Breaking: Phil Harrison Quits Sony

Phil Harrison is today announcing plans to leave Sony. Harrison is the company's head of worldwide studios and has been instrumental in PlayStation's development for 15 years.

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TrevorPhillips3950d ago

ohh thats too bad that phil is leaving sony

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blacsheep3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

im confused,regardless phil im wishing you the best of luck,in my eyes you were the face of the playstation brand,i am genuinly sad to see you go,more so than ken.


people who live in glass houses should not throw stones(we all know how many high profile execs have left microsoft including the founder!)

lodossrage3950d ago

You mean like the way MS is losing ppl left and right correct?

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Lifendz3950d ago

just when I got used to seeing this tall, lanky, alienesque guy he up and quits. Best of luck to ya Phil.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3950d ago

Actually Darsniper does have a PS3, he was in the first COD tourney I believe and then the second one he overslept. XD.

PhiI Harrison3950d ago

Phil might be leaving Sony, but he will always be on N4G!!!!

Lew_Ijgee3949d ago

Darksniiper (1.4) is not the real Darksniper folks.

marinelife93949d ago

LOL Phil will be forever enshrined on N4G.

Does anyone know where he's going? Did he take a job outside of the industry? Did he start his own development studio? Did he retire?

jwatt3949d ago

I loved that guy, so cool and calm and he did good things with Sony. Who's going to take his spot, kaz or maybe a new guy from America.

sonarus3949d ago

man. its hard to imagine anyone filling his shoes. Best of luck to him though and hopefully sony can replace him with someone who is more than capable

EastCoastSB3949d ago

It said in the article that Kaz Hirai is going to take over.

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conjurdevil3950d ago

dont tell me he's going to EA too lol j/k

Black_Jack3949d ago

lol hell no

lets hope whoever steps in his shoes has the business and creative prowess he has, he'll be missed that's for sure.

TrevorPhillips3950d ago

maybe u never know i mean EA's are rich bastards they wanna buy every company even take two lol

permutated3950d ago

I'm pissed at people like you who talk sh*t about EA because they know good business tactics.

If you want to b*tch about a company, b*tch about Rockstar and their inability to make a decent looking game, and their obsession with making gamers look like violence/sex loving idiots.

titntin3950d ago

You can be as pissed as you like. People have every right to moan about E.A.'s tactic of buying good companies and destroying them. The have a track record of destroying every company they purchase, and they admit it themselves.
I was part of Bullfrog when we were absorbed into E.A., so I've seen first hand how their ridiculous corporate mentality sucks the creativity and zest from a once great company, and results in dismally formulaic teams as a result. I gave it a good shot in E.A. but ultimately choose to leave and set up elsewhere precisely because of this culture.
If you don't know what you are talking about, don't talk about it.

I'm sad to see Phil going. Having met him myself (I also worked for Psygnosis when we taken by Sony), I can attest that he is a 'gentle giant' and a good bloke. Sony will miss his presence. His role is incredibly demanding and stressful however, and theres only so long you can so much of yourself to any company. I would not be at all surprised to learn he intends to keep a lower profile role which allows him more free time. I guess we'll see when we learn what new role he intends to take on.:)

permutated3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

Lol, yeah man, you sure showed me.

People talk trash about EA because they work the business side of gaming, however without them there would be alot less of the great franchises we've come to rely on year after year.

Burnout, Madden, etc.

Get a life, or a job. Stop trying the ruin the reputation that a company has worked so hard to achieve.

There was a time that they were just a small developer who made great games, now they do so much more.

All this logic is falling on deaf ears, and hopefully I won't lose another bubble for voicing my opinion.

permutated3950d ago

I wonder what this means? I mean, no one in their right mind would quit from a company who's technology was just deemed the next format of entertainment distribution. Especially after working there for 15 years.

It just doesn't make sense.

gEnKiE3949d ago

Well why did Peter Moore leave Microsoft? Either way, it is sad to see him leave. Out of everybody at Sony, I liked to listen to what he had to say. Either way, I wish him the best of luck. :)

Daishi3949d ago

Does this have to mean anything? I mean he's already rolling in $ and has an image he can sell to the tech industry. Maybe he just wants to take a break from one of (if not the) most chaotic industrys. If he sells all his stocks and moves to the middle of no where, then be suspicious. Would be interesting if he started working on a new project though (Dreamcast 2)...

permutated3949d ago

It's just weird timing, and if you can't see that you're blind.

moparful993949d ago

I dont know this to be true but if you're trying to reason as to why phil would leave at the precise moment sony is starting to run the industry again then I might have the answer. Phil has been trying to push the casual side of the market since the ps3 hit the streets. He knew the casual market was the next big thing. He is the main supporter of home, LBP, and the open networking of the psn. He's frankly upset that sony has generally been ignoring the casual side. Now that nintendo is a run away success with the wii and microsoft has launched the xna service he feels that "I told you so" just doesnt quite make up for it. So he packed up shop and whent to a company that respects his insight and foresight if you will... Again I know sony has been catering to the casuals with ps eye, psn, home and what not but they dont seem to be making it a priority... This is all speculation and hear say but it could explain this brash move.... Whoo knows anymore : [

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