Steam Powered: You Don’t Have to Wait for a Box to Enjoy PC Gaming

GodisaGeek: "The most exciting thing is, there’s no need to wait until later in the year to own a Steam Box; there are a few options available right now."

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ATi_Elite1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Definition of a SteamBox:

Non PC Gamer Definition = an easy way for a PC illiterate individual or Non PC Savvy person to get into PC Gaming that's familiar to the ease of use of a console.

PC Gamer Definition = a way to FINALLY rid ourselves of that Evil Entity Know as Microsoft from OUR PC Gaming Way of Life....Long Live Valve, Long Live Valve, Long Live Valve!

I really enjoyed Windows XP and I Love Windows 7 but I want NO part of Xbox Live or Microsoft charging me $$$$$ to download DirectX or having DirectX updates exclusive to future Windows OS!

They can Kiss my asterisk!

Gabe Newell and Valve has once again done the impossible and pushed PC Gaming to unbelievable creativity and Freedom.

Microsoft upon release of the Steambox is COMPLETELY relieved of it's PC Gaming duties and any control that Microsoft THOUGHT they had on PC Gaming will be DEAD.

PC Gamers...we have a Voice and we are FREE of control from any ONE corporation!

For those who don't understand......

Many Games run on DirectX which is owned by MS. OpenGL is the same thing as DirectX but it's a NON-Profit program. DirectX only comes with windows and MS has already done the Greedy thing of tying in new DX versions with New OS...example DX10 only worked on Vista although it was clear that DX10 could work on XP

MS has done this AGAIN with DX11 only on Win7 and DX11.1 only on Win8 and soon many have predicted that MS would just charge gamers $$$$$ for DirectX straight out!

Steambox eliminates Microsoft altogether. Valve/Linux and their Geniuses have made a program that takes a DirectX game and wraps it all up in Linux and allows a DirectX game to run on a NON WINDOWS machine with the same and or better performance than a Windows machine!

Now Microosft has NO bearing on PC Gaming anymore and if MS wants to charge Developers to use DirectX well I'm sure they will all QUICKLY switch to OpenGL which a lot are doing anyway thanks in part to Nvidia and AMD!

For me and millions of other PC Gamers this a GREAT Thing and I'm sure Valve or Linux will allow regular PC's to get a hold of that wonderful program thus allowing PC's to be free of MS too. (I already have Windows and OSX on my PC and some have Linux as well as Windows and OSX)

I just really want to be able to play PC Games with NO interference from MS.


Great comment. Probably the best I've ever read on here.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

lol Your titles are epic!

"The Source Engine with OpenGL is on average about 11% faster with OpenGL than Direct3D 9 on a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680. It's believed that another 5% higher performance for GL is still easily obtainable by reducing overhead in their Direct3D -> OpenGL layer. "

Yeah seems they really can do dx -> opengl .

Software_Lover1990d ago

Wow, Microsoft Evil for making a great platform for pc gaming with windows 95? I dont have a problem with Microsoft or their software as their software has allowed me to play great pc games over the years. Their software is not tied to one set device so it allows me to build my own custom pc to my liking and play my games. While I'm playing my games, their software doesn't even interfere with me one bit. Its just there, just as Steam is just there in the background.

But to each his own. I guess that's why there are always 2 sides to every story. Some people fought to keep slavery, some people fought to end it.

fossilfern1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

No one is denying MS did help PC gaming in the early days. But ever since the original Xbox has come out they have wanted gaming on PC either dead or to get money out of it. If it was up to MS all PC gamers would move to the Xbox and they could drop DX support on Windows and just get as much money out of them on Xbox as they can. Their attitude to PC gaming stinks look at all this timed DLC crap they are doing, not only is it alienating PS3 players but its also eliminating PC players who mostly use their platform.

MS dont care for PC gaming they just have no choice but to continue to support it if they want people to continue to purchase and use the OS.

Software_Lover1990d ago


My only concern with your argument is that Every company does these things. Sony and the ps3 included. E.A. tried to make Crysis 2 exclusive to their Origin system (they did for a little while). Every company, even Valve, is in their respective businesses to make money. Microsoft hasn't given up or plan to give up on the pc gaming community. Yes they want to make money out of it as does NVIDIA and AMD.

NVIDIA has made physx exclusive to their platform. Even took the ability away to use an AMD gpu as the main card. But Microsoft is evil. Sony buys up developers, even though Microsoft could at any time, and makes it where they cant create games for other platforms. But Microsoft is evil.

What do you think is gonna happen to Valve if/when they start to make Apple like money on this box. No more gaming for the regular PC crowd. They will do everything in their power to make every PC game coming out exclusive to their system. Kiss your custom rigs goodbye.


I love steam for everything that it does and stands for, for the most part. I own so many games that it is not funny. I've even repurchased games that I have the hard copies for.

Companies are going down riskier slopes for the sake of profit every day. It's all because of Apple. Everyone wants their own ecosystem so that they can control everything. Valve is no different. They know they have a strangle hold on the pc platform and they are flexing their muscles now. Devs will have to follow suit.

Its a slippery slope.

Software_Lover1990d ago

And yes, I do understand your direct x argument, just so you know.

DarkBlood1990d ago

did you just get me a understandable history lesson on how linux work and made me feel more comfortable and secure with a OS i never really understand before that im now abit more open to it o.o?

i felt like i read a basic english to the holy grail location

lol all in all thanks for typing that down for some reason *which i never really do* understood that steambox will be mine oneday MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *thunders in the background* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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Trago13371990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

There are plenty of Compact PC's on the Cheap that you can buy right now, like on ibuypower, they have a new compact PC called Revolt, and the 600 dollar SKU can and WILL out perform the next Xbox and Playstation.

There really isn't any Excuse guys, PC gaming is more accessible than ever.


I just recently started gaming on pc and I never thought the graphics were that much ahead of consoles until I witnessed it for myself! Final Fantasy 14, Tera, Far Cry 3 and hitman absolution have all made me a true believer. 360 will still be my primary console but I'm not sure how much longer I will fell that way.

AznGaara1990d ago

Get the Witcher 2 not only is it an AMAZING RPG it is a looker in both art and tech. It is literally night and day when you compare the 360 to the PC version. I believe it's only $20 with steam sales on throughout the year.


Yeah I was thinking about picking that up but I beat it twice on 360. No sure ill play it again. I will be picking up battlefield 3 again tho. Having a powerful pc is like being a kid in a candy sore for me lol. So far I've been able to run all my games on max settings. If there's a more beautiful game out now than ff14 please let me no. Oh kinda off topic but how the hell do I get crysis to run on win 7 64 bit? I've tried it all and it still won't run. I'm going nutts!!!!

sdozzo1990d ago

Build your own and save money without having to buy Windows. Otherwise the X51 looks cool. Not that small though.