PS3 Outsells 360, Doesn’t Change Anything

When the PS3 originally launched, consumers and journalists around the world were throwing in the towel and already saying their farewells to Sony’s high priced console. Now, as we reach the last years of the PS3’s time in the limelight, the Daily Reaction crew of Seb and Dan discuss how the market has changed for Sony, and just what this could mean for their future in the next generation of console wars.

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doctorstrange1984d ago

I have both, and am glad they're both doing well :)

Foolsjoker1984d ago

I have all 3, and I wish 1 didn't do so well.

Abash1984d ago

"Doesn’t Change Anything"

It wasn't suppose to change anything. What does it mean though? A whole lot. Such as the less advertised PlayStation brand still has the bigger worldwide presence and Sony is in a very good position for next gen launching a successor to a console that overtook it's closest rival in sales despite being higher priced.

zebramocha1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Yes,it means the king has returned and lay all the suckers who ever doubted him down.

deep_fried_bum_cake1984d ago


The advertisement element really can't be overlooked.

I remember trying (unsuccessfully) to convince my younger brother (who was 17 at the time and should have known better) that Modern Warfare 3 was on the PS3 because from all of the advertisements he had seen it seemed as though it was exclusive to the 360.

I imagine that there are a lot people as stupid as my brother who might have bought a 360 because they think games are exclusive to the 360 when they are not.

(My brother figured out it wasn't exclusive when I bought it for his birthday on the PS3).

BattleAxe1984d ago

The PS3 outselling the 360 did four things:

1. It showed just how powerful the Sony brand is by outselling the 360, which had a one year head start and a 7 million console lead.

2. Having the PS3 release one year after the 360 allowed Sony to continue to sell the PS2 at a high level for an additional year, helping the PS2 to become the best selling home console of all time.

3. Allowed Sony to release the best possible console they could have ever hoped for. We were treated to stunning games like Uncharted, God of War 3 and Killzone 2 that could simply not be matched on the 360.

The technology in this console also helped the Blu-Ray disc format to proliferate the market in a huge way. The PS3 was ultimately what helped Sony to win the HD format war, which makes the PS3 a far bigger success for Sony than it would appear on the surface.

darthv721984d ago

You make good points but you are also leaving out a few bits.

While the ps3 seemed like its direct competition is the 360 you are forgetting that it was also feeling competition from its sibling...the ps2.

Every sale of a ps2 was a loss of a sale for the ps3. Sony won a sale either way but they would obviously like to sell the more expensive unit.

MS really only had their 360 to market (unless you want to add in windows) but sony had to choose which one they wanted to really promote. Had they gone full speed behind the ps3, it could have been different...maybe even sooner and more inline with the sales trends of their previous systems.

MS did take this generation more seriously than the last. They deserve some big props, even from the sony only fans.

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dedicatedtogamers1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

People should be tired by now of "playing sales, not games".

But let's be honest, the goalpost has once again been moved like it always has been when the PS3 achieves another milestone. There is no doubt that the general atmosphere was against the PS3. People wanted the big guy to fail. First it was "I bought my console to play games, not movies. Hurr hurr". But that vanished when HD-DVD came out. Then once HD-DVD failed, it sprang up for a bit, then faded again once Netflix streaming came out. Then, it was "PS3 has no games! Look at all these games!" But then PS3 titles began to flow like a river. Then, it was "360 games have higher review scores. Metacritic! Metacritic! When will PS3 have good games?" But then games like LittleBigPlanet and MGS4 began taking some of the highest review scores in the industry. Then it was "multiplats are horrible on PS3! Look at all my multiplats and timed-exclusive DLC!" But then, multiplat games (with a few exceptions) became pretty identical on both systems, and everyone shut up about it. It pretty much went downhill from there, but sales have been the last shouting point for fanboys to cling to for years and years.

But of course, now sales don't matter, do they?

maniacmayhem1983d ago

There's a flip side to that coin as well. The goal post has always been moved on both sides of the field. A lot of people from the beginning always went to the tired excuse of "Sales don't matter" or "US is not the world". Not to mention “shipped not sold” whenever the sales where in 360’s favor.

Let’s not forget that every negative Sony article was met with the "media is biased" which is still used to this day. Claims of IGN and CNet were said to be both owned by MS. We were always told to never follow VGCHartz because it always and for odd reason only undertracked PS3 and it was supposedly ran by a 360 fanboy. Of course this was later forgiven in some articles when the ps3 is in the lead and not the 360.

Then we had "The Cell is all powerful" or “Games can’t run on 360 because of the Blu-Ray”. Let’s not mention when certain games sold more than others, then all of a sudden "But is it GOTY?? “ Then when 360 scored some exclusive DLC it was "MS paid for it!" But when Sony had exclusive DLC it was "Take that 360". And let's not forget how every year since the PS3 came out would finally be the year the PS3 outsold 360.

Everyone claims they don’t play sales but whenever NPD or VGChartz or any article hits N4G you can bet it’ll be a heated topic and most discussed on this site.

isarai1984d ago

I find it funny that for years the fact that 360 had more total sales was brought up in nearly every conversation concerning the two. Yet as soon as the PS3 gets ahead it doesn't matter :/

I really don't care who is above who anyways, as long as they are doing well enough to keep making great games

Root1984d ago

I knew this was going to happen

Get prepared folks, you thought doom and gloom articles one after another about Sony were's going to get worse now because we'll now have sites trying to dumb down Sony's victory and make it seem like the whole thing is stupid...even though for years people have praised MS for it.

NeverEnding19891984d ago

Yeah. Look at last gen. PS2 was king and Xbox wasn't even on the map.

For Microsoft to at least triple their install base is fantastic news for them, while SONY losing a third of their's is bad news.

At this point it doesn't matter if the PS3 sells 90 million and the Xbox 360 only sells 80 million. The real loser of this gen is the PS3. This is how its always been and as the article states, nothing has changed.

NateCole1984d ago

There are a lot of ways you can look at this.

Last gen the xbox was 2nd place and now it will end up last this gen.

Sony was never going to be able to dominate this gen like with the PS2 as MS with their deep pockets and lessons learned from last gen would always pose a huge threat. Then offcourse the success of the wii which no one saw coming.

The numbers do matter a lot to shareholders and gaming business partners. It shows that Sony's strategy works and yield profits for them in the long run.

Sony's goal as was with previous gens was to put out a platform that can sell over the years hence their 10 year plan. It is why Sony is the only platform holder that have sold 100 million consoles back to back. With the rate the PS3 is going it will reach the 100 million mark especially when it drops down to 199 in price.

Of the 3 current consoles only the PS3 was built to last more than 10 years and now we are seeing that strategy come to fruition. Gamers are happy with their investment with long term support, devs/publishers are happy with the mature platform which allows them to dev/publish games for cheap and reap the benefits for it's prolong life-cycle. Everyone wins.

If we put everything into perspective MS is still less successful than Sony in the console space. Sony dominated right out of the gate over the console gaming behemoth that was Nintendo after the 16 bit era.

So after stumbling in their first try and then doing well in their second try but still relegated to last this gen. I wouldn't say MS have done very well.

MS got to at least become first in a gen or even crack the 100 million mark before we can safely say they have done great. Only Sony have done this feat not once but twice.

testerg351984d ago

NateCole, or you can look at it the other way.

It took 6yrs for the PS3 to finally surpass the 360 even though it dominated the last 2 generations.

Yes the numbers do matter to shareholders. The 360 has managed to sell 70mil+ in only 2 of big 3 regions. It has been dead in Japan for years. Hopefully MS can correct their failings in Japan, even though I thought MS really tried to succeed in there. You are talking about 3x the numbers from their first generation console. The PS3 was finally able to catch up even though it sold healthy numbers in all 3 regions.

I'm not sure what you meant about the PS3 being the only one built to last 10yrs. The 360 is on its 7th yr and it sold 1.4mil consoles in just December according to MS/NPD in NA. Dude that's for 1 month. Devs/publishers are happy about both platforms. Last I checked 360 multis sell roughly the same as their PS3 counterpart.

Who won is just how you want view it. The 360 sold 3 times the original xbox and was #1 in total sales for close to 7yrs and now they're in 3rd. The PS3 is #2 now, but is barely half of what the PS2 sold and sales will slow down soon with the release of the next gen consoles.

bratman1984d ago

testerg35, Or you can look at it this way

The only reason the ps3 took 6 years is cause the xbox360 had a year head start in NA and a year and a half head start in EU... its been consistently outselling xbox360 worldwide since its inception.

"Who won is just how you want view it"
No who won, is who won... and Sony starting late this gen have just moved into second place and will take first in the upcoming years from the wii and are also poised to become Sony's third 100 million seller (No other company has ever made a console thats sold 100 mill, let alone three back to back.)

Alderney1984d ago

Or you can look at it like this:

Compared to last gen the PS3 did horrible. It took 6 years to outdo the competition despite previously outselling them 6-1. For a successor product to lose nearly 50% of its market share is disastrous, indicative of Sony's current financial situation.

On the other hand the X360 equaled, or nearly equaled, the once mighty Sony in the console wars. Where the Playstation brand is trending downwards, the Xbox brand is growing stronger.

Veneno1984d ago

@ neverending

You just proved what Root just said. That the Xbox fanboy denial would be strong.

Cupid_Viper_31984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Isn't it funny how you can almost tell who's bitter over this "FACT" that the PS3 passed the 360?

Listen to NeverEnding1989
"At this point it doesn't matter if the PS3 sells 90 million and the Xbox 360 only sells 80 million. The real loser of this gen is the PS3. This is how its always been and as the article states, nothing has changed."

And Testerg35
" Who won is just how you want view it. The 360 sold 3 times the original xbox and was #1 in total sales for close to 7yrs and now they're in 3rd. The PS3 is #2 now, but is barely half of what the PS2 sold and sales will slow down soon with the release of the next gen consoles"

And Alderny
"Compared to last gen the PS3 did horrible. It took 6 years to outdo the competition despite previously outselling them 6-1. For a successor product to lose nearly 50% of its market share is disastrous, indicative of Sony's current financial situation. Who won is just how you want view it"

It's as if they're in a completely different world, a bubble so to speak. lol

What do you mean by "who won is just how you want to to view it?" That is priceless comment right there.

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Anon19741983d ago

All I can say is Wow. So the PS3 has moved more consoles worldwide than the 360 but even though it moved more units it doesn't matter because it didn't move more in the only region that matters...the US.

Where's the logic in that? So if I sell 100 million consoles and only 10 million of those are in the US and my competition sells 50 million consoles all in the US, they win because the US is the only market that matters. Am I understanding this point correctly? Ridiculous.

I've pointed this out I don't know how many times in the past, for being a "playstation" website, I'm often floored by just how overwhelming negative their edititorials can be in regard to the PS3. It happens with playstation lifestyle all the time. I'm not talking about negative news, news is news, don't get me wrong. I'm talking about obviously negative slant and bias against the PS3 like this one suggesting "Doesn't matter who sells more consoles, only who sells more in the US."

Even all this ridiculous talk of the "botched launch". It's called Google. For christ's sake, do your homework. The PS3 launch easily outpaced the 360's launch and was on par with the PS2's launch despite the high price point up until the recession kicked, something the PS2 never had to contend with. You look at the first 2 years the 360 was out and compare it to the first 2 years for the PS3, and the PS3 is miles in front, yet was the 360 launch "botched"? Was the PS2 launch "botched"?

I'm so sick of these sites rewriting history. Just because you repeat the same lie over and over, it doesn't simply become true. Don't they have an editor?

TheBrownBandito1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )


I find it funny that for years the fact that 360 had more total sales was brought up in nearly every conversation concerning the two. Yet as soon as the PS3 gets ahead it doesn't matter :/

But that's precisely the point. With a head start of 7 million units, the 360 could have been outsold every year by 1 million units. Trend analysis is the important statistic, not overall volume to date. :o)

TheBrownBandito1983d ago

"Or you can look at it like this...[cropped] "

Made up nonsense on your part.

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nemrawy1984d ago

This was bound to happen anyway

kayoss1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Yep.... I cant fanthom the thought if xbox overtook over Sony numbers. Can you imagine all the doom and gloom article about ps3??

testerg351984d ago

kayoss, but the 360 has sold more in total numbers for almost 7 years.

kayoss1984d ago

testerg35, i was just saying if the roles were reverse. If xbox came out a year later than PS3 and xbox finally surpass the ps3 we would be hearing about how the Ps3 is such a failure.

TheBrownBandito1983d ago


"kayoss, but the 360 has sold more in total numbers for almost 7 years."

It's amazing what you can do with statistics, but it's normally those that are not comfortable with the real figure that need to "look at it in a different way".

Belking1984d ago

MS is moving on to the next gen. I don't think they really care how many ps3s sony ships. This gen is pretty much over now. The real winners are the gamers but if you talking contest then it's


Bumpmapping1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Nice try must be very worrisome knowing M$ finished last they might as release 720 200$ there gonna get creamed by Sony and Nintendo.

Belking1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

I don't think so. Not worried at all.(did you see latest NPD) There has been no change. MS still leads sony. You wanna know how i know? It's because sony is too quiet. There haven't been any PR releases by them nor have they responded to the latest NPD report. That doesn't sound like confidence to me. The only report we have is total shipments for both which i also may add still isn't backed up by either of them.

This was the final holiday battle for this gen and it looks close but MS came out on top again. This e-3 they will be all smiles. Xbox 360 has done well this gen almost quadrupling the first xbox sales while the ps3 sold well but nothing close to the ps2 sales and vita continues to struggle to gain ground on the 3ds. As next gen heats up its gonna be an exciting time.

XabiDaChosenOne1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

@belking, Sony rarely comments on sales figures, unless they have reached a milestone of some sort. Nice try though.
@Dk286k and others You guys are committing the same mistake that has you swallowing your words now, it's inevitable that when Sony releases it's official numbers it will do nothing but confirm what was announced today. Xbox360 sold 1.4 million during the holidays in the U.S? Great, now let's see where it faired in the rest of the world. You guys are building a proverbial straw house. Give it a rest, The PS3 has won.

majiebeast1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

No matter how much you try to spin it, doesnt change the fact that 360 is third, with a years head start and a lower price of its console.

1984d ago
specsmatter1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Not even tht add the hundred of thousands of replacement rrod xboxs ppl rebought bcus year warranty was up lol that inflated xbox sales figures. Factor in nuclear catastrophe in japan and how it affected Sony and the debilitating psn hack and ppl say micro . did a better job and Sony shouldnt be proud lol hahaha
You better hope micro releases b4 sony because it wont even be closd. Even with psn sabotage and greedy rrod tactics by micro ps3 still surpassed it wow!!!

Kudos Sony

ALLWRONG1984d ago

DK286K it's not fact. Just stand back and enjoy the show. Fact means nothing on this site.

AngelicIceDiamond1984d ago

We don't know who's 1st or second but the last I check MS released numbers that they sold 1.4m consoles in the U.S

And That's combined, that's very impressive. Sony hasn't released any numbers yet but going off by those numbers you can form a opinion on who's leading what.

Sony released shipped numbers MS released actual sales.

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MRMagoo1231983d ago

LMAO @belking

you are really really grasping at straws now this is getting silly, just own up admit the truth and get on with gaming you herp.

ForgottenProphecy1984d ago

With a $600 launch price tag, being released a year after 360, and for the advertisement comparison, I'd say this is a huge victory for the Sony brand. Everybody always talks about how Sony is in trouble for the next generation, but I'd say they are in just the right place. Sure their games don't sell as much, but that's simply because there is more of them. Unless you're made of money, you can't simply buy every AAA game on the market, you might have to choose between Killzone and Resistance, Uncharted and inFAMOUS, ect...

specsmatter1984d ago

I was gooing to write somethng similar but add also the hundreds and thousands (maybe million) extra consoles micro sold year two and three when so many ppls xbox rrod after the one year warranty and added a large amount of xbox sales.
Its a big thng bcus ps3 was supposedly doomed, xbox had more than a year lead, sold extra xbox s because rrod fiasco and was cheaper yet doomed Sony caught up? Damn thts a major feat. You see dummies in the what counts is ww numbers.. Had ps3 came out the same time and same cost it would have sold even more and had a crazy leas.

Also Congrats to Sony they handled the psn hack well and loyalists stuck through and still sold more systems. If after tht debilitating psn hack and nuclear plnt catastrophe ppl dnt find it amazing Ps3 over took micro you ppl have to real trolls.

testerg351984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Can your fix you keyboard. It seems to be skipping every other letter.

BTW, MS extendted the warranty to 3yrs.

If the PS3 came out with same cost as the 360, then it wouldn't have been the same PS3. And if the PS3 was released the same time that the 360 did, then it would have cost more, but I don't think you really understand the logic.

specsmatter1983d ago

Response to testerg35

Im on an android device and it sometimes does that so there is nothing to fix. When on a mobile device i type for speed and could care less for diction and syntax on this site. I laugh at all you pseudo professors when i know my level of education is higher than probably 98 percent of this site lol.

Secondly testerg35 they extended their warranty to three years whipty doo whats your point? That was after the major class action lawsuits in like 20 different states lol They didn't do it out of the kindness of their hearts and by that time it was years later and they had fattened their pockets with all the rrod replacement consoles ppl bought because initially the warranty was one year.

Alot of you come on here to respond to comments thinking your witty, but end up responding with arguments that hold no merit and have nothing to do with the conversation at hand. Please explain to me why MS extending the warranty years later is relevant? The damage was already done and thousands upon thousands had to buy new xbox's so whats your point?

School is very important for many of you, as well as reading comprehension which i think you lack.