Ten of the Scariest Video Game Music Tracks

UnrealityMag writes: In retrospect this probably would have been a better post for around Halloween rather than a day after New Years, but I didn’t think of it until now so here we are.

I’ve done lists of badass video game music before, but in-game tracks have the power to make us feel any number of emotions. Here, we have songs that make us feel anywhere from uneasy to downright terrified.

Some of these are from non-horror games, and a few can be played in MIDI form, but they’re still pretty damn scary.

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jtenma2017d ago

I thought I was the only one scared of Lavender town :(

cpayne932017d ago

Lavender Town creeped everyone out... But we all loved ot listen to it all the same. I still do.

Kanzes2017d ago

Demon's Souls intro sould be on the list! It's giving me a goosebumps

majiebeast2017d ago

Super metroid intro like the sounds with the metroid creeped me out as a kid. Also anything that has to do with HL2's Ravenholm that part gave me nightmares.

Trunkz Jr2017d ago

The Windmill Song is far from scary, it's actually very enjoyable ^^ you should of made that #5.