December 2012 NPD: Nintendo's response, Wii U/3DS/Wii/DS sales

Nintendo's response to the 2012 NPD report is in. Sales for the Wii U (December and total since launch), NSMBU, Wii, 3DS, DS, and other data is now available.

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Thatguy-3102138d ago

Of course wii u generated more revenue than the wii. It did sell for a lot more $ so I assume that should be the case lol.

1upgamer992138d ago

Good for Nintendo. All the haters going to hate, but the numbers speak for themselves, all in all great launch! :)

MikeMyers2138d ago

Not bad. Almost 900,000 in 41 days. They have also sold over 40 million Wii's now just in NPD region.

Anyone know why it's just Sony who refuses to give out actual numbers?

nukeitall2138d ago


Sony might not have gotten very good sales numbers.

MikeMyers2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

nukeitall, they haven't released numbers for a long time though. Not sure why.

I think ever since then Sony has declined to give out numbers.

rainslacker2138d ago


I'm pretty sure Sony gives out official numbers with their quarterly and annual earnings reports. We'll likely see them in the next couple of weeks since their 3rd quarter just ended 10 days ago.

NPD is a third party that does sales tracking for many things, not just video games. They didn't want the media to release their numbers to analyze the market, because they believe that the market is too fragmented to really get a clear picture based on the way they analyze the numbers.

Knight_Crawler2138d ago

@ Mike - simple...if you post bad or ok numbers you lose the confidence of the consumer and if you lose the confidence of the consumer you lose the confidence of the shareholders and no shareholders equals no money.

Another thing could also be that Japan people are very proud people and if you do it is looked upon as a shame.

MikeMyers2138d ago

Not sure if I agree. Sony still releases annual results.

Makes sense. I know Apple and other companies don't like certain information out there.

They certainly don't mind when it comes to other regions. I do question NPD at times since I heard some retailers like Wal-Mart are not counted.

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neogeo2138d ago

key word is (revenue) NOT PROFIT!

deafdani2137d ago

No necessarily. By that logic, then Sony and Microsoft should have earned more money with the PS3 and Xbox 360 than Nintendo did with the Wii, because those consoles were much more expensive. However, Sony and Microsoft sold their consoles initially at a massive loss, while Nintendo saw massive profit per each Wii console sold since day one.

So, yeah, it's not as simple as associating earning with the price of the console. It's all relative.

Jadedz2138d ago

I'm more impressed with the Wii and NDS numbers (also New Super Mario Bros. U's attach rate - 65%).

GraveLord2138d ago

Those Wii U sales are abysmal considering the price its going for. For comparison, the $600 PS3 sold more on the December after its launch.

Gr812138d ago

In 2006 wasn't in the toilet either Grave. But since Wii U sales are abysmal, what would you call Vita's?

RTheRebel2138d ago

yea abysmal sales like the vita @[email protected]
go back to cod

Jadedz2137d ago

Though they're not terrible. Wii, NDS, and the 3DS all put up decent numbers, so I'm sure Nintendo's ok with the outcome.

deafdani2137d ago

Really? I remember back in 2006 reading that Sony had about 400,000 PS3 units available for launch WORLDWIDE on their first month, and then they had a manufacturing problem where a portion of those units had defective lenses or something like that, so not all of those 400k units were available at launch.

ElectricKaibutsu2137d ago


Ohhhhh yeah. I remember that. The PS3 almost had no units available at launch. Weird that the Wii had plenty and then went through a massive drought the next six months.

HateFanboys2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

Dont care if crap sells, its still crap, current-gen graphics with oversized gimmicky controller and portable with no 2nd analog stick and inferior grahics equals crap in my book. And all of Nintendo's franchises are 20/30yrs old franchises. I dont care how well Justin Beiber sells, he still sucks in my book!

d0nni32137d ago

now now ladies, put the handbags down

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DwightOwen2138d ago

The Wii U would probably be over the 1 million sold mark had Nintendo been able to anticipate demand for the Deluxe Set. Everywhere I see the system in stock its always the Basic model.

PopRocks3592138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

It seems to be selling well depending on the store. I normally go to a small Gamestop and they're actually trying to get rid of them. Meanwhile the larger and nearby Best Buy has nothing in stock by the end of the day. And that includes both the basic and deluxe models.

KrisButtar2138d ago

890,000 units sold in the us in 41 days.

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