one of the best stories of the franchise and you are in the extreme minority in thinking it has a terrible story and no likeable characters. You probably were too busy drooling over Lulu trying to.. actually I'm not going to bother going there.

Sentence under Paragraph 3: The music was excellent.

Paragraph 4: And this is where you show yourself to be bat-shit crazy. You praise the Charlie's Angels, girl power, ATB/Job System revisited sequel over the vastly superior prequel. Just like the story paragraph, there is literally no point in discussing this with someone that is a complete lost cause.

Final paragraph: Though FFXII is a good game, too bad for you that it was created AFTER the merger. FFXI is the last Squaresoft FF game made and no one considers it to be a legitimate part of the main series. Tough luck there bud.

@N4GDgAPc: Sure there are, not disputing that, but there are those that hated the game, then there are those who hated the game and are trolls. Guess which one he is.

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doogiebear1835d ago

After the amazing Persona 4 Golden, I dont think i'm interested in FF X. To me, FF X was the beginning of the end (not many interactive npc's; characters dress like cosplay rejects, battles are generic; linear paths with no world map; etc).

I hope Atlus crushes Square, so that Square can get serious about JRPG's and feel the pressure to reboot their FF staff. And kick Enix to the curb too while their at it.

DragonKnight1835d ago

You clearly didn't play FFX.

doogiebear1835d ago

Lol i owned FFX. And it was decent in my eyes at the time. But Persona series just kills FF. The mantle of jrpg king has been unanimously passed on to Atlus. RIP were great before the Enix merger.

DragonKnight1835d ago

"But Persona series just kills FF."

Your opinion =/= fact.

"The mantle of jrpg king has been unanimously passed on to Atlus."

You are not qualified to make such a statement.

"RIP were great before the Enix merger."

The only correct statement of your post.

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-Gespenst-1835d ago

You're wrong Irishguy. Tabata said this to Gamespot: "Due to market reasons, we are taking a clean slate in terms of our plans. We feel strongly about bringing this title to the fans in North America and Europe, so if an opportunity arises that can become a conclusive factor, we are prepared to go into consideration right away."

Then there's this possibility:

miyamoto1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

They sold their souls to M$
nothing much we can do about it unless they realize their mistake and repent of their sins to gamers.

All Square Enix games for PlayStation are held back as "paid timed exclusives" so they will be published late in PS3's life cycle.

That has been their strategy to screw Japan.

showtimefolks1835d ago

SE while you at it please show the next Duex Ex game at E3 for next gen consoles

if at E3 fallout 4 and next dues ex are announced that would be a epic win for me

riverstars861835d ago

This game is the best Final Fantasy in my opinion, this is one hell of a reason for myself to get a Vita. Only thing holding me back is money.

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Godmars2901836d ago

The wold shouldn't even have to asking - pics should have been shown with the announcement.

Seraphemz1836d ago

I am looking forward to this game!!!

Outside_ofthe_Box1835d ago

This is coming out for the Vita? If so I'll pick it up for the Vita.

guitar_nerd_231836d ago

Pfffft, yeah right! And Versus will be out April 1st yeah?

kalkano1835d ago

^ I read that in Wakka's voice. ;)