Here’s what a Pokemon game on Wii U could look like

Nintendo has been incredibly resistant to making a mainstream Pokemon game for home consoles, insisting that the formula works best for handheld devices like the Gameboy and Nintendo DS. That hasn’t stopped environmental artist Evan Liaw from creating his own idea of what Pokemon could look like on the Wii U.

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corrus2018d ago

HAHAHAHAHA good question

Shok2018d ago

Anyone else think that the style kinda resembles Mass Effect?

PopRocks3592018d ago

Yeah, a little bit actually now that you mention it lol.

ChickeyCantor2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )


...............[Request fight]---\........../--[Repear s?]
............................. ..........[.........]
[What is Gary doing here]--/..........\--[I have to go]

r212018d ago

What? I....I dont get it.

ABizzel12018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Similar Art styles, and Mass Effect uses Unreal Engine.

The first picture looks great. That being said, the rest are a bit too realistic. I think it needs a more Cel-Shaded look especially considering the game would likely be an Open-world MMO.

Ni No Kuni, would be a decent choice of art style, although too anime IMO.

Blue Dragon

Eternal Sonata

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

Nintendo designs their games to look clean and value art style of technical graphics, so I expect something cleaner.

Here's some good Unreal Engine examples

Pokemon U

Just add better textures like fur, scales, rock, etc... just don't over do it with textures, simple and clean.

R_A_LEE202018d ago

I actually thought it was a reskined version of the first few levels from Deus Ex: HR

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Ck1x2018d ago

I would rather see a Pokemon game resemble "Ni No Kuni" moreso than chasing the edge of realism... People should understand that certain art styles and franchises just aren't suited for hyper realism. That doesn't mean that the game can't look amazing. But people this generation seem to associate HD graphics with realism and they aren't the same thing.

ElectricKaibutsu2018d ago

Pokemon with realistic graphics would be gruesome.

Kran2018d ago

I've been thinking the same thing. Pokemon Wii U would be a mixture of the first few generations of Pokemon, quests, Ni No Kuni style battles (rather than just turn based which is getting really old now. The Ni No Kuni fighting style is totally more anime style pokemon fighting).

It would be something truly jaw dropping.

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