EA Offers Crysis on Origin for Just $1

Tynan Muddle ar writes: "Want to buy one of the most renown PC shooter games of recent years? EA is offering up the original Crysis game on Origin for a bargain price.

"The game will be on sale for just 24 hours on the Origin website where players can pick it up for just AU$1. The sale kicks off on January 12."

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DrShoe2018d ago

That's an interesting deal, but I would have rather wanted some discount on Crysis 2.

TheGamerDood2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

keep your pitiful offerings! Also don't want origin on my comp.

Pandamobile2018d ago

What's wrong with Origin?

TheGamerDood2018d ago

I don't like it...or EA. Good enough?

darthv722018d ago

so are you one of those who does/does not do something out of spite?

your dislike of EA/Origin would prevent you from getting a good game like Crysis for cheap. To each their own.

aviator1892018d ago

is origin really that bad?

pandehz2018d ago

keep your pitiful trolling to your self. I dont like trolls. lol

Anyways Origin is decent. Does exactly what its meant to do. You're just a brainwashed hater

BattleAxe2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )


There's nothing wrong with not dealing with a company that you don't like. If more consumers lived by these standards, I think we'd see a better consumer experience from every multinational company.


Stick to you're guns, its respectable that you can't be bought by a cheap deal that is clearly meant to lure you into padding their stats of how many total user accounts they have, while at the same time allowing Origin to scan your computer files for a potentially nefarious purpose.

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chukamachine2018d ago

and it's £5 on uk store.

iamgoatman2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

People really need to stop posting that.

Everyone has to deal with menial problems no matter where you're from, and not everyone in the 3rd world lives in fear of being eaten by elephants.

bunt-custardly2018d ago

Can't get the maximum edition to work on Windows 7.

ginsunuva2018d ago

It'd be interesting to see if people follow Metro's plan and offer the previous entry for very cheap or free before release of the next.

MizTv2018d ago

Wowthen I have to spend $500 on my pc to play it lol

adorie2018d ago

200-250 to max it out @ 60+ fps
Maybe even cheaper. Crysis isn't the game it used to be.

MizTv2017d ago

Ok because you know the specs of my pc right

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