Edge Preview: Project Origin

Edge writes: Released in the aftermath of The Matrix and The Ring, FEAR was a perfectly metered dose of east-meets-west gunplay with a precise notion of what that entailed. That people cared enough to make two expansion packs and a sequel, however, the former bearing the name but developed by imposters, the latter made by Monolith yet named by an internet competition, alludes to something more. With AI that wrapped mischievously around packing yards, warehouses and office cubicles, yelling at itself contextual orders and reports, FEAR was also one of the smartest shooters ever made.

Monolith believes its direction with Origin to have shifted thanks to the turmoil of bickering over rights and names, but the game suggests little of the sort. And nothing could be more reassuring. The notion of a FEAR that sticks to its guns while making them smarter and more powerful is tantalizing, to say the least, and its arrival on both console and PC should avoid the first game's teething troubles, which saw its technical requirements hit levels not seen elsewhere for two years.

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