Who Karted?

Nintendo’s moustached Mario has been king of the karting games for some time now (seven editions in fact), but now a couple of upstarts are attempting to steal the short plumbers karting krown. Little Big Planet’s SackBoy is taking to the kart tracks as a PlayStation exclusive, whilst Sonic the Hedgehog is bringing his transformed racing pals along for the ride.

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WhatchaTalkinBout1893d ago

i'm having lots of fun with lbpk, creative tracks and multiplayer is where game really stands out... mario i think sackboy is in your rearview mirror looking to pass :)

Chicago85061893d ago

LBPK is pretty fun! MNR was as well.
How can anyone pass on a good kart racing game is beyond me :)
Games like ths will always have a place n my library, just as Mario.K has.

Game on.

Larry L1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Gran Turismo 5 is my prefered brand of karting. Though I guess that's a different kind of karting than Mario Kart or LBP/MNR karting. I don't know if it's really comparable being a realistic karting experience instead of a CARToony one, but it works for me.

live2play1893d ago

then he'll get hit with a blue shell

TheLastGuardian1893d ago

Mario Kart was dethroned long ago with the release of Crash Team Racing.

People like to compare LBP and Mario a lot, but without the Play Create Share formula, Mario just can't compete imo.

DoctorNefarious1231893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Ahh Crash Team Racing what a game. I wasted so many hours so many hours on that game. Time well spent.

RTheRebel1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Diddy Kong Racing Best Kart Ever
My Personal Favorite

Thirty3Three1893d ago

Oh! I get it! Like, "Who farted"!


Ult iMate1893d ago

I'm also hearing lots of positive feedback on new Sonic Racing Transformed lately.

nevin11893d ago

I liked the demo from the 1st game but didnt enjoy the new Transform demo.

The part of races going from car, boat and plane seems interesting.

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