5 Improvements Dark Souls 2 Should Have

"With the announcement of Dark Souls 2 during the VGAs last year, a bit more info has trickled out about the game. For starters, while From Software is still making the game, a new director has been announced to lead the game’s direction."

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DrShoe1800d ago

More boss variety? Are you kidding me? Dark Souls had it perfectly.

Blastoise1800d ago

Except for the when the main bosses turned into regular enemies... Taurus Demon, Capra Demon, Pinwheel ect

Irishguy951800d ago

That's not what he means. He means more variety, and have nothing like Demons or Dark souls/

I don't really get him though I never got the sense that their was copying, Dark souls had it perfect.

m2stech1800d ago

I'd go with easier difficulty, map and less Japanese-like gameplay! :P

cornroves1800d ago

I'd say it leans more towards western gameplay, and the difficulty is one of there heaviest selling points...if it doesn't have a certain level of difficulty then you lose the rewarding experience when you succeed. Unless you are being sarcastic then ignore everything I just typed.

ovhaum1800d ago

Japanese-like gameplay??

Maybe you should try Kingdoms of Amalur or Dragons Dogma then... Because if all this features are included in Dark Souls II (Please GOD!! NO!) it would be a boring game.

specsmatter1800d ago

seriously. Souls gameply is perfect imo.

SolidDuck1800d ago

Easier difficulty? Jap gameplay? Your kidding right? The gameplay is perfect, and I hope it gets more difficult. It's nice having a game that tests my limits, when most games are so easy these days.

Old McGroin1800d ago

"I'd go with easier difficulty, map and less Japanese-like gameplay!"

Yes, because that worked a treat for Ninja Gaiden 3! SMH.

Tdmd1800d ago

Prehaps you'd go with a different franchise than.

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RXL1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago ) ease...

cpayne931800d ago

That was my biggest problem, Demon's Souls didn't have many framerate issues, but Dark Souls got really bad in some areas.

seanpitt231800d ago

Iam so looking forward to this game more so than any other apart from gta5 of course.

Louis_Guzman1800d ago

I am enjoying the smell of this...

Bimkoblerutso1800d ago

When did you start spelling your name with an "O" Louis Guzman?

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