Celebrating The PS2 - Five Hidden Gems

Chris casts his mind back over the long life of the PlayStation 2 and picks five games he thinks deserved more than they got.

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DragonKnight2012d ago

3 .hack games? Really? Not enough Shadow Hearts.

Aceman182011d ago

only had dark cloud and star ocean off that list loved them both.

TooTall192012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Get rid of 2 .hack games and replace them with Rogue Galaxy and Wild Arms 3. Nevermind they are combined at 3.

PS4isKing_822012d ago

Extermination and spy fiction were two very underrated games IMO.

Krimmson2012d ago

You know what hidden gem I absolutely loved?
Urban Reign.
It was basically a Tekken/Soul Calibur beat 'em up done right. The animations, the gameplay, the easy-to-learn; hard-to-master system. Everything about that game made it one of my favorite multiplayer games for the PS2.

Such a shame that no one played it...

izumo_lee2012d ago

Good list. Dark Cloud was good but i think Dark Cloud 2 was a better deeper gaming experience.

Star Ocean 3's battle system & easy to use synth system made that game stand out. Story was kinda cliche though.

I personally would have added Odin Sphere, Ar Tonelico, Valkyrie Profile Silmeria, Sakura Wars Farewell My Love to that list.

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