Microsoft: Future is in the Cloud

Microsoft executive Phil Harrison has spoken about his vision for a 21st century games studio. He describes it as "a studio that would not create retail products. A studio that would only create for the cloud, for the network, and for a multitude of devices.”

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majiebeast1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Its the future they want it to be they want to cut out the retailers. Most people including myself still want to have a disc and a box, so it feels like i actually own something.Cause who knows what happens after 10-20 years the games i bought on disc will still exist but will the service that hosts these cloud games, just look at onlive. So if either Sony or Microsoft decide that they wont do retail anymore ill just go 100% pc gamer.

Intentions1894d ago

PC gamer huh, you know majority of all PC games are digital download now right?

Retails games on PC are slowly dying.

DarkBlood1894d ago

i guess if i wanted to be gaming still if the future went all digital i would pick pc because of steam

so i can play current stuff alongside still having all of my disk and cartridge consoles etc etc

dedicatedtogamers1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Cloud gaming isn't the future. Game ownership is the future. Gamers are growing increasingly tired of not being able to "own" their games. We don't like having to enter CD codes. We don't like having half of our game (the online portion, typically) locked away by a 16-digit password written on a slip of shiny paper inside the game case. We don't like having to log on to such-and-such online service (Rockstar social club, U-play, Origin, Steam, etc) just to play the game we bought. We don't like "always online" games. We bought the game, so we want a little bit of control over it.

Cloud is just another form of DRM. I don't see a lot of gamers embracing it, not unless big-name AAA games start getting big price cuts. After all, if I can't own a game, why on earth would I be willing to spend $60+ on it? I use Steam frequently, but I really hate its stance on how you have to be online for a lot of games, even if you're playing it single player. has the right idea: sell us games at a reasonable price with a lot of extras, and then just let us do whatever the heck we want with them.

Information Minister1893d ago

Well said, my friend! Someone give this guy a medal.

The only way I see cloud gaming becoming mainstream is if you pay a monthly fee (like $10 or $15) and you get to play all the games available on that service during that time frame. Paying $60 for a game that I can't hold in my hands or display on a shelf with the rest of my collection (you know... actually owning the thing) is just not going to work for me.

dedicatedtogamers1894d ago

Another thing to think about: we already have developers complaining about hardware limitations (how such-and-such console doesn't have enough RAM, or something like that).

Okay, now add Stream speed into the equation. Imagine the limitations that would be placed on games due to having to stream it entirely from the Cloud. Oooof! There's a reason why (most) MMOs are not all that graphically advanced.

Anon19741893d ago

I don't get why gamers some gamers are still stuck back 10 years ago with their attitudes towards physical copies. We watch TV shows and stream movies that we never own and have been doing so for a decade now. There was a time when everyone owned CD's, now I'm not even sure where I've put my CD collection as every piece of music I own is digital (I think they're in a box in the garage).

Digital downloads are on the rise, excellent services like PSN+ offer us games for the price of a subscription that we never own and people rave about it. It cuts down on retailer costs, piracy, lost revenue to developers, etc. It's so completely obvious that cloud is the future I'm surprised anyone would argue against it. I can't wait!

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dazzrazz1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Fuck the cloud ! Look @ XBL prices of games on demand, its a joke... full retail prices for titles I can get from online retailer up to $30 less !

whoyouwit041894d ago

there are very few games on games on demand that are at retail price. most of the games are between 20 to 30 bucks. and actually read or watch the video properly before you comment. he clearly said that they will still support retail games.

nukeitall1894d ago

The exorbitant pricing scheme is on PSN too. Part of the reason is because console makers are still afraid of retailers.

I love digital downloads for the convenience, but also love the physical format due to the case and etc. I dread the day it's practically all digital, because there would be little to no competition. XBL and PSN is it's own monopoly on their console.

Megaton1894d ago

Not with bandwidth caps, it isn't. ISP greed will prevent this in the coming years.

BanBrother1894d ago

Agreed. Another thing people need to consider is that the sizes of games increase also. Internet speed as we know it now is much more costly and takes much longer to upgrade than it does for a game to increase in GB.

I want all my games next gen to take advantage of blu-ray with un-compressed audio and video, and not be disabled by slow internet.

WetN00dle691894d ago

EXACTLY!!!! In this day of age where almost every single ISP turns to Data caps it would be stupid for MS t go all digital with their next console.

fOrlOnhOpe571894d ago

No. The reality is that the physical medium is still some way off being replaced yet.

Wouldnt Phil Harrison have some knowledge of the likely spec of the PS4 - presumably well into development before he moved from Sony? Often wondered about that.

nukeitall1894d ago

The seed of the next console is often laid far in advance and it wouldn't surprise me if MS and Sony are starting on the next generation after this next generation.

So yes, Phil Harrison likely has intimate knowledge and I'm surprised Sony let MS have Phil without as much as a peep. Then again, he did work at an intermediary company before moving to MS and after Sony.

Captain Tuttle1893d ago

He left Sony in Feb 2008 and started working for MS in March of 2012, he obviously had a 4 year non-compete clause in his contract with Sony. I doubt that he knows anything about the PS4 unless it was learned from contacts still within Sony.

VonBraunschweigg1894d ago

Good luck Phill, may your studio lift itself into the clouds with lots of nimble games for lots of devices, but I think I prefer my good ol' games on good ol' Blu ray, now and in the future. Blu ray discs. I'm sure Phill must have heard about it somewhere.

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