Top 10 most anticipated games of 2013

VGS: '2012 may have been a weak year for gaming in some regards, the same can not be said for 2013. There are already a lot of big games to look forward to, some of them coming out as early as next month. Here are my 10 most anticipated games of this year.'

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Catoplepas2137d ago

The Ni no Kuni delay has really pissed on my bonfire *grumble*.

The wait is becoming intolerable.

Nyxus2137d ago

Yep, luckily it's only one week I believe.

Abash2137d ago

One week for Europe and Australia, thankfully us gamers in North America will be getting it as scheduled on January 22nd.

Cant wait to play this, I have wanted a PS2 quality JRPG all this gen

stuntman_mike2137d ago


me too but at least it's coming.

ApolloTheBoss2137d ago

It was delayed in just EU? Or for all of the west?

stuntman_mike2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

@apollo theboss

Just EU :(

Blastoise2137d ago

For those in EU, there is a free familiar (monster) available to download on release day of Ni no kuni. It's available for free as an apology for the delay. Just a heads up

specsmatter2137d ago

I played the demo and thought i wouldnt like the combat system (i hate turned based rpgs) but ended up loving it. Day one for me and cant wait to play through the story.

phantomexe2137d ago

legend of the draggon 2 of wait i just dreamed it was coming out this year. Maybe E3 if planets align right.

strigoi8142137d ago

Ni no kuni will be a great game to start my 2013

grailly2137d ago

I don't know if any of these are coming out in 2013, but I'm really hyped for them:

battleblock theatre
mount & blade 2

otherwise I'm also really hyped for the usual:

the last of us
sim city
new consoles

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The story is too old to be commented.