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Survey: 75% Of Parents Think Violent Video Games Contribute To Actual Violence

Kotaku - Sure, there have been no scientific studies that connect violent video games to violence, but why let nonsense like science reflect the way you think? (Industry)

majiebeast  +   558d ago
So stop buying violent videogames for your kids noone here would mind, it would clean up the online community of a lot of games.
rustyspoon80  +   557d ago
It still amazes me how many parents are in line for COD on launch day with their kids. And the shops still sell them, knowing full well its for the kids.
Merrill  +   557d ago

Hit the link under read story. Under story quality - WTF? Under like website - No!
Chapulin  +   558d ago
Anything with with violence contributes to actual violence. Whack a mole.
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Bruceongames  +   558d ago
The research has been done. Funded by the US government. It can be found in the book Grand Theft Childhood.
Buy it from Amazon for £3.18 and read it. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Gra...
Here is the website for the study: http://www.grandtheftchildh...

Then there was the study and report by Patrick Kierkegaard http://www.sciencedaily.com...

So why try and reinvent the wheel when the facts are already known?
clearelite  +   557d ago
"Funded by the...."

Hope you didn't think this part would increase the credibility of your comment.

I would be a bit surprised if you think the visitors of this site will actually read that book. It seems a bit out of touch and one of the most out of place things I've seen on here in a while actually. Yet, you never know.

However, If you genuinely are trying to help, then I guess I respect that. I would be wary though, as many "studies" are used to disseminate false information.

Also, if you are focusing squarely on videogames, it is irresponsible because there are MANY other things that are "corrupting the youth" and may be far more dangerous.

I think there can be some danger in some cases though, like when parents let their young kids play COD online for hours every day, etc. It will probably have an impact on the way those individuals develop in one way or another. Also, some "entertainment" is just vile and shouldn't be touched by adults, imo.
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Neko_Mega  +   557d ago
First its the parents fault for being dumb and buying "M" rated games for their 5 year old (or at least under 17/18).

2nd: You have to be pretty f@$% in the head to go out and kill people (let alone kids), so anything would make a nut job worst.

Its funny on how its so easy to blame something else and not talking the blame for just being dumb. Plus 75%? So how many people?
Spenok  +   557d ago
But that's what people do these days. Try to shift blame, instead of looking at the real issue(s).
RAVEN81  +   557d ago
then we have 75% parents that need to blame something for there bad parenting .
Janitor  +   557d ago
This is embarrassing, meaning parents these days, like me, grew up playing video games. I would expect this with old people but not today's parents. Hell, I remember playing MK as a child and getting the genesis version just to get the real gruesome fatalities like sub-zero's spine rip and kato pulling your heart out of your chest. I'll be 32 this year and guess how many violent crimes I've committed? Zero. I have had several speeding tickets though, so I guess playing games make you drive too fast.
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Adolph Fitler  +   557d ago
The same moronic parents that are buying GTA for there 6yr olds, or the same moronic parents that push the belief onto there children about some Santa Claus, Easter Bunny-esque fable called The Bible. The things adults believe is ridiculous....I mean American parents think the 2nd amendment is still current in the age of assault weapons, & they also believe that the right to bare arms is a falicy still in place that allows you to defend themselves. Defend themselves, from themselves......It pits Americans against Americans......The NRA's arguement for guns is exactly that, that we have the right to shoot fellow Americans when we feel threatened, or scared.....hahaha.

Videogames don't inspire, cause, or help a killer in there cause in anyway whatsoever, however, guns, & especially assault style auto & fully auto weapons do. Simple as that.
They argue that the army use fps's to train for fighting to desensitize them.......Well, there are more discharges from the army due to psychological problems, directly attributes to the attrocities of war nowadays than ever, there were less messed up people than when people HAD to fight for there country in WW1 & WW2, & they didn't have fps's to supposedly aid them.....so I would say, this training system is null & void in producing concienseless killers for war, & helps solidify the fact that videogames have nothing whatsoever to do with the acts of random psycho's.
Adolph Fitler  +   557d ago
I love horror movies, always have loved them from age 11 when I somehow got hold of Day Of The Dead, even before that, I have just always loved horror films from a young age......the scarier & gorier, the better......but guess what, real life violence sickens me. I also love reading about serial killers, ever since my dad gave me a book called Alone With The Devil (the best serial killer book I've ever read, along with The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer), I don't like these serial killers, yet I have favorite ones, weirdly enough, & it probably goes along with how good there story is, like The Shrine Of Jeffrey Dahmer is just so well written & the story so gobsmackingly amazing & surreal that it captivates you from start to end.
Now, on saying that, it would be nice if they never existed & there victims never slain in such inhuman ways, but guess what......Ice-T as Bodycount sung/rapped it best, "sh!t ain't like that, it's real f$%ked up".

Violence is violence, simple as that...try working out the cause & effect & you'll always be wrong, as some mofo's are just wired up wrong in the brain.
People say, "oh, but he was polite & quiet & shy & this & that, & he never comitted a crime or hurt anyone before". Then they find a copy of GTA4 & Halo in his house & the scapegoat tactics start.

It's easier for people to blame some background piece of bullcrap that made a perfectly nice, shy, non-criminal turn into a psychopath overnight, rather than to believe that the bogeyman does exist.
And what makes this even more scary for people to want to believe is that not only does this bogeyman exist, but he exists as a normal looking human being. He could be your nextdoor neighbour, could be a person that drives by you on the street, hell, he could be a relative, if your unlucky enough.

The beast in them can lay dorment for years & years, but if they have that kind of screwed up wiring in there brain, one thing is certain, they will make mothers mourn, kids parentless, wives widows, etc, etc, one day.....nothing but death, or changes in laws to lock up many of the more obvious dangers, & tighter gun laws & banning of semi-auto, full auto & assault style weapondry.......stop blaming the various forms of entertainment mediums & tackle the real problems.
Flatbattery  +   557d ago
Then that suggests that 75% of parents believe anything they are told by the irresponsible and downright callous media.
DeadlyFire  +   557d ago
How else do you explain Obama still running the country?
Thefreeman012  +   557d ago
Lol right, because the "liberal"media is out to get everyone with their mind control making everyone reelect Obama .... Grow up dude he won because he is better.. If there is any fear mongering media that spreads lies like wild fires its your conservative news like fox or rush or Glenn beck
redDevil87  +   557d ago
I bet they all watch Fox News too.
cee773  +   557d ago
Video games cause as much violence as family guy lol I mean look at the things that air on TV's nowadays theyve been making gaming the scapegoat for years I purchased GTA vice city @ 14 and never thought of killing hookers after sexual favors or mowing down pedestrians, killing police, and stealing cars in real life its therapeutic in a way especially killing police as I hate them in real life so I take it out on em in GTA lol.
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Sp1d3ynut  +   557d ago
Survey: 100% of those parents are horrible parents, looking for someone else to blame for their own shortcomings.
drpepperdude  +   557d ago
Does video games make someone commit mass murder no. Does it make kids have a more vulgar vocabulary I would say yes. I also think some kids can't take it when they loose and sometimes they can really get somewhat violent at least I have seen this happen when my 16 year old little brother rages on call of duty. But I think that all of this trash talk people go out of there way to do on multiplayer games is beyond insane. All of these youtubers who are making money off of trash talking people is not good when they continue to do it. But the worst part is when I watch a Whiteboy7thst video or another Youtubers videos not only are the youtubers themselves saying really bad things so is the 10 year old that replies with things even worse. But no it doesn't make them grow up to be a thug or murderer. Thats due to the way they grew up thinking about life and they are probably are depressed and need a better role model.
specsmatter  +   557d ago
So you need to also stop your kids from watching those cartoons like Spongebob where ppl whack themselves, poke their eyes out and choke each other out and still are alive. Kids might think that they can do that to other kids and theyll still be alive. Or think that its ok to do so because Spongebob does it. So many %ucking double standards.
Spenok  +   557d ago
Then 75% of parents are ignorant.
Riderz1337  +   557d ago
Today - "Survey: 75% Of Parents Think Violent Video Games Contribute To Actual Violence"

Tomorrow - "Survey: 100% of those 75% parents bought their teenage kids Black Ops 2 for Christmas, an M-Rated game."

I love these types of people. Hypocrites.

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