Bioware fan feedback “increasingly toxic” according to Dragon Age lead writer

EDGE - Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider has admitted that Bioware has retreated from using its forums as a source of feedback due to their “increasingly toxic” atmosphere. The comments are part of a blog posted in response to a player who claimed that many Bioware fans now avoid the studio’s social network as a result.

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Godmars2901927d ago

Hardly find such surprising after Bioware failed so badly with ME3 and DA2, especially with ME3 because they further failed to not only understand what they did wrong, why fans were upset, but then got upset about it themselves.

nukeitall1926d ago

People keep saying:

ME1 sucked!
ME2 sucked, because it departed from ME1!
ME# sucked!

To me, all three were fantastic in their own way and I think the way the series progressed was amazing. Bioware started ME1 with somewhat bad game play mechanics, but excellent story. Then they made ME2 excellent game play, but kind of bad story. Then they made the third one which sort of concluded the series.

I don't play Dragon Age, so I can't speak for that.

Godmars2901926d ago

Thing is if you look at their stories, from ME1 to ME3, there are fundamental narrative and continuity flaws throughout. Repeatedly things are established only to be broken because Bioware didn't want to, couldn't because of budget and/or production issues, put the effort into doing it right. These flaws build until you get ME3's ending.

ME1 didn't suck, but out of the three it had the least amount of flaws or was given leeway because it was first in the series, but Bioware only took that excuse to do worse.

nukeitall1926d ago


"ME1 didn't suck"

To many it did suck. Many new that started with ME2 thought it sucked really bad. I don't blame them, as it took some serious will power for me to give it a chance. Once I tried it past the half an hour it started getting amazing.

"Repeatedly things are established only to be broken because Bioware didn't want to, couldn't because of budget and/or production issues, put the effort into doing it right."

I don't know, but to me production or budget issues are common, and ME3 is a huge game with a lot of production put into it. Of course there will be flaws, but it is a game that has one of the richest worlds I have seen on consoles.

I can't say I agree with you nor the notion that developers don't want to put in the effort. Most of the developers seems genuinely wanting to create a good game, because they love the medium. We all know their pay ain't that great.

Root1927d ago

They're scared that people are calling BS on their crappy writing and how much EA has b****** them around.

They can't handle the truth so they try and run from it


So next time they say they've listened to fan feedback I can call BS on them now since they don't use the forums.

phantomexe1926d ago

lord have mercy do you guys need your sippy cups. I enjoyed the whole series....

rainslacker1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago ) are the exact kind of person who he is talking about making their forums toxic. You offer no constructive feedback, and instead resort to name calling, insults, and just general douche baggery.

I know where this guy is coming from, because the same thing happens on here on a daily basis. The informed, intelligent, and constructive posters keep silent, or they get drowned out by the negative, and completely useless posts from people like you.

It really amazes me that you think developers should listen to people such as yourself when you say things like you just did. Read what you wrote...would you want to listen to someone who treated you like that?

Root1926d ago

I don't seen anything wrong with the comment, it's the truth and sometimes the truth hurts. I would of been disagreed to death if that was the case.

You live in a world where people can't speak their opinions or say anything negative about a you would be the first to defend Activision, Capcom or Square Enix... ¬¬

rainslacker1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

From the article

"I imagine that can happen to any online community,” he continues. “Eventually the polite, reasonable folks stop feeling like it’s a group of people they want to hang around. So they leave, and those who remain start to see only those who agree with them — and, because that’s all they see, they think that’s all there is."

Just because people agree with you doesn't make the way you said it right. Yes the truth can hurt, but the truth doesn't have to be dished out cold. You claim the developer is scared....scared of what?

You claim they are running away from it.

From the article

“I’m sure there are folks there who would bristle at that comment, suggesting that all negative feedback is justifiable and that ignoring it is the equivalent of us sticking our heads in the sand. How will we ever improve unless we listen to their scolding and take our lumps like good little developers?

“That is, of course, ignoring the idea that we haven’t already digested a mountain of feedback- both positive and negative- and there’s really only so much of it you can take. Eventually you make decisions (informed by that feedback, though only in part- it can only ever be in part) and move on.”

At what point have the negative people given new criticism in a constructive manner. You certainly didn't. It's the same crap they've been listening to for months now. This whole thing steamrolled for them from a logical, well thought out criticism in among the community, to an entire internet bashing everything they've done.

You don't see anything wrong with what you said? How about I rephrase it to apply to you.

You are a sad individual with no thoughts of your own. You only parrot what you've heard, because you can't think for yourself. You live in a world where people agreeing with you means that you are morally just, and because of that you continue to spew your venomous hyperbole as gospel. At no time have I ever seen you provide any kind of constructive criticism on any topic on N4G, and instead resort to attacks on individuals and developers because you apparently have no concept of logical thinking or compassion.

The truth hurts doesn't it.

People can speak their opinions all they want. But if they're going to act like you they should be prepared for the response, and not resort to discrediting other peoples opinions.

BanBrother1926d ago

Normally I'm not in support of slamming developers, but I think gamers have got it right. Developers can't forget their fans and turn their backs for money (in this case from EA).

I'd like to think that Bioware learned from their mistakes, but I doubt it.

Seafort1926d ago

Well you reap what you sow. Bioware wanted their games to appeal to a larger, more casual market and they got that.

Don't be running away now as you got what you wanted, warts and all.

Megaton1926d ago

Slop article. Summary: "Poor BioWare, entitled fans are entitled."

I do agree about negativity over there, but what do you expect? They've screwed up their last two fan favorites, increasingly showing signs of full EA assimilation. To follow up with that, they deliver bad DLC at raised prices. If you poke someone in the eye, don't act shocked when they're none too happy about it.

I don't even visit BSN anymore. I just get annoyed when I think about BioWare, so I don't bother. I get my negativity fill here, at N4G. Hanging around BSN would be too much.

redDevil871926d ago

I bet Eiffel is supplying you with all the negativity you need ;)

Megaton1926d ago

He is a pretty good source, but pales in comparison to dchalfont.

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