3 Things I'd Like to See in Fallout 4

Forbes - Judging by this tease from yesterday, Fallout 4 is on its way soon. For years now, Bethesda has set the standard in

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marigold1836d ago

I have to agree with V.A.T.S being redundant. If there's anything to be learnt from Borderlands and Borderlands 2, it's that you can actually have first-person shooter taking a page out of a role-playing game. More importantly, you can actually create a role-playing game out of first-person shooter mechanics.

MaleManSam1836d ago

I don't see any reason to take V.A.T.S out, it's optional enough as it is to use, and personally I love it.

I agree with a more in depth cover system though, alas like Mass effect. If they could combine the two, then.. Wow.

IAMERROR1836d ago

The VATS system is amazing and as the other guy said, it's optional. It was one of my favorite features :)
Really hope they test for bugs/glitches that should be top priority, new vegas was a mess.

detrabado1836d ago

V.A.T.S. is unique to the game, it's always been there, so they would never exclude it from future Fallout games, however many more there are to be, if it goes like The Elder Scrolls, we can expect (including Fallout 4), at least 2 more games, which would be phenomenal.

Perjoss1835d ago

They should not get rid of VATS, specially after all the hard work and testing they went through to get it into working...

DrShoe1835d ago

Not sure why you're getting so many disagrees, but my two cents. I think VATS need an overhaul. The intention was a good one, but most of the time it made battles tedious.

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Theangrybogan1836d ago

I hope they don't make fallout a pure FPS, there's enough of those already.

8bitHero1836d ago

what i wouldnt like to see in the next fallout: cowboys.
seriously, NV was awesome but my god was the cowboy crap annoying, the radio was trash compared to FO3, no variety.and everyone with the goddamn cowboy look, mix it up a bit, jesus.
also big map with shit to do, unmarked sidequest, and all that good stuff. oh and also get rid of/change that hacking mini game, that shit is annoying.

Funky_Homosapien1836d ago

Bethesda oh how you won me over with Dishonored.

TheOwnmaster1836d ago

They almost completely blew up the gravy train with that one.

boldscot1835d ago

Bethesda just published Dishonored, Arkane Studios developed it If I'm not mistaken?

Indo1836d ago

I just can't wait to see where Fallout4 will take us to explore and venture.

detrabado1836d ago

From what the wiki says, and it's quoted,"You'll get no tips from me. But the Mojave Wasteland was a fun place to explore, wasn't it?", so gathering from that, I believe it will be there but maybe more into the future? Or maybe they'll take us to the Northeast, it'd be pretty fun to explore the remains of New York, either way, this game is going to be the #1 game no matter what year it is. (I highly doubt they will release it 2013, as that's when ESO is to be released, but you never know.)

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