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UK Weekly Chart, Ending 5th Dec 2013


1: X360 - 20,834 (-51%)
2: 3DS - 18,402 (-59%)
3: PS3 - 15,987 (-53%)
4: Wii - 5,081 (-50%)
5: PSV - 4,786 (-52%)
6: DS - 4,183 (-54%)
7: WiiU - 3,906 (-55%)
8: PSP - 564 (-57%) (3DS, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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DrShoe  +   744d ago
Even Britain is feeling the backbreaking power of the Recession's finisher... THE WALLET CRUNCH!

Oooh YEAAHH!!!
Jadedz  +   744d ago
The Wii U desperately needs software that'll move more units in the UK.
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majiebeast  +   744d ago
Any just dance game would do that:P
Godmars290  +   744d ago
"Hey! its'a me - Mario!"
Picture_Dancer  +   744d ago
And how would you play such game with the new controller?
HotSoup  +   744d ago
you can use the old wiimote with the new wii u.
Hicken  +   744d ago
Is that really gonna entice people, when you'd either have to have a Wii, or buy additional controllers in order to play?
wiiU looking kind bad on that chart.. I am surprised actually. Seems more people want ds and 3ds.
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Picture_Dancer  +   744d ago
Why are you suprised? There is absolutly nothing in WiiU at this time better or at least different from PS3/X360. Few medicore exclusives, only a few bad ports of multiplatform games and not so exiting at this time use of the controller. And for all that the tremendous price of the console.
Belking  +   744d ago
I guess the 360 does sell outside of the US. Who would of thought...lol Vita is still chugging along.
Clarence  +   744d ago
Yeah the uk what about the rest of Europe. 1 part of the country that prefers the 360 while the rest prefer the PS3.
Belking  +   744d ago
I don't care about about Europe or the UK. I worry about the home turf and things are all good here. Next gen is where it's at.
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DivineAssault  +   744d ago
not even 4 thousand wii u consoles sold? Thats worse than vita
FriedGoat  +   742d ago
But the difference is the Vita is actually a good console with some great games going for it.

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