DayZ Standalone Closed Beta Testing Waiting List

Rocket has announced that they will allow 500-1,000 into dayz closed beta. AJ Leadz from DayZ Buzz believes DayZ Closed Beta needs more than 1,000 testers. This waiting list is developed as a possibility to get closed beta testing access. This list will be reported to Dean "Rocket" Hall and MattLightfoot, his assistant. If approved by the both of them, this list of people will be working closely to test DayZ Standalone Closed Beta.

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ATi_Elite2013d ago

Ok who do i gotta bribe or knock-off to get on this List?

leadz2013d ago

No one... I will be showing this to Rocket/Matt. Just sign the list, and lets get as many people on there. Tell everyone you know. I don't think 1k will be enough for closed beta testing... Therefore, this list is built.

theEx1Le2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

I have to say 1000 tester for the architecture of the online is plenty. Especially considering alot of these people have been working on DayZ as part of the community development team (like yourself) so they know what to be looking for.

leadz2013d ago

Yeah, 1000 is decent. I am aiming for either one, even around 2 would be good.

Snipesrock2013d ago

You know I belong on there.

xbiagi2011d ago

i would love to be on the beta

vartan932009d ago

So how is the list gathered exactly? Just randomly choosing people who played Dayz before or like randomly picking names on forums. If so It'll be cool if I can join in the list?

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