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Is Skyrim Possible for the PS Vita?

Gi - Skyrim released on Nov. 11 2011 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Since its initial release, three different DLCs have become available for the game (Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn). All three are readily available for the Xbox 360 with a limited exclusivity to that system, while two are currently available for the PC and none of the DLC is available for the PS3 (nor is there any real concrete answer as to when it will become available). (PS Vita, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

Just_The_Truth  +   964d ago
I hope so that'd be great. GTAV would be amazing too.
jujubee88  +   964d ago
Me too!
Also, I am VERY surprised to not see any VITA haters.

They usually show up by now. What gives? :/


"U keep track???"

No. It's just something I always see on a VITA sub like 'X big name game should come to VITA'.

I might keep track of it. It would be a fun experiment, I 'spose.
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LOGICWINS  +   964d ago
"They usually show up by now. What gives? :/"

U keep track???

Anyways, I'm skeptical of Bethesda's coding on any non-PC version of a game.
UltraVegito  +   964d ago
I'd like to see a open world game in general.

Back when the vita was known as the ngp it showed infinity blade running on it.


Imagine any kind of open world game with decent work put in it *drools*
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Godchild1020  +   964d ago
It sucks Dungeon Defenders on the Vita was cancelled.
TheLastGuardian  +   964d ago
I don't have to imagine. I can play Gravity Rush, AC III: Liberation and NFS: Most Wanted right now.

I'd love a new GTA and a new inFAMOUS for the Vita.
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violents  +   963d ago
I know, when vita came out bigwigs at sony were saying they had seen the vita run COD and mgs4, the full retail versions. And in theyre remoteplay adds showed playing killzone and a few other big names via remoteplay.

Wheres all that finctionality at sony. I bought yir damn handheld now keep yur promises.
jon1234  +   964d ago
why gta 5? why not an entire new gta game????
CaptCalvin  +   963d ago
New XXXX game on a portable usually means spinoff developed with a fraction of the effort put into compared with that of a game developed for home consoles. At least that's what publishers interpret it as.
Oh_Yeah  +   963d ago
It already runs on remote play...though not on ofw.
BlackIceJoe  +   964d ago
I would love to see an open world game like that on the PSVita.
Baylex  +   964d ago
Yes it would be awsome.
But the Vita is not that far away, see, we have gravity rush, assassin's creed and the freaking need for speed most wanted that most people forget to mention. All of them has huge open worlds, and I think the best one is the need for speed!!
iamnsuperman  +   964d ago
Like that but not that. I havnt got the best confidence in bethesda. The messed up with the console versions (in a way with the PC version which Mods solving the issues).
DragonKnight  +   964d ago
Not without a billion bugs it's not. Bethesda couldn't code the game right on the lead platform (360), so how would the Vita be any different?
zebramocha  +   964d ago
And don't forget that Ms will get timed dlc even though they don't have a handheld.
AznGaara  +   964d ago
It would definitely run better than the Ps3 though since the ram isn't split into two parts.
Kingofwiiu  +   964d ago
What ? The vita is not as powerfull as the ps3 , doesn't matter about the RAM not being split into two parts. Here the Sony fans go again pretending the Vita is as powerfull as a Ps3 even though it's about 55% as powerfull.

In your dreams guys GTAV and Skyrim Could run on the Vita. Black ops declassified is a 540p dreamcast looking game running at 30FPS.

It couldn't run Skyrim unless the game was completely remade for the Vita , Same With GTAV. Good luck fitting a 16GB Ps3/360 Game onto Vita. And good luck getting it to run on the Vita's Handheld Architecture.

I'm not hating , Ps vita is AWESOME! But let's be real , it's about half as powerfull as a 360/ps3.

Uncharted Looks no where near as good on Vita as it does on PS3 Sony drones , yes I have played all the Uncharted games .

Edit - If the Vita was as powerfull as PS3 It would be chocked full of PS3 and 360 ports. All you've got so far is Rayman Origins , Some graphically reduced fighting games.
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Godchild1020  +   964d ago

Why do you comment on every article that ask if X game is possible on the Vita and make your self look more and more like a a person that has no sense? Stick to what you know or think you know best and that is playing games, or at least that is what I think.

"What ? The vita is not as powerful as the ps3 , doesn't matter about the RAM not being split into two parts."

AznGaara never said the PSVita was more powerful, AznGaara said it would run better because the ram is not split. Reading is your friend. And if the ram being split doesn't matter why is always brought up in articles that compare games for the PS3 & 360?

"In your dreams guys GTAV and Skyrim Could run on the Vita."

You contradicted you self when you made this comment; It couldn't run Skyrim unless the game was completely remade for the Vita , Same With GTAV. Proof reading is your friend (Something I need to do more often as well).

"Edit - If the Vita was as powerful as PS3 It would be chocked full of PS3 and 360 ports. All you've got so far is Rayman Origins , Some graphically reduced fighting games. "

As far as it looks, the game is full of ports, so again, a no sense comment. Isn't that what every one that talks about games on the Vita mentions, The Vita is full of ports? We are also getting Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden, both or which are on the PS3.

Also Need For Speed Most Wanted says hello.
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Ulf  +   964d ago
The PS3's RAM being in two parts is a minor pain to workaround, but a performance issue, it's not. No more than doing tiled rendering inside a 10MB framebuffer certainly.

If you knew a little more about the Vita, you'd realize that it's main issues would be that Skyrim, per se, would be CPU bound on ANY mobile CPU. Cutting GPU expenses would be a far easier task than cutting physics, AI, etc. without damaging the experience. Memory would be a non-issue.

Skyrim deserves long play sessions, in any case. I doubt Bethesda sees it as a good fit... for the Vita, or iPad, etc. Maybe even for the Wii U. Where is Wii U Skyrim, after all?

CPU-bound, relative to the PS3, maybe?
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Kingthrash360  +   964d ago
@ ulf
When I'm at work... I'm there for a loooong time. I beat need for speed mw at work spent 60hr so far in persona. I can't see why I couldn't play skyrim. Plus these a ps button on the vita that pauses the game and sleeps and I can continue right where I left off. I think it as well as any game can be played for long periods of time. I don't think you or kingofwii owns a vita most haters don't.
fabod86  +   964d ago
Well, with the obvious optimization to the graphic and the resolution, i think it could be possible. If you think about it the Vita has more ram memory than the PS3, that was the main issue that Bethesda had with the PS3 version of the game.
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BrianG  +   964d ago
The PS3 has 512MB of RAM, 256MB for the CPU and 256MB for the GPU.

The Vita has 512MB of system RAM and only 128MB for video RAM. More RAM total, but less video RAM, which is arguably more important for games.

Since they would be rendering the game at a lower resolution I'm sure it could be easily done.
Kingofwiiu  +   964d ago
Yeh , So because the PS vita has Same RAM as Ps3 or even a little bit more that means it's the same or more powerfull ?

Be real. Everything else in the Vita is nowhere near PS3 standards.

Again , I'm not hating. I have played the Vita exstensively , and it's quite clear that due to being a small handheld device , it is nowhere near as powerfull as a Ps3.

Don't come at me with 3DS BS , I know it's more powerfull than 3DS. But if you compare PS vita to PS3,360 the vita doesn't come close.
And It would have no chance at running Games like Skyrim or GTAV. The Vita would need Super watered down versions or Spin offs built for the system.
Ulf  +   964d ago

Where was the Wii U Skyrim announcement? I missed it. Certainly Wii U has enough memory...

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joeorc  +   963d ago
Quite correct: BrianG

the PSVita's SOC also happens to be a True TSV for a Hand Held , the first of it's kind in a dedicated Game Handheld.

and since it is a True TSV connected Stack chipset, the bandwidth contraints would be less effected on the PSVita than on both the PS3 and the xbox360. As a matter of fact less Resolution+SOC TSV with 512 MB of System ram + andother 128 MB of dedicated GPU ram. all without having to go off chip through it's SOC system Bus means it's quite capable in rendering the game assets required for such a game.

Oh and Kingofwiiu

you may want to read this instead of showing just how wrong you really are about the PSVita!

John Carmack: Sony NGP a 'generation beyond' smartphones

Read more: http://www.electronista.com...
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Skate-AK  +   964d ago
I don't think the engine would make a clean transition to Vita. I think a game like Skyrim is completely possible though.
strigoi814  +   964d ago
i dont think bethesda knows the meaning of possible..coz the skyrim on ps3 is very impossible to finish and enjoy..
KangarooSam  +   964d ago
I don't want Skyrim on the Vita
I would prefer another entry in The Elder Scrolls. Not some half-effort thing for sales like Black Ops: Declassified, not a copy of the PSP game they were working on, and not an HD Morrowind, either. If Bethesda even touches my precious Vita they should take their sweet time to get the most out of it. Find ways to render better graphics, omit any framerate issues, and expand the world. As well as include new ideas for quests and a campaign as long as the console and PC counterparts that includes new and old guilds, as well.

It may sound like I'm asking for a lot, but believe it or not before Skyrim on PS3 Bethesda was great at what they did. If they can make something of that gold standard on the Vita then I am all for it.
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cyclindk  +   964d ago
Of course, it doesn't need to match any console counterpart therefor memory issues shouldn't be a concern. And really, because of the reduced screen size they could remove countless trifling objects from the world which would help greatly. Streamline the recipe and crafting system where the results are the same, there just aren't constant real-world items representing EVERY lock pic, bail of wheat, flower petal, bug and so forth.

Also, optimization is key, that's where the PS3 version failed miserably.
barb_wire  +   964d ago
Shit - they can't even get the PS3 version correct and still no DLC.. can only imagine how cheap ass they would be trying to put it on the Vita.
XXXL  +   964d ago
Get Nihilistic to do it they're awesome!
KangarooSam  +   964d ago
Not sure if sarcastic or trolling...
XXXL  +   963d ago
It's sarcasm you morons.
BanBrother   964d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(2)
porkChop  +   964d ago
I don't think Bethesda could pull it off. In their defense, they're really a PC developer. They do make console games, but they're not too good when it comes to optimizing for the hardware. Another thing is that they always use the GameBryo engine, which is horribly bugged and unstable in all versions. Why they like using that engine I will never understand. But they have stated that they've been building a new engine entirely from scratch, though it's probably being held back for next gen.

Anyway, a game like Skyrim would definitely be possible on the Vita. You'd need the right team, the right engine, and some great texture and asset streaming tech. But it's very possible, and I'd be surprised if we didn't see a Vita game of this style within the next 2 years.

For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, here is the Unreal Engine 3 tech demo that Epic showed off for the Vita. It's very similar to what you'd see in an Elder Scrolls game.

Related video
Viper7  +   964d ago
Technically.. Yes
There's really nothing in the game that is technically impossible for vita. Even the Controls would translate quite well from Ps3 to PsV.

Commercially..Probably not
Skyrim is an "end of console generation" game with pretty high budget making it commercially unfavorable to release the game to PSV or 3DS for that matter.
tubers  +   964d ago
Oh yes please! It's definitely possible as long as they tone down the graphics:

I won't mind even if it had PSP/PSX graphics as long as it has:
-solid framerates
-no screen tearing
-acceptable load times

.. more importantly "1:1 gameplay translation" (All the mechanics and dialogue are in there)

Please Bethesday, take a risk >.<
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GreenRanger  +   964d ago
They were going to release an Elder Scrolls game on the PSP years ago, but they cancelled it.
r21  +   964d ago
That looked pretty good. Maybe one day Bethesda will restart the project for PSV :D
tubers  +   964d ago
OMG! That looks amazing.. Please T.T

WHY Bethesday WHY!??

Man, seriously, I'd totally appreciate an expansive WRPG (or even JRPG) made for the VITA.
Hicken  +   964d ago
If they're just gonna half-ass it like Skyrim on PS3, I'd rather they didn't even bother.
Veneno  +   964d ago
I'd rather have a sequel to Demons Souls on Vita. And Disgaea 4 :)
Just_The_Truth  +   963d ago
I'd play the original again if they made it for the vita and still had the servers up.
League_of_Draven  +   964d ago
Why would you want it on the Vita? Sure, the Vita could play it but it would run like shit and considering that the game is pretty much shit as it is then I wouldn't see any problems with the Vita running it because it would be about as functional as it is now.
360ICE  +   964d ago
Elder Scrolls Travels was announced and cancelled on PSP. Shame :(
killerorca258  +   963d ago
Hasn't anyone heard of, let alone played, Phantasy Star Online 2? It's an awesome, open world, and gorgeous MMORPG that's so popular, it's actually getting localized. I got accepted into the exclusive 10,000 person beta, I can wait.
tubers  +   963d ago
Can I play it in transportations offline and gain exp and items with the VITA version?
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killerorca258  +   963d ago
The 10,000 person beta version for PlayStation Vita, just to clarify.
wynams  +   963d ago
WTF? Bethesda can't even get Skyrim to run on the PS3!
braydox21  +   961d ago
for me i think they should reduce the size of the game itself, i myself would prefer that they just do the island of solstheim, (just that one island area) as you play as miraak the first dragonborn as he goes through his acension in the ranks of the dragon priests, and his rebellion aganist the dragons, as well as as his quest of knowledge with hermaues mora. this will reduce the amount of the game dramitacally reducing the need for space, since skyrim is much larger. sine solstheim is much smaller they will be able to create a more focused experiance, and they will also able to keep the Nord theme of skyrim. this would be awsome in my opinion.

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