Frontlines: Fuel of War (Xbox 360) review on GamingNexus

GamingNexus has posted their review of Frontlines: Fuel of War. Find out why they think Kaos has brought the Battlefield experience to the console in their review of the game.

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sonarus3347d ago

i have to see more credible reviews before i can buy it but i must admit my interest has peaked since they added the 50 players online. More people online the better. My most played online game is warhawk and that only has 32 and i have to say 32 is beginning to look a little small for those gigantic maps.

mboojigga3347d ago

Play the demo. They have both single and multi to try out.

sonarus3347d ago

already did actually never finished it. Played only the single though can't say i was very impressed. It was just "OK" in my opinion. Nothing special.

ASSASSYN 36o3347d ago

The multiplayer demo has my attention with 32 players. 50 players at release...sweet.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3347d ago

Yeah it's shaping up well, it's geting 8's much like the Resistance and will probably sell better.

kwicksandz3347d ago

desert combat imo has not been surpassed by any game vehicle based FPS since imo. these devs have ALOT of potential.

The single player demo didnt impress me but i am willing to reserve judgment as this is a primarily multi player game.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3347d ago

By the time all the reviews come in this game should be in the mid 8's.

RIPHDDVD3347d ago

Flop as expected. This game won't sell sh*t. I haven't even seen one advertisement for it yet and that demo sucked.

Dlacy13g3347d ago

8.4 is a flop? Umm...ok if you say so.

As for all who played the single player demo...I emplore you to try the multiplayer demo or just give the game a rent when it comes out. After playing both and knowing the single player demo came out way back in Nov. time frame its clear it was an earlier build based off my experiences with the mulitplayer.

This game is going to be a solid 8 for reviews all said and done. Not a flop...will easily sell over a million imo.

scottyd3347d ago

I've seen commericals for it on TV and in game magazines. I am sure this game will do well.

ASSASSYN 36o3346d ago

You do realize your comment doesn't come as any suprise. We (front-lines and 360 fans) expect such a comment from you.

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