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How Nintendo is making Wii U indie-friendly

What did it learn from the mistakes of WiiWare, and how can the new eShop win back small studios? (Broken Rules, Gaijin Games, Nintendo, Tomorrow Corporation, Wii, Wii U)

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Jadedz  +   1129d ago
That's what Nintendo meant by, ''better third party support''
With all the game engine licenses (Unity, Havok, etc.), indie developers have a decent chance of selling software on the Wii U.
PopRocks359  +   1129d ago
It kind of helps that patching your game on a Wii U is free, as oppose the amount Phil Fish claimed he had to pay to fix FEZ on the Xbox Live Arcade. It sounds like the benefits for smaller developers are just nicer with Nintendo's policy. I'm guessing that's why people compared the eShop to Steam.
OmniSlashPT  +   1129d ago
If Nintendo doesn't even appeal to triple A 3rd party studios, do you really think it will appeal to indie devs? Indie devs have established themselves in the PC and XBL in last couple of years and recently in the PSN. It won't happen by magic in the Wii U, specially when Nintendo never supported or had any interest in the indie market and devs.
deafdani  +   1129d ago
You completely ignore the facts that Nintendo allows indie devs to price their own games however they want on Wii U eShop (as opposed to a closed price structure that they had with the Wii's WiiWare), and don't charge them for game patches (as opposed to Microsoft's $40,000 fee per game patch on Live, which is an insane price that many indie devs just can't cover).

So, wanna to rethink what you posted again? Nintendo is actually doing a damn good job with the eShop. Just check the 3DS's one, it has a pretty good amount of quality indie content, and I expect the same to happen with the Wii U one, which is even more dev-friendly.
PopRocks359  +   1129d ago

Journey and The Walking Dead, two indie titles, walked away with the bulk of the GOTY awards of 2012. If that isn't proof that digitally distributed games are just as important as "AAA-physical" games, I don't know what is.

EDIT: Also if FEZ and Super Meat Boy are anything to go by, for indie devs Steam is a great option but Xbox Live Arcade is a complete joke.
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strigoi814  +   1129d ago
third party support for nintendo is indie developers..which is good but if no one is interested it will be soo bad
herbs  +   1129d ago
Nintendo makes some baffling decisions. Lets go for really strong downloadable content but give half are consumers only enough memory to download like 1 game out of the box (Face Palm) This lack of storage will turn away some indie developers even if Nintendo fixed what was broken last time around. They seem to be going after the causal users more than the hardcore which is the opposite of what they claimed and seem to be kinda failing at booth sadly. I absolutely love Nintendo but they are losing touch with the gaming audience in general in my opinion.
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ChickeyCantor  +   1129d ago
They were loosing touch with gaming audience with the Wii too remember? So how long is this " loosing touch" thing going to drag on? Perhaps into the next 100 generations? Cause people seem to think they are on some entitled stool.

Besides "hardcore gamers" as you like to call actually deal with the fact they have to supply their own storage. This is a non issue.

Most people already have harddisks or SD-cards lying around. It's the "Casual" that might even go so far to think that it's a bit too technical ( no matter how trivial it is).

So how are they going for the "casuals" only and not the hardcore crowd?

The only thing people are out of touch with is the fact that Nintendo ALWAYS catered to these so called "Casuals". You're not special. Get over it.
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R2K  +   1129d ago
32GB is a conservative amount of space, but I'd much prefer having less out of the box and being able to provide my own storage over having to shell out $100+ for a Microsoft hard drive that's 1/3 the size of the equivalent generic part.

Even so, 32GB is plenty to work with at a start, even with a chunk consumed by the OS. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 takes up 16GB of that space, but it's bloated with pre-rendered movies that few developers rely on these days. Indie games aren't going to come close to being a space issue.

If you're talking about the 8GB Basic model, well... the low-end Xbox comes with only 4GB of space. Once you allot space for cloud saves, the amount of usable space isn't much larger than what the Basic allows after the OS is installed. The Xbox 360 has the healthiest digital ecosystem of any of the other big players, so maybe Nintendo's decision to skimp on space was a sound one.
herbs  +   1129d ago
Dude your out of touch at interpreting a comment wtf!? Don't get so offended by my opinion and twist my words (never said casuals only) You even renforce one of my statements with what you said in your third paragraph. I realize that storage is a non issue with most gamers but when Nintendo is aggressively persuing simpler downloadable games from indy developers and does not give the (casual) gamers adequate storage out of the box obviously some of these developers might think twice about developing for the console. I completely agree that Nintendo has been losing touch with the core audience since the Wii but it was not before then and the Wii U could have been a fresh start. When Nintendo talks about winning back the hardcore (apparently this is know a bad word to use) and says how easily and cheap it is to port games over but then nearly every big 3rd party game is skipping there console I feel a little dissapointed IMO. I'm not trying to sound pretentious or entitled I'm just trying to state my opinion in an unbiased way. Honestly your the one that needs to get over yourself, did you even read this article or just the comments?
millzy102  +   1129d ago
the funny thing is it seems that more hardcore gamers are buying Wii u it interested in Wii u than casuals , going by miiverse and personal experience. this is probly due to the fact that a lot of casuals don't know what Wii u is (they think its an add on) and true hardcore gamers own more than one system the third party support isn't an issue at the moment, I will get the third parties on my PlayStation that don't make Wii u but the ports that make it I'm buying on Wii u, see veriety is the spice of life, and there is a more third party than people think its just exclusives, rayman legends is Ubisoft, beautiful 101 and bayonetta platinum games, Lego city uncovered Ty games, then we got aliens colonel marines, walking dead survival instincts, plus all the launch third party games ports from launch, this is enough to keep people busy until e3 where more would probably be announced, I'm almost certain theres games in the pipeline or else Nintendo would not make such a bold statment, games take time and Xbox 360 or ps3 didn't have every port from third parties from ps2 and Xbox, people expect miracles if they think all these games are coming out in quick concession. if they where to release all these "key third party titles" it would either resort in delaying the game on all platforms which would piss more gamers off than people who own a Wii u or delay the Wii u versions months behind the others which if your a hardcore gamer and care about that game you already have a system to play them so this is not good in a business sense and publishers no thid. months old games are only acceptable on launch day as the console was not out, in UK we got elder scrolls 4 6months after Xbox because of later launch.
wiiulee  +   1129d ago
its just great to hear how much indies and really all developers love the wiiu so we know the games will keep coming despite haters and wiiu will be pack with great games for gamers

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