GamesBeat: Anarchy Reigns is the digital version of a big box of mismatched toys (review)

Anarchy Reigns tries to be many things, but what kills it is that it is too often the one thing it never should be: boring.

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THR1LLHOUSE1957d ago

This makes me a little nervous for MG Rising...

admiralvic1957d ago

The demo of Metal Gear Rising wasn't perfect, but it definitely showed potential. I suggest you try it out if you're worried.

darkronin2291957d ago

Always seemed like an odd game to me. I'll probably give it a rent at some point.

Skate-AK1957d ago

I think it's digital download only on the US. Idk about Europe.

Venox20081957d ago

Europe retail, I have one.. awesome and cheap

darkronin2291956d ago

Oh really? Well, maybe when it's on sale then..

SybaRat1957d ago

A sequel to Madworld should've been more awesome than this.

NagaSotuva1957d ago

I barely play online, but I had hopes for this game. :(

Venox20081957d ago

actually there's Story mode too U know.. :)