The Potential Ups and Downs of the Great Console War of 2013

UnrealityMag writes: Last week I briefly mentioned the fact that 2013 is shaping up to be the year of the console. We’ve already seen the Ouya in action, some Steam box prototypes (although it may not be out in 2013), and of course we’re all waiting to hear about the Xbox “720” and the PS4. It’s been a while since there was this much activity in the console market as the last few cycles were dominated almost entirely by the big three (Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft).

While there are all sorts of opinions ranging from “Holy cow look at these new consoles” to “how dare these other companies try and get in on the game,” this isn’t the first time we’ve seen newcomers attempted to make their mark in the world of consoles.

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StrongMan1986d ago

Well the WiiU isn't looking too hot right now. The Wii came off of winning the current generation but I doubt the WiiU will repeat. The Xbox came in second place last gen and have fallen to dead last place this generation so they have little to no momentum going into next generation. Sony won the last two generations and came in second place this generation with plenty of momentum. Sony has a monopoly on the hardcore because Nintendo and Microsoft have lost the hardcore to put 100% focus on the casuals.

Sony owns the hardcore and Nintendo owns the casuals and that leaves Microsoft stuck in limbo. Sony have won two generations and Nintendo have won three generations while Microsoft have never won a generation and it looks like they never will. Going from second place to dead last is not good going into next gen.

WiigotU1986d ago

Although you have some good points you are wrong about a few things. The Wiiu is doing just fine with no super games out there. There Revenue is looking good and there stock just went up and there moving a good deal of units. They predicted there number they'll hit and they should have games to help them get there. Also I think dependent on x box and sony pricing could dictate if the wiiu looks a lot better. Also don't expect a price drop this year either.

ElectricKaibutsu1986d ago

I think Sony is in the strongest position going into the next generation, as the leader of the hardcore. I don't know if the Wii U is the leader of the casuals anymore. I don't know what they are. The leader of Nintendo franchises I guess. I still think Xbox is in good shape. The 50 million (!) people who pay for Xbox Live seem to be pretty invested in it. They'll probably stick with it if they don't realize it's free on other consoles or if they can't convince their friends to switch to another console too.

So far, with knowing absolutely nothing about Sony and Microsoft's next consoles, I'd have to guess things will be about the same next gen. For those two. Nintendo is the wild card. They might be pulling a GameCube here.

I'm excited for next gen.

Belking1986d ago

lol... Reading your post is like watching Fox news predict the last election results. ALL

Get over it dude. MS has a great console. You may not like it but the numbers don't lie. Xbox has been profitable for them this gen and the marketshare they have won is even more proof of that. NPD was just released and only one have commented on the numbers and that is MS. So that should tell you something.

mwjw6961986d ago Show
EddieNX 1986d ago

Everything you just said is basically wrong.
Why does everyone think the wiiu is somehow doing bad when it's already on 3M ? Ps vita is on 4M after a year and a bit by comparison.

Wiiu is doing great , it just needs some more software.

Microsoft looks pretty strong going into next gen , Stronger than Sony anyway. They have more money , are in a much better financial situation than Sony don't have a failed handheld looming over them and have the best third party , multiplat suport.

Microsoft is doing great considering they don't even sell in Japan.

Wiiu will be awesome and sell about 60-70M units+ calling it now.

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GalacticEmpire1986d ago

With all the android and linux console/devices hitting next gen it's going to be a very different ball game. Anything could happen but one things for sure, MS can't afford another RROD debacle with all these new competitors around to sap up their disgruntled fanbase. Also charging for online is going to become more and more of a challenge.

herbs1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Sony may have just beaten Microsoft in total units sold worldwide which is great seeing how they launched a year later, however when it comes to profits made Sony is last and that isnt a good thing (not hating just stating facts) Also I would like to point out that the first comment on this article is complete B.S. Stating that the Microsoft has no momentum left because they are basically tied with Sony now in distribution is just dreamland fanboyish loser talk which is very typical on this site.