Survey: 75% Of Parents Think Violent Video Games Contribute To Actual Violence

Kotaku - Sure, there have been no scientific studies that connect violent video games to violence, but why let nonsense like science reflect the way you think?

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majiebeast1991d ago

So stop buying violent videogames for your kids noone here would mind, it would clean up the online community of a lot of games.

rustyspoon801991d ago

It still amazes me how many parents are in line for COD on launch day with their kids. And the shops still sell them, knowing full well its for the kids.

Merrill1991d ago


Hit the link under read story. Under story quality - WTF? Under like website - No!

Chapulin1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Anything with with violence contributes to actual violence. Whack a mole.

Bruceongames1991d ago

The research has been done. Funded by the US government. It can be found in the book Grand Theft Childhood.
Buy it from Amazon for £3.18 and read it.
Here is the website for the study: http://www.grandtheftchildh...

Then there was the study and report by Patrick Kierkegaard

So why try and reinvent the wheel when the facts are already known?

clearelite1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

"Funded by the...."

Hope you didn't think this part would increase the credibility of your comment.

I would be a bit surprised if you think the visitors of this site will actually read that book. It seems a bit out of touch and one of the most out of place things I've seen on here in a while actually. Yet, you never know.

However, If you genuinely are trying to help, then I guess I respect that. I would be wary though, as many "studies" are used to disseminate false information.

Also, if you are focusing squarely on videogames, it is irresponsible because there are MANY other things that are "corrupting the youth" and may be far more dangerous.

I think there can be some danger in some cases though, like when parents let their young kids play COD online for hours every day, etc. It will probably have an impact on the way those individuals develop in one way or another. Also, some "entertainment" is just vile and shouldn't be touched by adults, imo.

Neko_Mega1991d ago

First its the parents fault for being dumb and buying "M" rated games for their 5 year old (or at least under 17/18).

2nd: You have to be pretty [email protected]$% in the head to go out and kill people (let alone kids), so anything would make a nut job worst.

Its funny on how its so easy to blame something else and not talking the blame for just being dumb. Plus 75%? So how many people?

Spenok1991d ago

But that's what people do these days. Try to shift blame, instead of looking at the real issue(s).

RAVEN811991d ago

then we have 75% parents that need to blame something for there bad parenting .

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