5 things that should be on Sony's agenda in 2013 writes:

"2013 is looking to be a significant year for console maker Sony and indeed videogames in general. With rumors of new hardware doing the rounds, not to mention a boatload of triple-A software on the horizon, the industry is gearing up for what looks like one of the best 12 months of recent memory."

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majiebeast1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

How do you call yourself game Journalist and not know that activision owns the Crash Bandicoot IP, do some research ffs.

MultiConsoleGamer1925d ago

Get behind the Vita in a big way.

jujubee881925d ago

People that slag off VITA's first year of games must be doing so while high.

If VITA can pull of the same production of quality retail games (i.e. UC from 1st part, AC from 3rd party, etc) more awesome downloadable titles (like Minecraft!) AND have PS4 connectivity it would be a banner year.

For PS4, there should be a new standard of HQ Remote Play (over local and internet) integrated in the PS4's operating system.

ElectricKaibutsu1924d ago

C'mon The Last Guardian, just come out! I'd prefer to buy it on PS3 tbh.

Belking1924d ago

Probably not gonna happen. The next announcement about this game I expect to be that it is moved to next gen or cancelled. I think it will be the latter which would be a shame because I was looking forward to playing it.

ElectricKaibutsu1924d ago

It better not be canceled. This is the game I've looked forward to for the past 8 years! But I admit things aren't looking good. Somebody needs to get somebody's sh*t together so I can play Ico with a giant dragon dog.