Street Fighter IV Journalist Tournament - Recap & Gameplay Video

Ripten recaps the Street Fighter IV Journalist Tournament conducted at this years GDC and grants readers access to a 5 minute gameplay video.

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MonkeyMan3886d ago

Why does the hulk have blue hair?

Twizlex3886d ago

The Hulk has blue hair because this game is from the 80's.

Skerj3886d ago

They were pretty weak aside from the Gametap dude playing as Zangief.

Nostradavis3886d ago

That would be true, however the game Gametap kid lost.

boodybandit3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

Having to wait forever for this game to come to home console or watching these scrubs / noobs get a chance to play it. I want to see some skilled player videos. I wanted to see super moves and revenge super moves. Are the only people that got into these rooms new to the Street Fighter series?

Skerj3885d ago

Thanks man, I thought I was the only one who wanted to see the saving/revenge system in use.

Yi-Long3885d ago

... it's looking pretty good, apart from Ryu and Ken, who both look horrible.
Ryu with blue eyes and a bad haircut...(!)
And Ken with a horrible face...