Far Cry 3: The Vaas That Never Was

Vaas wasn’t always Vaas. Ubisoft Montreal initially sketched out concepts for a more physically imposing villain for Far Cry 3, a brutish man meant to intimidate with his size and scars rather than subtlety. Why did Vaas, a fairly non-threatening-looking dude with a haunting personality, come from this abandoned antagonist?

“We absolutely didn’t get it right on the first go,” executive producer Dan Hay tells IGN.

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Nitrowolf22012d ago

thank goodness they changed him. Would not mind SP DLC though with those version having their own characters

LarVanian2012d ago

Vaas was awesome! One of my favourite villains of this gen. And yeah, I'm really glad that they didn't go with the brute design in the end.

Fishy Fingers2012d ago

Vaas was a breath of fresh air, much better than a cliché big dude.

Grap2012d ago

that's why he is awesome he is a psycho. not a tough guy well he is but not like those images.

Zichu2012d ago

The first is just grotesque lol. They would of had to change the voice actor. He also looks like he is too serious, whereas the Vaas in the game is quite humorous, in a psychopathic way.

SageHonor2012d ago


MilkMan2012d ago

If Vaas doesn't win best character in the stupid VGS then that whole show will go further down the rabbit hole. There IS no better character out there right now. This is a testament not only to the actor but the writing of Far Cry 3.

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