Newell: Big companies won't stay relevant

Large games corporations built on traditional production models will not remain relevant in the new age of gaming, Valve president Gabe Newell has warned.

Speaking on the subject of changes to games production and finance models, Newell said "philosophically I'm a big fan of what Kickstarter and other efforts like it are trying to do".

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blue_flowers1385d ago

neither will valve in my eyes if i don't get half life 3! >:v

Morgan_Freeman1385d ago

Every company, if successful, eventually becomes a big company.

ps3fanboy4ever1385d ago

Valve is themselves a pretty big company. Their value is pegged at $2-4 billion.

What Newell is trying to say slyly are companies BIGGER THAN Valve!

I think kickstarter is great, but I doubt you are going to get many games with the production level of a AAA games.

r211385d ago

Ah, the wise words of Morgan Freeman.

fdgergdfg1385d ago SpamShowReplies(1)
Skate-AK1385d ago

Seems like a shot back after what Micosoft said.

Dlacy13g1385d ago

The more Newell talks the less I want to listen. Kickstarter is a sh*tty idea. Everyone thinks its hot sh*t but the reality is you the consumer lose all power of voting with your dollar. Sure you get to vote and say yes make this game but once the kickstarter is done your dollars are locked into whatever that dev comes up with. It can be great, it can be crap and like recently you can get ripped off. Make a great game first and I will pay you for it...that is the power of the consumer.

Reverent1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

That's pretty much how everything in the world works. What's wrong with helping an independent developer a little bit? Even if the game comes out crap, at least you were a decent enough human being to TRY. Besides, what happens when the games they make turn out to be awesome? Then you just helped some lowly indy dev become successful and secured their place to making likely good games.

That's just selfish what you said... -_-

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The story is too old to be commented.