Far Cry 3 free PS3-exclusive 'High Tides' DLC lands January 15

Joystiq writes:

"Free 'High Tides' co-op content for Far Cry 3 is washing up on PlayStation Network shores on Tuesday, January 15. The PS3-exclusive DLC includes two chapters, Jailbreak and Redemption, that tell the epilogue of the game's co-op campaign."

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LackTrue4K1898d ago

I didn't enjoy the coop, it has nasty glitches that keep me and my friend from finishing the levels. (Dropping off the map/instant death)
Other then that, is a great game

Ezz20131898d ago

free dlc ??... in this gen ??... blasphemy

LOGICWINS1898d ago

Free DLC this gen isn't as uncommon as you might think. However, free DLC thats actually good is hard to come by.

Puty1898d ago

CD Projekt did that with Witcher 2. And with the first one, I believe.

Y_51501898d ago

PS3 getting free exlusive DLC!? That's great because usually exclusive early DLC isn't free.

Example: games like Skyrim, Call of Duty, and GTA4

Persistantthug1898d ago

In 2011,
PS3's DEAD SPACE 2 got extra stuff
LA NOIRE got extra
PORTAL 2 got extra
BATTLEFIELD 3 got extra
MASS EFFECT 3 was late, but still got extra

Then in 2012,
STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN got extra for the PS3
ASSASSIN'S CREED 3 got extra

Bioshock Infinite is also scheduled for extra, and all of it has been free.

Y_51501898d ago

But my examples are Microsoft timed exclusives. So how many are those games were timed exclusive for Microsoft?

Tdmd1898d ago

Starhawk got free maps as well. That was great!

violents1898d ago

Nuh uh!

Every bit of skyrim dlc we've gotten on the ps3 hasnt cost me a dime. Uh wait...


Dread1898d ago ShowReplies(1)
BLAKHOODe1898d ago

FREE is a 4 letter NO NO in Microsoft's eyes.