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VG247: DmC: Devil May Cry launches worldwide on January 15th. VG247′s Dave Cook speaks with Capcom and Ninja Theory about their partnership, and the perceptions they hope to put to bed once the game drops.

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DragonKnight2014d ago

The ending has destroyed them both. It's the most boring, generic, anti-climactic, ripoff ending that could possibly exist in a Devil May Cry game. They haven't put anything to bed but the Devil May Cry name.

GSpartan7772014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

The ending is indeed shockingly bad, which surprises me because Ninja Theory was brought on board to make a better story oriented Devil May Cry. Yet the reviews that are out so far all say that the story is not really good and dies off as you near the end of the game.

thaking1552014d ago

Have you guys seen the ending? What happens? is like the leak???

DragonKnight2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Ninja Theory earned their reputation as competent story tellers solely based on the talent of one man in Heavenly Sword. That being Andy Serkis, whose incredible talent made the story of Heavenly Sword much better than if he weren't in the game. But, Ninja Theory's poor writing for Enslaved (the head writer didn't even like the concept and found it difficult to work with) couldn't be saved by Andy Serkis. So one has to wonder what talent Ninja Theory actually have. Heavenly Sword was an average game, Enslaved was just bad, and now DmC has been proven to be an incredibly dull, lacklustre outing thanks to Ninja Theory.

The funny part is is that when all is said and done, and people see this game for the terrible excuse of a Devil May Cry game that it is, Ninja Theory will blame the core fans of the franchise for tainting its potential and Capcom will think no one has any interest in Devil May Cry anymore because NEITHER of them are capable of actually listening to what fans say and to this very day they still think that the problem is, and always has been, all about hair colour.

GSpartan7772014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )


I'd rather not say it here to spoil it for everyone else, since N4G does not have a way to block spoiler. But the ending is not a true ending and stops where I presume the DLC - Vergil Downfall will begin.

Unlike DMC3 which ending was a clear pathway to DMC1's story. DmC's ending does the same for the DLC. So if you get the game for the story, you better pre-order it at Gamestop or be prepared to buy the DLC to experience the full thing.

TheKindRoost2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Contrary to popular belief NT never wrote the story for any of their games until this. They hired professional writers.

thaking1552014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Hahaha that was anti-climatic and just pure stupidity! There is no way that this should even be a game especially when looking at it from Devil May Cry 1's perspective and how powerful the characters are.

Def a laughing stock ending with the characters getting a severe downgrade in terms of power. If you watched the video at least.

Bring on the Real Dante!

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zerocrossing2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Its Devil may cry for the Twilight age... an absolutely awful end to a equally awful game.

fei-hung2014d ago

So turning Donta and Virgin into 2 pussies has made NT believe it is more of a western approach in regards to story?

Wasn't this the same story as Enslaved how we are all "enslaved" and the real world is kept away from us and we find reality at the end?!

NT is like a broken friggin record. This and the reoccurring female sidekick you have been given in everyone of their games. Seriously NT, why?!

thaking1552014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

You know what the definition of cool is. Look at video :10-1:32 (I will say the guy playing is pretty terrible at playing this game)

Not this vulgar piece of junk! 0 Secs-1:15 actually the whole video clip (Ex. AHH you Disguisting **** Child, Im going to pull off your head, p*** down your neck and S*** on your worthless carcass.... That's disguisting dialogue)

Not to mention DmC's art/graphics is pure uglyness compared to Devil May Cry 4 heck arguably Devil May Cry 3.

GSpartan7772014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

A few disappointing news that came to light a couple of days ago about the game, which is unfortunate:

- Bloody Palace will not be in the game at release, but will be released as a free-DLC sometime after the game comes out.

- Vergil's DLC will not come out till at least a month after official release

- Vergil is not playable in Bloody Palace. Apparently he doesn't have Devil Trigger, Grapple and things like that which is required for some enemies you face as Dante or makes it stupid hard playing as Vergil.

So if you are expecting some of this stuff in January, you might want to hold off on your purchase and buy the game to sync up with the release dates of these, although you'd have to pay for the DLC if you choose to do so. But if you get it at a lower price, it shouldn't be a big deal.

DragonKnight2014d ago

Also worthy of mentioning is the fact that Bloody Palace and Vergil are both on-disc DLC with absolutely NO reason for any kind of delay. Just more Capcom broken promises.

Elda2014d ago

I see the same people who say they have no interest in this game still have interest in this game!!.....LOL!!