Has Microsoft stolen IllumiRoom?

Microsoft stole a lot of headlines this week with their IllumiRoom reveal where they projected a 360 degree image across the room to enhance the immersive nature of gaming and other entertainment forms… but did they steal this idea from someone else?

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TheGamerDood2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Busted! This dude is about to get paid.

Dark_Overlord2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Not necessarily, looking at the guys patent it seems the device only covers at most 180 degrees of vision, from what I've heard Illumiroom supposedly covers 360 degrees. Due to this it could be classed as a different idea (I'm sure MS will explain many other differences), so MS could get around it (We all know how stupid the patent place is :/)

I'm sure we'll find out soon enough :)

ps3fanboy4ever2011d ago

Like anything, the devil is in the details.

It really depends on how the patent is written, and that particular country's laws. In addition, it also depends on how you achieve said ability. You can sometimes achieve the same result without infringing on a patent. In theory you can't patent an idea, only the implementation.

At this stage though, there is no infringement as MS hasn't actually made or sold a product.

Showing somebodys patent in action is not an infringement.

BillySpandex2011d ago

Funny, when I mentioned that Microsoft stole the illumiroom idea from someone else, I was flagged for trolling, and they took my bubble.

I feel vindicated now. Please return my bubble.

CraigandDayDay2011d ago

I don't know about anyone else here, but I'm just flat out not interested nor have the room or right set-up for this kind of tech. I'll pass on using it. I don't care if the PS4 and the 720 have it, I'm not interested myself. I'm looking forward to more 1080p native games and in seeing 4K video content on the PS4 and most likely the 720 as well.

deadpoole2011d ago

And the plot thickens ... lollll ... :D

Little bit off topic.

But on the serious note, Kinect as well as PS Move, though amazing idea whatsoever but the implementation method and hardware utilized for are so not suitable at all in context to which these are developed for.

Any console using camera to capture gesture, illuminated object etc is, no matter what, always going to be slow because of the processing overhead and will never come close to the response result of that of wired controller.

rainslacker2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

hmm...There wasn't enough detail in this article to really say if it was stolen. MS could have been working on this a long time, or they could have implemented it in a very different way.

Patents protect the actual implementation of an idea, not the idea itself, or at least that's what they're supposed to do.

If this guy had it implemented, which was shown in the video, and MS is using a similar or exact method of producing the same result, then this guy deserves credit and compensation for it. It's the exact reason the patent system exists in the first place.

Also this article is only speculating on if it's stolen. For all we know the original inventor was properly compensated. Hell, for all we know he took it to MS himself, or they approached him because of the BBC report. It was a 3rd party that originally posted this on reddit.

So before everyone jumps the gun, ask the right questions, because apparently this wannabe journalist doesn't want to take the time to actually go and confirm any of their assertions.

ShinMaster2010d ago

Whether it's Windows, IllumiRoom or Mii avatars.

JoGam2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Actually can it get that MS bought the idea then patented it? Im just saying.

fr0sty2010d ago

Nothing in that Illumiroom video shows 360 degrees of projection. It only shows the area in front of the player being video mapped.

GribbleGrunger2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Blimey, I can't win on this site, but here goes: Whilst I can see that 'perhaps' MS were influenced by this tech, I can also acknowledge that two techs can be developed in isolation and still have a striking resemblance to one and other. Even IF MS knew of this, there is nothing wrong with taking an existing idea and building on it. The ONLY problem I have is when a company borrows an idea and claims they've invented it. At that point I switch from getting disagrees from Sony fans to disagrees from MS fans. 'Swings and roundabouts' is quite the appropriate saying here.

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Kran2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Considering Sony are sorta doing the same thing... and they began researching the idea first...

would you be saying that now?

TheGamerDood2011d ago

the difference is that your eyes are not locked onto a screen you're looking at the whole room. when you're gaming and you're focused on gameplay do you really notice anything else going on around you? I'm going to say no and that's what makes MS illumiRoom so silly and gimmicky.

freezola752010d ago

Dawg I saw that video and it was pretty good! I don't know if It'll be cool to use inside an apartment though...

on topic, although M$ has been accused of stuff like this before, I think it has alot to do with HOW that patent is designed...

damn tho this looks really cool! Peace

dedicatedtogamers2010d ago

Microsoft stealing ideas? Oh goodness! I've never heard of such a thing...

Kids, Microsoft has been doing this since the '80s.

Belking2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Oh no, MS are thieves.... It is rumored that they stole some guy call Phil Harrison from Sony too....When asked all MS would say is that"we don't comment on rumors or speculations" Seem like two different things to me. MS aren't stupid. They would of never shown this if there were any chance that that would happen. MS has already patented their Holodeck.

Nykamari2011d ago

Nope they stole Phil from Atari. So you failed at trolling that!

hellvaguy2010d ago

First they steal patents, then they steal people named Phil. Clearly next will be babies.

UnholyLight2010d ago

Hah, people and this whole stealing mii's BS. They even said that for the original Xbox they had a big vision that included avatars and the cloud some day and a bunch of other stuff. I'm pretty sure they didn't blatantly "steal the mii" idea as well

kikizoo2011d ago

When they don't buy things (kinect, medias, etc), they are stealing (windows, etc).

with $$$$$$$$, ideas, creativity are not so important :)

MrDead2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

I worked for Xerox, all the function day's and exhibitions you can guarantee that someone will bring up how Xerox created the windows format and a bunch of other things we all use today. Xerox never understood what they created would change how we interface with tech they just let it slip through their fingers. Its a shame as I'm sure my wages would of been higher if they where the super giant they could of been.

Megaton2011d ago

Probably. Just about everything they have was stolen or bought from someone else.

Godmars2902011d ago

Showed it before they could buy it maybe.

Software_Lover2011d ago


Sony and Microsoft should be sued by Nintendo for making gaming systems. Or should Nintendo be sued? Apple should be sued for making a phone. Gillette should sue Schick. Mercedes should sue Ford. AMD should sue NVIDIA.

Microsoft should sue Sony for making a camera for the playstation when they had already made one for the pc.

Give this $h!t a break

Belking2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

"Give this $h!t a break"

Exactly.It's stupid. Neither technology has seen the light of day yet. Damn

R_A_LEE202011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Patent Wars will never end, it's just the way the world works these days.

Although it is getting more and more ridiculous as it happens.

Godmars2902011d ago

At the same time MS shouldn't be getting multiple pats on the back for showing something someone else invented.

Like Kinect.

Software_Lover2011d ago

So why does Apple get so many pats on the back for producing a phone, even though hundreds were already out? Because they took something that was already there and changed it for the better. Same thing Microsoft did with Kinect. Same thing Sony did with the first Playstation.

Its just the way business works.

Godmars2902011d ago

They don't get the pats - they just get the money.

Okay-okay, they get so much money people think they should pat Apple on the back.

ArmrdChaos2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Another opinion piece? Not going to even bother. Man children screaming at the top of their lungs for attention.

ShinMaster2010d ago

Microsoft invented and produced motion-tracking cameras for gaming before the EyeToy?

UnholyLight2010d ago

Finally someone with some sense. A lot of retards in N4G it would seem hey

scott1822010d ago

Microsoft made the first camera? Nintendo made the first gaming system? I can see where you are coming from to some degree about everyone copying everyone. But when something like this happens (the IllumiRoom drama) it makes you wonder if a huge company really did outright take an idea from someone smaller...

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