Cyberpunk 2077: In-depth trailer analysis and new details

Get the complete breakdown of the trailer here.

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Godmars2901838d ago

Unless you can say this is nothing more than another 1st or 3rd person shooter, is a mix of GTA and Deus Ex, you've got nothing to say.

-MD-1838d ago

Which means what? Are you going to die before then?

ApolloTheBoss1838d ago

It's just 2 years you can wait.

pr0digyZA1838d ago

Don't worry the trailer reveals that they are announcing witcher 3 in February and that its also open world and coming next year.

DudeJets1838d ago

Commenting for the sake of it as still cleaning up the mess.


PS4isKing_821838d ago

Looks amazing! Bring on next gen Sony and Microsoft!!!! My wallet is ready!!

cleft51838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

This game makes me want the next-gen consoles that Sony and Microsoft will release. But honestly, I will just invest in a Gaming PC upgrade, cause I can only imagine the mod support for this game.

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