The Wii Is Getting An Adult Game?

Kotaku writes: "Now that the Nintendo DS has a naughty game, it's the Wii's turn! Dubbed Osouji Sentai Clean Kuri-n Ki-pa - ("Cleaning Squadron Clean Keeper"), the game has players clean a high school in heaven that's been polluted by the "Flith Devil." According to Famitsu, winning in-game battles gives players lewd "reward CG." We seriously doubt that it will be pornography (the game hasn't yet been rated), but the screens do look rather risqué. Shudder at the bad Wii puns this game will spawn!"

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Expy3946d ago

lol, this will sell great in Japan, and to those Otaku-addicted fans in America who happen to own Wii's.

Theo11303946d ago

to put out that peto-toons on the wii, if you buy this, you are a FREAK

Iron Man 23946d ago

Dark Sniper agrees,Anime lovers are all a bunch of freaks that deserve to get female dog slapped!


ChickeyCantor3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

@dark snipa......
thats like saying all americans are dumb......and that would be silly now wouldn't it?

not all anime watchers are perverted like that....the gerne in Anime is pretty big just like movies and books in the western continent.

you don't have to be a an anime are mentally just like that.

o and im not intoo anime.... just pointing out stuff..
btw the correct word you are looking for is Hentai not Anime...

name3946d ago

FINE I'll cancel my preorder. Jerk.

Kami3946d ago

hentai it not a right term, its called h-anime (pr0n anime).
hentai means pervert in japanese.

chrno63946d ago

How do u play this? One hand holding the wiimote and the other holding ur wii?

jedistev3946d ago

....Rampage Rabbit vib lol.....

i think i give it a can been tired if using wiimote as rampage rabbit vib it like shoving in and out...for 10 mins can be pain in ass lol


JVIDICAN3946d ago

unrealated but i just realised that wiimote = remote
ill give the wii props on its inovation in motion controll but they really need to think of better names lol

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The story is too old to be commented.