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New MotorStorm PS3 Crash Trailer

Wrecks and racing in the gorgeous PS3 game MotorStorm. Check out the latest trailer.

(MotorStorm, PS3)

drewdrakes  +   3067d ago
Look at that, freaking unbelievable. Looks fantastic. Who was the guy who said that hes not impressed by next-gen graphics?
Antan  +   3067d ago
Looking better and better by the day. i think this is overtaking RFOM as being the top choice for release titles. Will offer a great alternative to PGR3 on my 360 which has been getting some hammer lately!!!!!
Boink  +   3067d ago
I still don't see any proof that this is actual gameplay...I mean what's with the camera movement? gameplay doesn't do that. show me in car, speedometer, y'know gameplay vids.

on a plus I like the physics of the bodies flying about!
andy capps  +   3067d ago
If you've seen any of the other gameplay videos at other websites you'd know that this is actual gameplay (which is done for almost all games), some of it is from different angles like is commonly done in trailers, but the parts behind the motorcycle are the third person view in the game and look spectacular.
zypher  +   3067d ago
Re: boink
you know how you play Gran Turismo, then you watch the exact same thing that you just played in replay? this video of Motorstorm is exactly like that. it is real-time, and it is gameplay. its like playing a racing game, and having the ability to manipulate the camera while you're driving.
PS3 Ultimate  +   3067d ago
That was actual gameplay
But in cinematic camera views. I think it was re-edited gameplay camera views
specialguest  +   3067d ago
not this "it's not gameplay" statement again...
i don't get why it's a hard concept to understand when people think it's not gameplay. i'll break it down in steps:

1. they play the game in it's normal camera angle and game.

2. since they are the developers, they have total control of camera angle and views to show the game in.

3. they edit everything together and make it look cinematic.

this is done in tv, movies, and video games. when you only have a limited about of minutes to sell your show/movie/game, you want to use the best angle and the coolest action packed part.

of course you don't play the actual game in those extreme camera angle! but everything in that video is actual gameplay.
Antan  +   3067d ago
I think what people are really getting at is....is this the ingame engine or pre-rendered CG? it is of course the ingame engine, as someone said edited for cinematic effect, same as the MGS trailers from years gone past, same as probably most trailers out there right now.
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andy capps  +   3066d ago
Yes, same as the Gears of War trailers and some of the Elveon trailers if I'm not mistaken. You can tell that all three are in-engine, and actual gameplay, but it looks much better as a trailer if you have the "Hollywood" type camera angles. Also, when people think that it can't actually be gameplay, that speaks something to the incredible graphics of this game...
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FeralPhoenix  +   3067d ago
Looks good to me, its definitely gameplay mixed with cinematic clips, nothing wrong with that.... a lot of dev's do that just showcase the game!
DJ  +   3067d ago
They still think it isn't gameplay, and that's a hell of compliment. It's seriously a testament to the system's superior power, and amount of progress developers are making with the hardware.
calderra  +   3066d ago
I think you're missing the point. Even disappointing graphics (Metal Gear Solid at e3 06 compared to e3 05) have wound up being nothing but cinematics in the past (MGS got at least one more distict downgrade since then).

Even if the game didn't look too hot, there would still be (pretty well-founded) questions.

Even with Motorstorm- yeah it looked great at TGS, but the developers admit they slowed the gameplay down in favor of graphics, and that this will change in the final game. They promise the game will look that good but only be sped up... just like lots of other Sony devs have promised the game will "only get better" as time goes on, only to deliver massive downgrades months later.

You're an optimist, while others are psssimists. And that makes the world go 'round.
andy capps  +   3066d ago
They didn't admit that they slowed the game down to make the graphics look better, they said that it was a faulty build and have supposedly already corrected the issue.
Happy Hippo  +   3067d ago
the graphics are pretty
But it's still far off the target video. The physic and particle effect needs a lot of work. The lightning system seems to be in place by now and it look pretty good.
TheMART  +   3067d ago
So what's ingame and what's CG(I).

Furthermore, who says it isn't the replaymode, that on every racegame is always more beautifull then the ingame visuals? There is too much cutting in the scenes if you ask me, which mostly directs to the fact they don't really wan't to show too much ingame footage. Why?
Ravenator529  +   3066d ago
Blah blah blah blah blah!
You know what, I am not buying a PS3! I will admit that whole heartedly! I am more than happy with my 360 and the lineup of games that is on the horizon. I love marketplace and XBLA as well.


This game does look pretty damn good!

I just played a demo of Need For Speed Carbon and it seriously looks like it could have easily been done on a PS2 or XBox. Of course it is a game from EA, so I shouldn't have expected too much from it.

Hopefully it plays as good as it looks in those videos.
drewdrakes  +   3066d ago
Thank you, your like the only 360 fan like me. Im probably not buying a PS3, but thats absolutely no reason to say the games suck (i posted this article). This game looks incredible, and im actually rethinking the purchase of a PS3 (at a later date)
gnothe1  +   3066d ago
well your not
the only one that thinks that!! I also got the NFS carbon demo an I thought the same thing.looks like it could have been done on xbox1.I wouldnt blame that on the system, but more on EA.doesnt look next gen really just cleaner textures.
OutLaw  +   3066d ago
Just a fantastic looking game
This game is plain a55 sick. This is one of the reasons I want a PS3, everything about it makes me drool.
ahmedbagoun  +   3066d ago
You know what, I am not buying a PS3! I will admit that whole heartedly! I am more than happy with my 360 and the lineup of games that is on the horizon.
Thank you, the line up is on the horizon, almost a year into launch and the xbox 360 doesn't even have one AAA title. sorry but i own a 360, and the games don't suck at all, but most of them are O.K, and only,only 4 or 5 of them are good.
Ravenator529  +   3066d ago
Oblivion, COD2, and GRAW! AAA titles. You said zero.

But anyway, I don't want to go down this PS3/360 road with this thread.

I am just leaving it at "I am still not buying a PS3" and that "Motorstorm looks good"!
Boink  +   3066d ago
whatever you say
when I see something that proves to me it's actual gameplay, like the footage of resistance that's been shown, then I'll believe it.

Till then, this is just more trailer BS. just like I didn't believe the GOW trailers, but now I have seen ingame, and I know it looks good. I didn't believe the resistance footage, but now I have seen gameplay, and it looks good.
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Karibu  +   3066d ago
This has been around for awhile.
Awesome looking and 1st game I'll get for PS3...
when it launches in europe =/
Don't like the fire there, hope they make it better looking.
no_more_heroes  +   3066d ago
The videos of actual gameplay...
Move a little slower, have a brighter and better looking sky, and have the HUD (speedometer, the place your in, etc). Plus, why won't they show any other tracks? It can't just be this one track? This looks like a really slow Burnout game that looks better (I've never liked Motorstorm - the only games for the PS3 I'm looking forward to when I get it next christmas are heavenly sword and R:FoM).
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