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Submitted by Paul_Murphy 1127d ago | opinion piece

Who makes the store prices up on PSN?

The Vita Lounge has an opinion on what would help shift more Vita units and games. (PS Vita, Tag Invalid)

demonsoul  +   1127d ago
Hardware = no price drop (C'Mon It's a very powerful handheld)

Memory card and Psn Store = price drop
darthv72  +   1127d ago
I'd imagine...
sony controls the prices of the store content. Seems only logical as its their store.

retail market is different because the product is generally purchased from distribution for less and there is a markup percentage a retail store applies.

This is also why we see retail copies go on sale quicker than their digital equivalent.
sdozzo  +   1127d ago
Some vita games are still priced ridiculously too high. Dungeon Hunter being one of them. You can get that for PS3 at a fraction of the Vita price. Wtf.
KrisButtar  +   1127d ago
It's cause the ps3 version is on sale not the vita one, wait for the vita one to go on sale
OhReginald  +   1127d ago
@sdozzo ,

and you could of have gotten the iOS version for $0.99.....
THESHAUNZY  +   1127d ago
I thought this was hilarious >.<
KrisButtar  +   1127d ago
I don't really understand why people complain about the vita memory cards, does anyone not remember when the psp first came out and there 16GB memory cards were the same price as the vita's 32GB.

PSN/XBL there prices are set by the publishers.
Perjoss  +   1127d ago
People complain about the memory cards because Sony decided to go with a new format, and for no other reason then to milk cash, because the Vita cards are not smaller or faster than cards that have been available for years.

edit: not to mention Sony didn't even include a card when you buy a Vita (not even a tiny 1g card so you can save games) so when you buy a Vita its not even ready to use properly.
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darthv72  +   1127d ago
the memory cards for PSP were not exclusive. they were a standard format that was for various sony devices. Because of companies that had a license to make MSPDuo (like Sandisk) is what lead to the rapid drop in price of the memory cards.

Right now, the vita cards are only for the vita. Im sure sony went that route to prevent piracy because they already had a mini MSPDuo in the form of the M2. the M2 is almost a mirror copy of the vita design and yet it is used in other sony divices as well. I had one in my Ericson phone and later took it and put it into my PSP Go.

would have been nice to simply carry it over to the Vita instead of buying a new one all over again.
GenericNameHere  +   1127d ago
Xbox 360 HDDs are a major rip, and alot of my friends still get them, even going as far as calling the PS3 gay and weak for being able to use PC harddrives

People see Vita memory prices, and everyone immediately hates it -_-
BuffMordecai  +   1126d ago
Your friends sound incredibly retarded.
rainslacker  +   1126d ago
That was the going price for that size memory at the time. It wasn't until maybe 5-6 years ago that static memory prices started falling. Nowadays you can get 32GB cards for between $20-30, and 8-16GB cards for around $10.

Specialty sticks, like those used for Sony devices, were generally more expensive than the more common SD cards that were also available during the time.

There's nothing special about the memory in the Vita cards, it's just a proprietary format and packaging that uses encryption. The actual circuits though are likely made by the same people who make more common flash cards.
Riderz1337  +   1127d ago
The developer/publisher.
kalel114  +   1127d ago
Came here to say this. Sony has no control of prices. It's up to the Dev/Publisher.
berndogskate   1127d ago | Bad language | show
Perjoss  +   1127d ago
It's hilarious though, Fifa 13 is £45 on the PS store compared to £25 from amazon, its almost half price, not to mention that you get a box and a cartridge with the amazon purchase.
iamnsuperman  +   1127d ago
That is because Amazon has chosen to lower it to that price to be competative and by them as a flat rate from EA and given a recoended price. Digtial means maxium profit so EA want to get a maxium profit from the game. It doesnt really impact sales as amazon is being competative and doing it much cheap so people are not going to be put off if the store version is expensive.

It does need to change but it wont. Also on the sony side (their own games). Sony cant really recomend a price and then sell for well under that so you will need to catch those games in the sales
rainslacker  +   1126d ago

often times when you see a sale, particularly an advertised one, it is put in place with promotions from the distributor or publisher. When you see a game drop $20 in the first few weeks, it's not because they are trying to get rid of stock, it's because they get a rebate on the units sold during the promotional period. Games are not marked up $20 for retail, I think the average mark-up is $12-14. It would make no sense for them to sell it at a loss as games sales don't drive people into the store for extra purchases the same way a Wal-mart sale does.

After a few months on the sales shelf it may go back to a sell at loss scenario, but a lot of times, it's still the distributor giving a credit towards the retailer so they don't send the product back for them to dispose of. Big retail chains often have that grace period for sending back product, as they order so many.

Amazon is a bit different as they may have purchased so many units at a discount that they can afford to sell it cheaper. They may be willing to take the loss as well, as they need to free up the space in their warehouse.
chasegarcia  +   1127d ago
Socom psp $20....waiting for sale
cpayne93  +   1125d ago
fireteam bravo 1 and 2 are great, but I wouldn't recommend the third one personally.
jaymart2k  +   1127d ago
You know you sets the prices for Xbox 360?

Microsoft does

Multiple developers have come out including Valve stating they couldn't release Left 4 Dead DLC for free cause Microsoft wouldn't allow it.

Nintendo Wii u - Dev picks price/free/sales/no patch fee.

PS3 - same as Wii U, minus the no patch fee.

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