Video Games and Violence: The Link Revisited

Gi - The video game and violence link seems to be an old one, but it has a tendency to get re-examined whenever violence occurs and the offender is linked to video games with violent content. On Dec 14 2012, Sandy Hook Elementary was hit by an unimaginable tragedy.

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Bruceongames1833d ago

The research has been done. Funded by the US government. It can be found in the book Grand Theft Childhood.
Buy it from Amazon for £3.18 and read it.
Here is the website for the study: http://www.grandtheftchildh...

Then there was the study and report by Patrick Kierkegaard

So why try and reinvent the wheel when the facts are already known?

detrabado1833d ago

I couldn't agree more with you. Kids will play violent video games and banning them wouldn't be justified as 90% of people 12+ play them.