2013 Could Be The Vita's Year

The Vita has PlayStation Plus, a decent selection of games, and plenty of forthcoming titles. If Sony kicks things up and institutes some price drops and more cross-buy promotions, 2013 could be the year the Vita turns it all around.

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jaredhart2011d ago

Hopefully, it is a great portable console which deserves and needs this year to be great.

darthv722011d ago

about it being vita's year but it will be my year to get the vita.

tax time, i'm treating myself to a little reward.

Godchild10202011d ago

The system will have a better year in Japan than it did last year. The system is getting a lot of games that are more focused on the Japanese gamers.

I see the Vita doing well in other areas, just not as well because of the lack of Western localizations and announcements. We should have seen new colors in the West, but there is a chance to see it at E3.

Only time will tell and all we can do is Make.Believe

dedicatedtogamers2011d ago

I just need to see more games, that's all.

The hardware is amazing.

The library of PSN, PSP, PS1, and PS "mobile" games is massive.

But I want more PSVita games to make it worth my while.

clearelite2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

A few more games would be enough to persuade me, because I know how much awesomeness the Vita has to offer.

If it's going to be the "Vita's year" however, they will need better advertising to convince masses that this device is hot and create excitement, etc.

Genuine-User2011d ago

This year is really big for Sony.
So much goodness coming out from their first party studios!

Seraphemz2011d ago

I really think that lowering memory card prices would help it a lot as well.

amaguli2011d ago

The memory cards need a price cut, other than that I am extremely happy with my Vita.

guitarded772011d ago

Yeah, and we need higher capacity cards. I've almost filled my 32gb. It is amazing how much memory is on such a small card, but I'd like triple the space.

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The story is too old to be commented.