PS3 Outships Xbox 360: So What?

Sony's console has apparently shipped more units than Microsoft. Allow IGN to explain why this matters and why Sony isn't telling us about it.

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remanutd552013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

yea i dont understand whats the big deal, it was bound to happen even with a disastrous launch, a crazy price tag, the most expensive console on the market and lots of problems along the way it was bound to happen so whats the big deal? i think ps3 will get to 100m by the end of its lifecycle.

Root2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

The big deal is because MS and Xbox fans have been going on about being first for ages, while the PS3 drags on behind them.

Just because the PS3 now has won we now shouldn't say anything...I don't see how that's fair.

Trust me if this was the other way round and MS beat Sony this would be a huge deal and IGN would be going on about it non stop. Sony deserves a little positive attitude since it's negative article after another these days.

Bathyj2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Hey, if they shut up about it, so will I. I will never brag about sales numbers. I just wanted this to happen so people and the games media would lighten up on the subject and lay off all the doom and gloom.

This hobby is supposed to be about fun afterall.

PS3 lovers should be a bit more gracious about this too, everyone seems to be rubbing it in hard. I can understand that as its just happened after years of crap but I hope they dont go on with it for too long.

CynicalKelly2013d ago

To be fair, the majority of people talking about xbox sales are Playstation Fanboys justifying why that is.

But it's good news that they are doing well. It deserves it for all the support they gave the PS2 well after it's time was done alone.

2013d ago
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2013d ago

Now that the PS3 has won? Won second place?

It only took what? 7 years almost for them to ship into second?

morganfell2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

"...but I hope they dont go on with it for too long."

You mean for years? The same amount of time sales figures, particularly the North American numbers only, were rammed down like it was the end all be all. You know, the numbers that ignored the PS3 late start and the truth it was outselling the 360 worldwide every year. The fact is the PS3 has been outselling the 360 worldwide since launch. Yet within 4 months magazines like EGM and it's resident jerk editor Dan Hsu were publishing pictures of the PS3 on the cover with a tomato slammed against it asking what went wrong. He even wrote that he laughed when he showed Sony execs the picture of the cover. And he had the nerve to refer to himself as a journalist. Remember that the PS3 actually outsold the 360 at launch yet no one was publishing a picture of the 360 with a tomato. And they didn't put the 360 on the cover with the RROD debacle at it's zenith.

It's been one rant after another, one PS3 is doomed article after another...FOR YEARS. And MS has been given a pass...FOR YEARS. The same people that attacked the PS3's launch price tag do not have the balls to write an article discussing the 360 launch price plus 7 years of Live and how much that cost. The fact that MS thought HDMI and Wifi were a waste. No one is discussing that and the eventual price tag. In fact trying to paint this role reversal as a ho hum matter is the order of the day. The same people that marched around the room chanting totals now want to forget the issue. No, okay? No. They saddled that pony way back when so it's time to ride. Personally I am waiting on the "Will the Xbox finish in 3rd place next generation too?" which will never come because we know if it was Sony there would be a waterfall of such articles. Now it's "So what" whereas before it was all about asking if Sony should leave gaming. Amazing how easily the prejudice shines through. At least I am honest about my preferences and do not cloak them in a pretense of lies.

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riverstars862013d ago

In all fairness, all of the big three won. People should be happy that there are 3 big time console manufacturers that push and compete with each other. The biggest winners are the gamers. All this fanboy stuff really makes you miss out on some amazing games. My allegiance is to gaming, not a particular company, it would be a better place if everybody had the same viewpoint.

specsmatter2013d ago

kellymeister just stfu..... you start your comment by saying "lets be fair" then like a troll say its Sony fanboys tlking about numbers lol of course thy are now bcus for years and years you had xbox trolls tlking crap about lead in sales. You reap what you sow now take your stealth troll comment and gtfo here

rainslacker2013d ago

I miss the old days. Before the internet. When we didn't have instant access to sales numbers.

We used to have to argue on the merits of the systems and games themselves. You'd think with the internet allowing people to communicate and offer new points of view on a discussion outside our personal bubbles, that it would have gotten better. But sadly, now it's all about sales numbers, sales regions, and speculative market analysis on why one outsold the other, or why one succeeded where the other failed despite having roughly equal sales, or what one manufacturer needs to do to get ahead next gen, or why one company is doomed.

It's like the games have taken a back seat, when they should have always been at the forefront.

BitbyDeath2013d ago

Well Said BathyJ, now lets all stop talking about sales and more about games again.

darthv722013d ago

when 12/21/2012 happened and it wont if the ps3 sells 1 more unit than the 360.

Where even the most diehard sony fan should give props to MS, is for them taking this generation more seriously than the last.

Stiff competition only serves to make the parties involved want to better their product over the course of time. Both 360 and ps3 have evolved into more than what we saw them start out as.

Respect to both sides for making it fun and entertaining.

Bathyj2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Morgan, I dont disagree with anything you said, its all true. PS3 has received more (undeserved) hate than any other console or probably device in history. Hell it was in full swing 6 months before the PS3 launched. They wanted it to be stillborn.

All I was hoping for is that PS3 lovers(which everyone should know by now that I am one)always say they are more grown up and mature. Now would be an excellent time to prove it by example.

Its your choice of course, and I can understand if everyone wants to gloat a bit, its justified, but I'm personally not interested in rubbing it in, I just want everyone to get over it and get back to what gaming is about. Games.

Sony3602013d ago

Outshipped =/= outsold.

ALLWRONG2013d ago

"The big deal is because MS and Xbox fans have been going on about being first for ages"

No they haven't. Why would MS or it's fans claim first when they all know Nintendo has it? You do know Nintendo is top dog in console and hanhelds?

Some people need to wear helmets.

TheGamerDood2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

The "so what" is that everyone and their mother have been holding this over Sony's head for the longest so now that things have changed and it's the other way around you try and make the claim that it's not a big deal? lulz

BlindGuardian2013d ago


with my my previous username doa766 I had counteless times tried explained to you that this day was going to come, maybe as far as two years back and you would not understand it

now that you can see how wrong you have been all this time (and if this is not official just wait a few weeks and see) let me explain you about the media issue you just raised, maybe now you will get it since it is clear as day how wrong you can be

the gaming media never gathered to arrange the doom of the PS3, it is called mob mentality, people and groups of people in particular want to see the big guy fail, it happens all the time, there is no gathering required for this to happen

I don't know you follow movie news like game news but a very similar situation to the PS3 early days took place on the weeks before Avatar came out, literally dozens of articles calling james Cameron washed up, lunatic, etc and his new movie named a failure before it came out and then it went on to become nnumber one of all time, this was because the media wanted him to failed

all the unfairness was real

TheGamerDood2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

It's not a big deal yet you people thought it was important enough to make a video about how unimportant the issue really is. ha!

Veneno2013d ago

Dont bother arguing with


He'll just scream at you here and in PM , call you a fanboy, then block you.

He knows his Battleship Xbox has sunk.

whoyouwit042013d ago

you know the funny thing about this report is it conflicts with Sony official numbers from December, now Sony own statement was 70 mill how the hell did this report come up with more shipped numbers then the company that produces the product. there is no way any one should think this is true, the fact that you fan-boys are taking this serious shows how far your head is up Sony ass. OK if this is real can you explain why Sony or Microsoft hasn't responded to it? I understand these are shipped numbers but how the fack do they get 7 mill more then Sony and people take them seriously. Now these are December numbers so this happened way back in December and Sony just miss counted so bad they miss counted 7 million consoles, BULLSHIT, And O they also forgot that if this was true they would have out shipped them by 7 million but just didn't think to mentioned it. look it's not a big deal if the PS3 does pass 360, congrats when it happens, but it is a big deal when something is obviously not true and is being taken serious. like I said I will believe this ONLY when I hear about it from Sony.

DOMination-2013d ago Show
EeJLP-2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

"EDIT - a quick Google search of "PS3 is doomed" returned 962,000 results. "Xbox 360 is doomed" returned 1,010,000 results." -DK286K

Your google searching is flawed. You didn't use the quotes, so you're getting articles that include any combination of those words. For example, your 360 results could say "Nintendo is doomed, I like the Xbox 360".

Actual google results for most direct references to the consoles being doomed:
293000 - "ps3 is doomed"
139000 - "360 is doomed"

The searches you used have lower results for the 360, because you got more specific with Xbox included in front:
293000 - "ps3 is doomed"
95300 - "xbox 360 is doomed"

Note this doesn't mean 139000 + 95300 = 234300 '360 is doomed' articles, it means that 43700 simply don't have Xbox directly in front of '360 is doomed'.

Alternate spellings/usages:
+4110 - "playstation 3 is doomed"
+9 - "ps 3 is doomed"
+6 - "playstation3 is doomed"

+3070 - "xbox360 is doomed"
+1830 - "x360 is doomed"
["360 is doomed" may actually include these, not sure, so I'll add them anyway]

297125 vs. 143900; at least 2.06x more PS3 is Doomed articles, forum posts, etc.

EeJLP-2013d ago

Just a couple more examples on how DK's google searching was flawed for any possible future disagreers to what I posted above.

3230000 - animal lampshade is doomed
0 - Actual "animal lampshade is doomed" articles

618000 - mayonnaise toothpick is doomed
0 - Actual "mayonnaise toothpick is doomed" articles

GribbleGrunger2013d ago

@Morganfell: take a look at your agrees and disagrees. I think that more or less proves that you are spot on with your comment. Bubble

DOMination-2013d ago

Judging by agrees, Kellymeister is all right about the fact, the only people really talking about this is playstation fanboys.

Which I think is accurate. I cannot see a single troll comment on this article. It's all PS fans talking about PS. Yet, feast your eyes on the new article about Microsofts London Studio and the top 10 comments are all PS trolls. N4G is full of injustice!

mandf2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

@ Bathyj

While I tend to like your comments often, I disagree. This gen IGN and gaming media promoted this fanboy war at every step of the way. Now all of a sudden it doesn't matter. They were all wrong and now they have to eat humble pie. Sony passes the Xbox and now it doesn't matter. Way to move the goal posts.

Here's the list of crap that was reported as fact with no true discussion in the media.

PS3 will not reach 30 million console sales

Harddrive not needed

Blu-ray is not needed

Wi-Fi is not needed

It has no games

It's weak

I can't stress enough how much this crap was posted again and again. A lot of Xbox gamers tore up the internet lashing out at any and all Ps3 fans. We endured this for 2 straight years. With no relief from the mods of those sites. Even today it's has Sony lost it's way? Is Sony doomed? Sony to stay in last place? It's old and any response from Sony fans are justified.

Remember Sony has no games? Then it went Sony doesn't have exclusives? To, Sony has no AAA games? Then it went to, Xbox live is better? We went from games to social ability of a console is more important then the games. Then the status quo of exclusives moved to it's not on Ps3. Once all those arguments played out, it then moved to PC is better.

We as gamers used to talk about games. Even the media used to talk about games. Microsoft came in and muddied up this industry and the media. Playstation and Nintendo gamers used to get along and even Sega. It wasn't poisonous as it is now. The media this gen has been completely disrespectful to Sony and us gamers. Any backlash is deserved even if I agree we should move on.

aCasualGamer2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

At the end of the day, the fact still remains... PS3 managed to outsell 360 worldwide even though the 360 had one year head start. That's a pretty big achievement.

From the words of the legend himself, winning's winning.

(fastforward to 1:20)

darthv722013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

"PS3 will not reach 30 million console sales"
technically it hasnt in north amarica or Europe or even Japan. In total it has but your comment does not specify general or specifics.

"Harddrive not needed"
I think this was more about the 360 than PS3. we all know the hdd helps on the 360 but it is needed on the PS3.

"Blu-ray is not needed"
this one is still questionable. Granted the capacity of the format is beneficial but the overall nature we were lead to believe made it seem like there would be a night/day difference in the games as compared to DVD media. We are seeing a small percentage of games that differentiate themselves in graphical fidelity thanks to that extra space. The majority of games in general look the same no matter if DVD or bluray.

"Wi-Fi is not needed"
Another one directed to the 360. It did not "need" wifi but it always had the option until it was cost effective to build into the unit. It certainly represents a nice convenience but anyone will say that LAN is the preferred method for connectivity. unless of course, you have no other option.

"It has no games"
To be clear, it didnt at first. well to be specific, many left off a key word to that phrase. "Appealing" games. Everyone finds games appealing in different ways. The PS3 had many games but it was more about if they were appealing to the individual. The same can be said about every other console in history.

"It's weak"
this one is debatable but when you look at what amounts to a $600 machine and compare it with one half the price it does make you wonder why is there such a price gap. By no means is PS3 weak but on the same note, it isnt that to dissimilar to the 360. This particular console generation marks the first time the two main competitors have been the closest matched (tech-wise) than any other before it. The biggest differentiator would be the format itself. DVD vs bluray.

I just had to ellaborate on your different bullet points but dont take the comments as a negative. MS and the 360 sold to a tough market against veteran legend Nintendo and the reigning champ of sony and managed to gain quite a bit of respect in the end.

Sony was selling against the 360 and wii but also themselves with the continued availability of the ps2. Nintendo kept telling everyone they were going after a different market but we all know they were just as much interested in the "consumer" market as much as the next guy.

Sony did good in the eyes of the gamer but it isnt us they have to impress at the end of the day with all these figures. The main goal of ANY corporation is to sell their product to the masses at a percentage that either breaks even with their initial product or exceeds it.

AS A WHOLE....the PS3 still has some ground to make up to be on par with the PS1 and PS2. Keep in mind that Sony still has expectations that have not been met while our expectations of it delivering great games has been met and continues to be met.

gaffyh2013d ago

RE: Outship =/= Outsold.

1. No it doesn't, but there is no way we can know sold numbers other than for North America, which is tracked by NPD. And these ARE estimates, but are usually quite accurate because they are based on a small sample of real data from stores and then extrapolated, however they don't include sales from supermarkets like Walmart.

2. It does imply it though, because if something has been outshipped, it will eventually be outsold, even if it is not immediately.


The other thing is, the fanboy war was stirred up on purpose to give websites like this a lot of hits. And it has worked very well in this generation, but as it is coming to a close, you'll find a lot of fanboys have calmed down a little, which is why flamebait articles are not giving websites as many hits as they used to.

Now they are spilling out the "It's doomed" articles for the 3DS, Wii U and PSVita. And they will do exactly the same for the PS4 and 720. It's the circle of games journalism, and it rules us all...

solidt122013d ago

According to the report, PS3 stands at about 77 million, while Xbox 360 is at 76 million. That’s despite Microsoft’s box getting a 12-month head start on its leading rival and maintaining the advantage ever since – or at least, up until last month.

Murad2013d ago

I totally agree Root. I feel that MS instead of making good decisions, they have IGN and other companies as their lap dogs, and in a way, rather than giving something to gamers, they stop gamers from having something amazing, in this particular situation, a chance to play great stories like MGS4, or Heavy Rain, or even Uncharted, tough I didn't like Uncharted too much.

jacksons982013d ago

I remember when MS went on and on about how we didn't even need HDMI

SilentNegotiator2013d ago

Ps3 jumps a place and suddenly "UHHH, ummm, oh yeah? Who cares?!!?"

Kran2013d ago

I can see your point.

But then it makes you just as bad as the 360 fanboys :/

Thank god I'm no fanboy of any platform. I'm multiplatformed ftw :) (PS3, 360, PC, Wii U, Vita)

nukeitall2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

The problem with these numbers is that you can channel stuff. Furthermore it is even clear how this number is obtained. Being that the competitors are so close, it is within the margin of error.


"It’s also important to note that it’s unclear if these numbers were garnered straight from sources at Sony and Microsoft, or are part of IDC’s overall forecast."

What we do know is that Sony has to make up 700k consoles minimum in a different region (than US) in December alone to just match MS in sales for the US.

That is hard to believe in my opinion when most other regions don't sell as well during the holidays.

Another thing is that it appears to me that MS is no longer competing for market share, but for profitability and ramping up for next generation.

otherZinc2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

& others PS3 Fans,

All SONY has to do is release a letter to its Shareholders with this "so-called" information of them being in 1st place.

We all know SONY's arrogance ("you will get 2 jobs to buy a PS3).

You guys would rather listen to a non credible site with no business numbers than the industries Gold Standard NPD.

When SONY releases its "sell through numbers", then you guys have some thing to talk about.

Still waiting on SONY to comment on its December 2012 Sell Through Numbers as Nintendo & M$ has already done with their Shareholders.

Dee_912013d ago

I think the propaganda on N4G makes it seem like PS3 was getting hated on more than it actually is.Just because there where alot of doom and gloom articles about ps3 SUBMITTED to N4G doesnt mean thats how the media felt as a whole.Like DK pointed out in the google search.
Its like that because there are alot of ps3 owners on this site ( as it should be because alot of people own a ps3 now ,hence the article at hand) and when you post negative news about the ps3 it will get ALOT of attention.If this site had more xbox360 owner it would be the same for them.

On topic this only matter to the fanboys.Xbox360 fanboys who was gloating about selling more than ps3 will be on damage control and ps3 fanboys will be gloating and acting all smug.
Before you say shipped dont equal sold.I would like to say in a sense it does as consoles are shipped by demand from my understanding.

DragonKnight2013d ago

You gotta love the entertainment value of this piece of news. But these "journalists" are really all a bunch of hypocrites and liars so really, don't bother listening to anything they say whether it be positive or negative. They'll just say the opposite a week later.

ShinMaster2012d ago


I kid. It makes no difference since they're both very successful consoles in the end.

Diver2012d ago

the 360 is half the price of a ps3? really darth? I see the ms marketing guys got you too. add the price of a launch 360 plus 7 years of xbox live. oh while you are at it toss in hdmi that wasn't on launch 360s add wifi and a decent hdd. in uncharted terms "you've been played"

tommygunzII2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Lol @ Shinmaster

miyamoto2012d ago

It has never been done before!

That matters a lot to to a billion dollar giant company like Microsoft who had a bottomless pit of money not even showing complete domination of a niche industry.

What matters more is losing 2 video game generations. If you are M$ that is not good news.

I expect M$ to retaliate.

They will not go down with out a fight.

GrandTheftZamboni2012d ago


"I'm personally not interested in rubbing it in"

That's very noble (no sarcasm here), but unfortunately for most people the only way to teach them not to slap others in the face is to slap them in the face. Humans are not much different than animals:

"And Dwight is like a monkey that stabs the tiger in the back with a stick. Does the tiger fire the monkey? Does the tiger transfer the monkey to another branch?"

HappyGaming2012d ago

In my head I always though the PS3 had been ahead for a while now simply because they have been on the market for 1 less year and still were neck and neck with the 360... Remove a years worth of sales from the xbox 360 and you have a kind of fair fight (not 100% fair because the first year 360 had no competition for hardcore gaming).

None the less the PS3 always had a slightly higher price which indicates that people were willing to give out more of their hard earned money to get it surely they must have thought it was worth it right?

This console war is just saddening I wish people could understand that this are just products and not get emotional about which one is selling more.

Do you go out and buy the tshirt that has made the most sales because its more popular or do you actually act like an adult and pick the tshirt you like the most yourself? :/

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ElectricKaibutsu2013d ago

It was bound to happen, but the Xbox shouldn't have even gotten close. It shouldn't have even been a competitor.

It's like in Rocky I, if the PlayStation is Apollo Creed, they were undefeatable. They had a perfect record and destroyed all their competitors in every match. And now here comes this upstart, Xbox. Yeah, in the last round PlayStation inevitably won the fight, but they sure took a beating.

ElectricKaibutsu2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Due to the massive amount of people who disagreed with me I humbly beseech you to read this whole comment before inevitably clicking disagree again.

I'd like to assume no one saw Rocky and couldn't understand my brilliant analogy :), but I think what happened was that people didn't like that I used the word "beating". I guess that term was a little strong but I had this whole boxing metaphor going on. Let me clarify "beating". The PS2 sold (checks google) over 120 million units at the same point in its lifetime. The PS3 just reached 76 million. So a 44 million unit difference of PS sales from last generation is what I meant by "beating". So why did Sony sell 44 mil less PlayStations this gen? Did those people stop playing video games? According to wikipedia the original Xbox sold a little over 24 million. For the sake of argument let's say those 44 million former PlayStation 2 owners all bought a 360 as well as all the original Xbox owners. Together that's 68 million units; conveniently close to the 360's 70 million units sold. So is it not POSSIBLE that some people switched loyalties? Is it also possible that Sony execs are unhappy about that while Microsoft execs are celebrating despite the 360's loss?

My whole point is NOT that Sony sucks or Microsoft rules or anything that blind fanboyish. My point is that I expected the PS3 to knock it out of the park again, as did you, as did gaming journalists, and as did Sony. Don't you see this is why there are so many negative articles about Sony and not Microsoft? Sony was IMMORTAL and untouchable; the gaming industry's golden boy. Microsoft did the impossible and put a knick in Sony's perfect armor and proved the PlayStation brand is mortal after all. You never see negative Xbox articles because we never thought they were above failure; afterall, they sold less than 1/5 the number of Xboxes as Sony sold PlayStation 2s. There's no need to point out the failings of a company that all but failed the last generation.

So disagree with me if you want but I tried to stick to logic here. I'm not a Microsoft fanboy... I'm not even a Microsoft fan. But I have to admit, this gen they went the distance.

*Plays MP3 "Eye of the Tiger"*

Cupid_Viper_32013d ago

Isn't that very scenario what truly describe a champion? Someone who can everything you throw at them and still come out on top? lol

Ali vs George Foreman in Africa anyone?

TheRealHeisenberg2013d ago

@ ElectricKaibutsu

I could not agree more, with both comments. I think most disagree because it hurts them to their core.

FunAndGun2013d ago

I disagreed because I don't consider Xbox or Microsoft to be an "upstart".

You paint it like they are the boxer right out of High School, ready to take on the champ. When in fact they have been to college, trained in the gym, and have had many years of experience in the world of electronics, computing, software, and hardware...along with a wad of bills to compensate for their lack of experience in the console business. Would a real upstart or underdog even recover from the RROD situation?

I won't ever consider a company that is worth more money then the competition to be an underdog. Just because they were new to the console business doesn't mean they are new to business in general.

GribbleGrunger2013d ago


I'm not one to ignore possibilities and differing analysis, so it was my great pleasure to read your post. It's the first time someone has actually offered a perspective that doesn't sound like an apologist. Thank you for illuminating a corner of thought that I'd overlooked. I'm not saying that I can completely agree, but your comment has certainly given me much needed food for thought. bubble

brave27heart2013d ago

Im certain that the majority of the 360's sales are PS2 owners. The thing to remember is the PS2 was the perfect storm. A solid console, tons of exclusives, no real competition. No one really expected that to happen twice did they? People saying that Sony should have a similar lead this generation are deluded. There was no way Microsoft and Nintendo could be as poor as they had been. More competition, less exclusives because the competition was better. 70 million + is remarkable really.

tommygunzII2012d ago

And Xbox was like Tommy Gunn in Rocky V, fast upcomer that made poor decisions and didn't value what got him there.
End the end Rocky put him where he belongs :)

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Anon19742013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

There's really not even a debate to be had here. The PS3 has consistently outsold the Xbox 360 since it's been available by Sony and Microsoft's own figures. That's not a secret.

What did people think was going to happen? It didn't matter how often PS3 doom articles came out. It didn't matter how often sites and magazines insisted the 360 was somehow doing better, at the end of the day the numbers don't lie. And no amount of smear articles or denial on the part of forum goers can change that.

So all those who've been denying the truth this entire time, they'll dismiss this report, and when Sony eventually reveals the data, they'll say it doesn't matter because the next gen is coming, or they'll say it doesn't matter because the PS3 didn't sell as well as the PS2 a decade ago, or they'll just ignore it and say only the US matters, or suddenly they'll point out the success of the Wii which they've been ignoring for years.

And when the PS4 comes out we'll see a slew of articles predicting it's doom, or explaining what Sony can do to make sure the failure of the PS3 isn't repeated. And they'll be talking out of their asses to a bunch of applauding parrots who'll eat it up and repeat it like gospel while those of us that pay attention to the industry will shake our heads and wonder what the hell's wrong with some people. Nothing will change.

At the end of the day you just have to sit back and realize that these people are lying to make a product seem better and they've been doing it for years like it somehow justifies their existence. They can't go a day knowing that somewhere, right now, someone is enjoying a console that isn't their console of choice, and they've got to tell them how wrong that is, over and over again. How sad is that?

I've never hid my console preference but I owned all three consoles this gen, and I'll probably own all three consoles next gen. In the end it's all about having fun and enjoying a hobby. If you limited yourself to one console this gen, you missed out.

soxfan20052013d ago

You're right that nothing will change. Just like you will continue to praise the data that supports Sony while ignoring the data that doesn't. You'll gloat about year over year percentages, while telling us that generation over generation percentages don't matter.

When the raw numbers aren't in your favor, you'll talk about percentages. When the percentages aren't in your favor, you'll talk about raw numbers.

You'll continue to use media bias as an excuse when your favorite console doesn't perform as well as expected. Meanwhile, the rest of us who understand the industry (and who aren't conspiracy theory nuts) will look at the real issues. Then, we'll shake our heads at the sheep who blindly eat up the conspiracy theories and wonder what is wrong with them.

You have no high ground here. You've already started a pre-emptive campaign just in case Sony starts out slowly next generation.

rainslacker2013d ago


So...what are the real issues us Sheep aren't looking at?

Whether or not dark is a hypocrite I can't say, but I found most of his points in this post to be pretty spot on. What he talks about is pretty common to all sides of the fence, and not confined to Sony.

To me it seems that the real issue is this need by many(mostly outspoken voices) to categorically put an entire subsection of the community under a microscope, while only analyzing a small part of what makes up the whole.

ps3fanboy4ever2012d ago


Problem with dark is, he is very biased. He will pick apart any financial article that is Xbox/MS positive and twist it until it is negative. When a positive PS3/Sony article like this comes around, he doesn't even bother questioning it.

Dark is a known fanboy on this site. I will leave it at that!

Clarence2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

The big deal is that the media and xbox fans said that this would never happen. They said that the PS3 was a failure, even though it took the 360 7yrs to do what the PS3 has done in 6yrs. All the PS3 is doomed articles.

The 360 should have been $h!tted on just as much, especially since its selling at a slower rate than the PS3
"This makes the PS3 the fastest selling HD console this generation as it has only been out for 6 years in the US and 5 years and 8 months in Europe compared to its competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 which also reached the 70 million milestone after 7 years out on the market."

Remember when Arron Greenberg said this.

"What I can tell you is we remain confident that Xbox 360 will not only outsell PS3 for the full calendar year, but for this entire generation. It is similar to a game of baseball, it is not about just winning one inning, but instead being able to win the game by consistently delivering across all nine innings."

The only reason the haters are saying its not a big deal because they didn't think it would happen.

Its a big deal its shows the power of the playstation brand.

NeverEnding19892013d ago

LMAO. The media and Xbox fans never said that. I can't know of everything, but that definitely wasn't the case on N4G.

PS2 was the king last gen and its mighty fall from grace is the most newsworthy story on this generation. Microsoft improved greatly this gen, while SONY lost nearly 50% of its marketshare.

It was common knowledge that the PS3 would eventually outsell the 360 since probably 2007. From SONY's standpoint, this generation has been a disaster.

tommygunzII2012d ago

Well said mate. Love me some Coming to America :)

ratcop222013d ago

Oh well the big deal is. a Console that has way more AAA games/exclusives than it's compettitor. Has online for free. Doesn't ban it's users for complete ludacrsiy. And displays better graphics, and a diverese gameplay I wonder why it wouldn't be a big deal? A it doesn't get rrod.

kenshiro1002013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Its a big deal because if it was the other way around, Xbox fans woukd have been showing off.

And now the spin starts up. This was bound to happen.

Urusernamesucks2012d ago


To be fair its usualy you guys who start up shit on every article having to do with the xbox.

HappyGaming2012d ago

Having the mentality of "you guys" and "us guys" just stires things up. By saying "you guys" you are picking a side and assuming the other half all think alike.

Realise this we are all gamers.

solidt122013d ago

Sony’s PlayStation 3 has eclipsed the Xbox 360 in global shipments, according to a market analysis document by the International Data Corporation.

As reported by, the document by Lewis Ward – titled Worldwide Video Game Entertainment Console Hardware and Packaged Software 2012 – 2016 Forecast – contains shipment figures for both Sony and Microsoft’s current-gen machines as of December 2012.

According to the report, PS3 stands at about 77 million, while Xbox 360 is at 76 million. That’s despite Microsoft’s box getting a 12-month head start on its leading rival and maintaining the advantage ever since – or at least, up until last month.

WarThunder2013d ago

Congrats PS3! with all the dommed articles and negative media. PS3 has managed to outsell the xbox360!

IMO thats very hard accomplishment for any electronic company accomplishment with all the negative articles!

So called "Gaming journalists" who wrote these negative articles i have 3 words for your: You got owned!

Sci0n2012d ago

Foreal because all those PS3 is doomed articles actually swayed some potential undecided buyers away from purchasing a PS3. People who have never gamed on a console before who looked to do a bit of research came across loads of PS3 hate and was force fed with microcrap BS.

th3n00bg4m3r2013d ago

I wouldn't say a big deal, but it is something you should be happy or amaze about. Think about it, the Xbox 360 had a one year head-start, the PlayStation 3 was pricey, developers kept giving bad comments about the PlayStation 3, and Sony was doing terrible at their job, but the PlayStation 3 still managed to out-ship the Xbox 360. That is pretty impressive to me, but it is still not a big deal.

2012d ago
fermcr2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

What made the difference was Japanese sales... unfortunately for western developers those sales are irrelevant, simply because their games hardly sell over there.

But at the end of the day, congrats to Sony for the 2nd place, congrats to Nintendo for 1st place and congrats to Microsoft because at the beginning of this generation no one believe they would sell this much.

kikizoo2012d ago

Lol, so many butthurt xfanboyz trying to downplay the situation, like they do with exclusives (2006 "ps3 is doomed, xbox steal all exclusives ahahah" 2008-2013 "exclusives don't matter"......2006 "ps3 is doomed, they will never reach 50 millions" 2013 "so what")

"You and many others are still drinking the "media bias" kool-aid even seven years into this generation."

only blind fanboyz can deny that fact, without bias media and fanboyz like you, spreading rumors and lies, ps3 should have destroyed xbox since 2008.

Gildarts2012d ago

The playstation FANBOYS have awakened. FYI its 'outshipped" not outsold..big difference there.